Are Birkenstock Boston True to Size? (Complete Guide)

Are Birkenstock Boston True to Size? (Complete Guide)

Are you fretting over the sizing of Birkenstock Boston? Do you want to pick one from the Shearling style but are confused? It is expected as Birkenstock Boston is a clog-styled shoe with wide toe boxes. The wide toe room feels a size up for people with narrow feet and during walks when toes move along every walking movement. In contrast to Birkenstock shoes, only a few styles come in both narrow and wide options. Hence, the Boston clogs that come in regular/wide sizes only run big for people with thin and medium feet.

Do Birkenstock Boston Run Big or True to Size?

Birkenstock Boston runs big to size. The wide forefoot design of Boston styles that comes in wide only is too spacious for most people. However, if you have flat feet or comparatively wider feet, you can buy Birkenstock Boston in your actual shoe size or a half size smaller.

Boston Styles That Fit True to Their Sizes

Boston Shearling, Boston Soft Footbed, Boston Oiled Leather, Boston Leather, Boston Super Grip, Boston Vegan Birkibuc, and Boston Soft Footbed shoes fit true to their sizes as they come in both narrow and wide options. The adjustable buckles give the wearer the liberty of controlling the size if the shoes get stretched.

Do Birkenstock Boston Loosen Up?

Birkenstock Boston with wool, felt, and suede leather stretch over time and loosen up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which size should I follow, EU or US?

Birkenstock provide the sizing chart both in US and EU sizing. You should pick the sizing convention you have already used for your other shoes.

2. Will Birkenstock Boston run big if I buy the regular size with narrow feet?

If you have narrow feet, the Birkenstock Boston in regular sizing will be big for your feet.

3. Does the mink of Boston shearling make it too narrow?

Mink of Boston Shearling is thin and covers the clogs inside without decreasing the shoe sizing. So, the Boston shearling shoes are perfect in size.

4. Does Boston suede leather footwear proper to their sizes if worn with socks?

The woolen socks give the Boston suede leather clogs a tightness if it’s too big for the wearer. So, Boston suede leather is proper to their sizes if it is worn with socks.

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