Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Yeezy, Dunks, Vans & Others

Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Yeezy, Dunks, Vans & Others

Jordan 1s has been one of the bestselling models of Nike since the very beginning. No matter what type of sneakers you like, you always have an eye on Jordans because they are simply elegant!

If you are into shoes, you like to collect different brands and models like Yeezys, Vans, Converse, etc. To make shopping easier for you, I will be covering the comparison of Jordan 1s sizing with different popular shoes. You can quickly get the correct shoe size with the proper comparison.

Should I Size up Or Down for Jordans?

In general, Air Jordan 1s are true to size. The models released previously were infamous for having a snug fit. However, it got fixed, and almost all of their styles fit true to size. People with wide feet are better off buying the next larger size for adequate comfort.

Some of the best Jordans for wide feet are:

  • Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23
  • Jordan Air Big Fund
  • Air Jordan 7 Retro
  • Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro
  • Jordan Men’s MAX Aura

Let’s go ahead and compare the sizing of Jordan 1s to a few of the most famous shoes and see how the fitting is.

How do Jordan 1s Fit Compared to Yeezy?

Most of the Yeezy styles have a snug fit. However, a few models are claimed to be true-to-size. For example, the Yeezy 350 V1 is said to have the perfect fit, but the V2 has a snug fit. In such cases, you have to size up or down accordingly.

Compared to a regular size of Jordan 1s, you are supposed to get half a size up for Yeezys. Similarly, if you are size 11 for Yeezys, you should get 11.5 for Jordan 1s.

You can read our article on Converse sizing compared to Nike and adidas.

How do Jordan 1s Fit Compared to Dunks?

On average, Nike Dunks fit true to size in terms of length. However, they are a little wider than a lot of other shoes. If you have wide feet, Nike Dunks are the best for you, considering their fit.

Compared to Air Jordan 1s, Nike Dunks are a bit wider. You can get your regular sizes for both if you like a roomy fit. For a snug fit, size down for the Dunks. Nike Dunks SB is perfectly true to size. They usually do not require any size up or down to fit.

How do Jordan 1s Fit Compared to Vans?

Both Air Jordan 1s and Vans fit similarly true to size. It makes shopping so much simpler!

If you have wide feet, you can still get true to size Vans and wait a while for them to stretch out. Once they do, they will fit perfectly according to the shape of your feet. You can get your regular sizes for both Jordan 1s and Vans.

Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Air Force 1

Air Force 1s and Jordan 1s do not have a similar fit. Air Force 1s and other Nike shoes generally have a roomy fit. Jordan 1s, on the other hand, tend to have a snug fit for most of their styles. Even though their recent releases focus more on having a relaxed fit, it feels very similar to the older version whatsoever.

You can easily choose to go true to size for both Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1s if you have regular feet. However, for a relaxed fit, sizing up a little is essential for the Jordan 1s compared to your regular size of Air Force 1.

Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Converse

In general, Converse sneakers run bigger than most of your regular shoes. It is mentioned on their official website that you may have to go half a size down on Converse to have a proper fit. Some people even go a full size down to get their perfect snug fit on Converse.

Compared to Air Jordan 1s, Converse runs bigger. If you are a 10.5 on Jordan 1s, it is best to get a 10 size on Converse. Since Converse has unisex sizing, it can be tricky to find the right size according to the shape of your feet.

Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Jordan 4

When we talk about Jordans, we assume that all of the styles fit similarly. That is not true! Do Jordan 1s and Jordan 4s fit the same? No. Jordan 1s and Jordan 4s have a significant difference in fitting, which is essential to know before getting a pair.

Jordan 4s run smaller than Jordan 1s. If you have a size 10.5 on Air Jordan 1s, you should get the 11 on Air Jordan 4s for having a similar fit. However, you should note that you may not have the luxury of altering half sizes after size 13 since they only come in whole sizes.

Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Ultraboost

Ultraboost has a snug fit for most of its styles. If the sizing of the Ultraboost shoes is compared to the Jordan 1s, they run smaller.

If you like having a snug fit, you should go true to size when getting the Ultraboost. However, for a roomy fit, sizing up by 0.5 is better if you wear regular size on Jordan 1s. It is to be noted that the toe box of the Ultraboost eventually stretches out. Sizing up may not even be required if you give it a little time to break in.

Are Jordan 1s Good for Wide Feet?

Regular sizes of Jordan 1s may not be the best for people with wide feet. Since they tend to have a snug fit, they can restrict movement and cause a ton of foot issues if you get the regular size. For appropriate fitting of wide feet, it is best to get the next larger size in Jordan 1s.


There you have it. You can now compare the fitting of Jordan 1s with so many popular shoes that you may own already. Vans, Converse, Yeezys? You name it. It will make having an idea of the Jordan 1s sizing so much easier!

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