5 Reasons Why Air Force 1 Are Good for Lifting

5 Reasons Why Air Force 1 Are Good for Lifting

Lifting weights can be challenging for a person without proper lifting gears- the right shoes are also part of the lifting gears. For professional lifters, the chosen lifting-worthy footwear is an expensive investment with outcomes. But what about a regular person training to burn fat or gain strength?

One pair of shoes for only one purpose can be pricey, so it’s better to pick a shoe with more than one purpose. Air Force 1 is one footwear that can work as casual sneakers and lifting shoes. The designing aspects of the Nike Air force 1 make them suitable for weight lifting- except for the strenuous heavyweight professional lifting.

Why Should You Wear Specific Shoes for Lifting?

While lifting, a person needs to disperse all the weight from the feet to the ground. Without the proper boots, your foot will receive immense strain from the lift, resulting in a severe leg injury. The right shoes give a lifter the required stability, grip, and support necessary to make a clean lift without further damage.

Do Air Force 1 Shoes Work While Lifting?

Nike marketed Air Force 1 as basketball footwear designed to withstand the strain of physical activities. So, Air Force 1 works as lifting shoes because of their cushioning, stable outsole, and adjustable design.

The shoes should be avoided for professional weight lifting as such competitions put immense pressure on the competitors, and they need special shoes. If you are lifting weights in a gym as a strengthening exercise, Air Force 1 is the appropriate option for you.

Are Air Force 1 Good for Lifting?

1. Outsole Structure

Air Force 1 gives the barefoot effect with its flat outsole design. All types of lifting involve a squat position. A flat outsole is the best choice for the perfect execution of squats with heavy weights.

A minimum heel elevation can create a big difference by damaging the overall stability. The flat and robust outsole of Air Force 1 supports the lifter with traction and grip.

2. Cushioning

Compared to other regula sneakers, Nike Air Force 1 has a unique midsole with foam. It ensures that the arch, tarsal, and metatarsal are protected during strenuous lifting. The forefoot, heels, and padded collar allow Air Force 1 to absorb the pressure of weights during all lifting actions.

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3. Comfort

Even though Nike Air Force 1 shoes are heavy, the padding over and inside the footwear provides enough comfort during all lifting positions. Initially meant for basketball players, the shoes support the feet during sudden movements and pressure caused by lifting.

People with wide feet often face massive pressure from a narrow toe box. Air Force 1 has perforations on the toe, ensuring the toes are comfortable.

4. Stability

Air Force 1’s wide, flat heel keeps a lifter stable during heavyweight movements- especially during squats. In squats, the action starts from the ground with immense pressure on the knees and the toes. A flat rubber outsole with comparatively heavy cushioning and weight ensures that the feet are stable. Also, it helps to spread the weight from the lifter’s body to the ground when they stand up from the squat position. You can also perform strength building excersing with medicine ball wearing your air Force 1. Here is a guide on medicine ball for home gym. If you have medicine ball in your home gym, you will find it helpful.

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5. Flexibility

One unique feature of Air Force 1 is some styles have adjustable straps in addition to laces. An adjustable strap allows a lifter to change the ankle gap according to its comfort. The comprehensive design with spacious toe room enables the lifter to make flexible stances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I lift more than 180 kilograms wearing Air Force 1?

A person can lift more than 180 kgs wearing Nikes Air Force 1 due to the cushioning, support, and barefoot design. Yet, the shoes will not last long as Air force 1 is basketball shoes – not traditional lifting gear.

2. Can I do professional lifting with Air Force 1?

Air Force 1 can protect the lifter’s leg for a specific range of weights. Considering your weight class and the intense physical strain, you should avoid professional lifting with Air force 1.

3. Are Air Force 1 too heavy to wear during lifting?

The heavy cushioning and structure of Air Force 1 provide stability required for lifting positions. So, the Air Force 1 shoes have the proper weight for lifting.

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