Why Do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet? (Complete Guide)

Why Do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Air Force 1s supposed to be uncomfortable? Why is that even a popular question? Nike has been a classic shoe brand for years and people claiming their shoes to be uncomfortable or hurting feet has to be baffling!

However, this is a genuine concern. Many users complained about Nike Air Force Ones hurting their feet and making their walks uncomfortable. Why does it happen? Why do Nike Air Force 1 hurt feet?

In this article, we will learn about all the reasons behind this issue and how to avoid this. Let’s get started!

Why do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet?

Nike is one of the leading brands with exclusive models of shoes that we all want to have in our closets. Some of them maintain the tradition of using older technologies, and most of them upgraded their way to comfort.

The Air Force 1s are one of the most talked-about shoes when considering comfort. “Why do Nike Air Force 1 hurt feet?” has to be one of the most asked questions among the users.

The main reason Nike Air Force 1 hurts your feet is that they need to break in and mold into the shape of your feet. Nike Air Force 1s are generally true to size, but even if you get the right size, it may hurt a little at first, but the discomfort goes away within a few weeks of regular wearing.

Why Do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet? (Complete Guide)

Besides, there can be other reasons like not getting the right size or having wide feet. These problems can easily be solved by shopping physically in stores and trying out sizes until you get the perfect one.

Are Nike Air Force 1s Comfortable?

Nike Air Force Ones are not super comfortable immediately after taken out of the box. They are heavier than regular shoes, and if you wear lightweight sneakers generally, the AF1s can initially feel super uncomfortable.

Why Do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet? (Complete Guide)

The midsoles have an outdated cushioning technology that is supposed to be stiff and snug. We all want shoes that provide maximum cushioning and bouncy feeling that you cannot expect from the Air Force Ones.

The Air Force 1s were initially designed as basketball shoes which is why they feel stiff to provide you with support. They are not supposed to feel comfortable immediately after purchase and must first break in.

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How Can I Make My Air Force 1s More Comfortable?

Making your Air Force Ones more comfortable is essential to have a better experience with these classic shoes. They can be a little uncomfortable right out of the box, but here are a few simple ways you can try to make your Air Force 1s comfier:

Get the Right Size

It might be obvious that getting the right size of shoes is very important for a comfortable experience. Many people shop online and get the wrong size because their favorite models are almost out of stock.

It is a huge mistake. Air Force 1s are true to size, and you should get your regular size in them for the perfect fit.

Lace Them up Loosely

Many users mistake tying up the laces too tightly and getting a narrow fit. This can make the shoes super uncomfortable. Just wear the shoes, move your feet around inside the shoes a little to get enough room inside, and tie up the laces gently.

Why Do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet? (Complete Guide)
Right Size of Nike AF1

Break Into the Shoes

Breaking into your Nike Air Force 1s is essential to make them more comfortable. The AF1s have a break-in period, and after that, the shoes should be comfy enough.

If you have bought the right size, the shoes should not hurt during this time and can only be slightly uncomfortable. You can check our article on breaking in Air Force one.

Wear Them with Socks

A lot of uncomfortable shoes feel way better if worn with socks. You can try getting a pair of relaxed-fitting Air Force Ones and wear them with thick socks to create a cushioned inside. This will work wonderfully during the winters as you can simultaneously keep your feet warm and comfy.

Why Do Nike Air Force 1 Hurt Feet? (Complete Guide)
Nike AF1 with Socks

Stretch Them Out

Stretching your shoes is not as risky as it sounds. You can try using a few tricks that involve applying heat to quickly stretch your AF1s and shape them according to your feet. You can read our article on ways to stretch Air Force 1.

These are a few easy processes to make your Air Force Ones a bit more comfortable and easy to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Nike Air Force Ones good for your feet?

Nike Air Force Ones are moderately comfortable and will not harm your feet if worn casually. Since they are a little bulky, wearing them for long walks or running is not recommended. However, they are a classic pair of sneakers in the shoe world, and almost everyone wants them in their collection for the sake of aesthetics.

2. Are Air Force 1s good for walking?

The Air Force 1s are not good for long walks. You can casually wear them for short walks and casual or moderately formal events. The cushioning technology of the Air Force Ones is from the 80s, which may not be super comfy for walking long. The midsoles are bouncy enough to support you for short distances or running errands.

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3. Do Nike Air Force 1s fit true to size?

The Nike Air Force 1s fit true to size for regular feet. You can get them in your regular size, and you are good to go. However, the fit may need to be altered for narrow or wide feet. Going half a size up or down is best for the perfect fit.


Nike Air Force 1s are one of the most popular releases of all time, and you can make them comfy according to your feet just by using a few simple tricks. Use the article above as a guide and experience a comfortable journey with your favorite shoes!

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