Are Vapormax Good for The Gym? (Complete Guide)

Are Vapormax Good for The Gym? (Complete Guide)

Vapormax is a versatile lifestyle sneaker. It is a decent shoe for casual running. Though it’s a lifestyle sneaker, it is suitable for different types of activities.

But the question is- are Vapormax good for the gym? I will answer the question in this article and explain why you should not consider it for gym sessions. So, let’s get started.

Is Nike Vapormax a Training Shoe?

Nike’s Vapormax lineup is not precisely one of the brand’s trainers. These are lifestyle sneakers. But you will see many people wearing the Vapormax for training purposes. 

The Vapormax does not have a flat sole seen in trainers and thus can limit your lateral movement. In my opinion, it is better suited for running. You can wear the Vapormax for training but don’t expect the best experience.

Can You Wear Vapormax to The Gym?

The answer depends on the type of workouts you do in the gym. Vapormax is not a performance oriented-shoe. If you need to jump, run, stop, cut, and break, the Vapormax will not be a good choice.

You can wear a Vapormax on an upper-body training day. You will be OK with some running on the treadmill as well. But it’s a terrible choice for a leg day. You will not get adequate support while doing squats, leg presses, or any other similar activities, and there’s a risk of getting injured.

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Are Vapormax Good for The Gym? (Complete Guide)
Neymar runs with Air Vapormax

Are Nike Vapormax Good for The Gym and Working out?

Crossfit trainers are the best choice for the gym. But if you have a pair of Vapormax and want to take it to the gym, you need to consider some things. 

Nike Vapormax is not ideal for the gym. As long as you are running on the treadmill or cycling, you will be fine. But you should not wear the shoe for heavy workouts. Let me tell you why Vapormax is not a good choice for the gym.

4 Reasons Why Vapormax Is Not Good for The Gym

A Tight Toe Box

Workout trainers need to be snug. The Vapormax is snug, and the upper is breathable, so your feet will not get sweaty. In a workout shoe, the toe box needs to be slightly roomy. If it has too much space, you may injure yourself while switching between exercises. Workout trainers need to find the perfect balance here.

A Curvy Sole

The most important thing in a workout shoe is a flat sole. A flat sole provides the support you need while performing lower-body workouts. The flat sole allows you to grip the floor and increase efficiency. The Vapormax does not have a flat sole. 

Are Vapormax Good for The Gym? (Complete Guide)

Poor Midsole Support

The midsole in the Vapormax is not stable. It will not give you the support you need while performing heavy workouts. The midsole keeps your foot stable while performing activities. The Vapormax can be worn for performing light casual training at best. You should not consider it for anything beyond that.

Too Much Height

The raised heels in the Vapormax may protect your Achilles Tendon while running. But it is a bad thing in a gym shoe. You need a neutral and stable stand for performing workouts. Raised heels decrease the stability you need from your shoes in a gym. 

The Vapormax is a terrible choice for weight lifting and squatting. You have a high chance of getting injured if you wear the Vapormax for these purposes.

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Are Vapormax Good for Sports?

The shoe’s performance will depend on the type of sports. Vapormax can be worn for casual short-distance running. The shoe is lightweight, sturdy, and stylish.

It performs well on a track surface. But don’t consider it as a sports shoe because the shoe lacks versatility. Running shoes are not suitable for dancing, aerobics training, or competitive or recreational sports. The Vapormax is not designed for sports.

Are Vapormax Good for Basketball?

The Vapormax has mediocre traction and impact protection. These two aspects are crucial in a basketball shoe.

Are Vapormax Good for The Gym? (Complete Guide)

The impact protection and cushioning on the Vapormax are off-the-charts. But the traction is terrible. It has decent traction for road running but is poor for running on the courts.

The heel-to-toe drop is OK, but nothing great. The responsiveness and stability are the biggest weakness of the shoe. The Vapormax has poor responsiveness and stability. So, my advice- don’t play basketball wearing a Vapormax.


Vapormax is a lifestyle sneaker. It has been designed for daily wear. The shoe has good impact protection and cushioning. The impact protection will protect your feet on the road, and the cushioning makes the shoe comfortable. 

The Vapormax is not designed for running, training, or any other kind of sports. You can run short distances without any problem. But Vapormax is not a good shoe for the gym. It limits the freedom of movement and increases the risk of injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vapormax good for lifting?

No, the Vapormax is not suitable for lifting. A good lifting shoe will have a flat sole. The Vapormax doesn’t qualify as a good lifting shoe. It’s because the shoe is unstable and has a curvy raised sole. It will prevent you from gripping the floor, and because of the instability, you may get injured.

Is Ultraboost good for the gym?

The Ultraboost is a decent running shoe. It has great cushioning and energy return. You can wear the shoe to the gym but limit your workouts to upper body training and running on the treadmill. It is not a good choice for squats and weight lifting. 

I recommend wearing the shoe a couple of times per week. If you wear it daily, the shoe will wear off fast.

Can you pump up Vapormax?

Yes, you can pump up the Vapormax. First, you need to find out where the hole is. It will be fairly easy if the hole is on the shoe’s outer sole. Dunk the shoe in water and squeeze it a bit. 

If the shoe has a hole, you will see water leaking from it. Let the air out. Apply a bit of epoxy to seal the hole. You can take a bicycle air pump machine and pump some air into the sole. Don’t forget to close the hole. 

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