Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

The Nike Vapormax series has some lightweight, stylish and comfortable trainers. It isn’t designed as a full-fledged running shoe. But can you run wearing the Vapormax? Are Nike Vapormax shoes good for running? 

In this article, I will analyze the Vapormax shoes and give you an honest opinion on what you can and cannot do with the Vapormax. I will discuss why or why not Vapormax is suitable for running. Stay tuned to find out.

Are Vapormax Running Shoes?

No. Vapormax are basically lifestyle shoes. They have not been designed as performance-oriented running shoes. But it does not mean you cannot run wearing them. The Vapormax lineup has different models, such as the Vapormax, Vapormax Plus, Vapormax Flyknit, and Vapormax 360.

Each Vapormax shoe has different characteristics. I will discuss them individually in the latter part of the article, so that you know the differences among them and decide whether or not the Vapormax shoes are good for running.

6 Reasons Why Vapormax Are Good for Running

Vapormax is a lifestyle shoe that is good enough for casual running and training. Like I mentioned earlier, let’s see why Vapormax are good for running.


The Vapormax has a breathable upper. The upper ensures a cool flow of air inside the shoe. You can run on a hot summer day without worrying about breathability.

Supportive fit

Nike Vapormax has a snug fit. It provides a supportive fit to the wearer. You will love the way the Vapormax wraps your feet. There are additional overlays on the sideways to make the shoe more supportive.


Some Vapormax shoes, such as the Vapormax Plus, feels a bit heavy. However, the original Vapormax is quite lightweight. The shoe weighs light enough for you to run comfortably and do some light workouts. 

The shoe is lightweight because the traditional foam build has been removed in the upper. The Flyknit version of the Vapormax is the lightest of the bunch. The shoe uses the bouncy Air unit effectively, so the flexibility of the shoe is not affected.


The Vapormax is not the most responsive running shoe. It is not the fastest either. But it is extremely comfortable. The midsole is fluffy, cozy and allows the runner to move freely.

The comfort of the shoe is enhanced by the soft and feather-like upper. The comfortability is one of the biggest reasons for considering Vapormax for running.

Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)


The Nike Air Vapormax is a sturdy shoe. Just be careful not to puncture the Air bubble unit on the shoe. If you don’t do any kind of heavy weight lifting and trail running, you should be fine with it.

The shoe has a tough Urethane lug design on the outsole. The rubber used in the outsole is quite durable as well. The shoe is designed to withstand heavy friction and pounding on pavement and roads. 

Decent Traction

In terms of traction, the Vapormax is a great shoe. The Urethane lugs provide support and traction on hard surfaces. The sole gives off a ground-gripping feeling. If you are wearing the shoe for the first time, it may feel weird. But you will get used to the sensation after running a few miles.

If you want to run on track surfaces, the Vapormax Flyknit unit is the best choice. It really grips the ground and prevents you from falling. You can consider this shoe if you run a lot on hard surfaces.

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As I have mentioned earlier, let’s explore some popular styles of Nike Vapormax and see if they are good as running shoes.

Vapormax as Running Shoes


Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Nike Vapormax shoe also comes in different models. There are some subtle differences in the appearance of the shoes. The original Vapormax shoes are the most popular ones in the lineup. 

The shoes are not designed like running shoes. You will not get high speed from this shoe. But you can pull off some light running and training wearing them. Keep on reading because I will discuss this in detail in a bit.

Vapormax Plus

Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

The Vapormax Plus is a retro-fusion shoe. It sports a retro-like look with modern technologies. It’s a comfortable, snug, and warm lifestyle sneaker. It is not as lightweight and breathable as the Flyknit version.

Vapormax Plus is not a performance shoe either. But the shoe design is good for some urban running. You can treat the shoe as a trainer on hard surfaces. But don’t try marathon running or competitive running.

Vapormax Flyknit

Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Many people argue that the Vapormax Flyknit version is the best Vapormax sneaker for running. Well. I agree. It’s comfortable, snug, and a breathable shoe. The Vapormax Flyknit shoe has a greater energy return than the original one and gives off a smooth ride.

There are some downsides too. The shoe does not contain any foam and misses the plushness people desire in a running shoe. Nike Vapormax Flyknit does not have a good outsole to qualify as a running shoe. It is a lifestyle shoe for casual urban wear. However, you can do low-impact training and running wearing this.

Vapormax 360

Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

You need to be careful about the sizing of the Vapormax 360. Overall, it is a great shoe. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and comes with decent energy return and traction.

Vapormax 360 is a casual running shoe. It is not designed for competitive running. However, it has good performance compared to some of the other models in the Vapormax lineup. 

Vapormax shoes are not actually intended for running. If you want to run wearing them, the Vapormax Flykni and the Vapormax 360 are the best options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nike Vapormax make you run faster?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the Vapormax is a lightweight shoe, it has a bulky design. The shoe does not have a great energy return. It is not designed to be a speedster. If you want speed for competitive running, this is not for you. You can look for other shoes.

Are Vapormax slip-resistant?

No, Vapormax is not a slip-resistant shoe. Slip-resistant shoes typically mention in the box that they are slip-resistant shoes. The Vapormax do not have rubber lugs that are ideal for slip-resistant shoes. 

The tread pattern is not suitable either. A good slip-resistant shoe will have square, hexagon, or circular tread patterns for excellent traction and slip-resistance. The Vapormax has decent traction, but because of the lack of suitable lugs and tread patterns, it’s not a slip-resistant shoe.

Are Vapormax Good for Running? (Summary)

The Vapormax shoes are extremely popular lifestyle sneakers. They are not particularly designed for running. It doesn’t mean you cannot run wearing it. But don’t expect the best running experience.

The reason is simple. The Vapormax are sturdy, stylish, and comfortable shoes but not the best as a running shoe. So, you will not get anything extraordinary.

There are many different Vapormax models. The Vapormax Flyknit is the best among the entire lineup for running. The Vapormax Plus feels a bit heavier. The original Vapormax does not have the flexibility and breathability of the Flyknit but is super comfortable. The Vapormax 360 is a decent shoe for some casual running.

The Vapormax shoes are expensive. If you are looking for the best running shoe for all sorts of conditions, there are other choices. Don’t bother about Vapormax. But if you want a stylish sneaker that can be used for running. Vapormax can be a good option.

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