Do Nike Blazers Crease? (Quick Facts)

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

Creasing in any shoes is a very ordinary incident. Every shoe, sneaker, or boot ends up creasing eventually. Sometimes this can happen to the brand new shoes you brought. You may wonder that if you are buying a high-profile branded shoe like Nike Blazers, will they also end up having a crease?

The answer to your question is yes. Every shoe can crease, and so do Nike Blazers. So let us see why do Nike Blazers crease, if there is any way to not crease it, and how to get creases out of Nike Blazers. 

Do Nike Blazers Crease? Can You Crease Nike Blazers?

The uppers of Nike Blazers are made of leather and synthetic mainly. They are pretty rigid. But when you move in your shoes, the upper portion also moves with your leg.

Otherwise, it would be super uncomfortable to walk and keep balance while walking. 

The walking posture and movement of your feet are usually the same. So whenever you are walking, the shoe will more likely bend at the same place with every step. After handling the constant bending and pressure, the material ends up creasing. 

The crease often occurs at the toe line. Cause with every step; we need to bend that part. If it is a high ankle shoe, you can get some crease at the back of the ankle.

Because this is where you twist your leg. A crease can also occur if the shoe is a little tight and you need to put some pressure every time you have to put it on.

So do Nike Blazers really crease? Yes, they do.

Do Nike Blazer Mid 77 Crease? 

Like other styles of Nike Blazers, Mid 77 can also crease if not taken care of properly.

How to Get Rid of Creases in Nike Blazers?

If you are wearing your Blazers often, the crease is bound to happen. The good news is that the crease on your shoes is not forever. This is a very much fixable problem. All you need is some time and some materials.

The most popular option is to fix the crease using heat. Let us look at some ways to do that.

1. Take a dampened cloth (flannel or similar will be better) and directly lay it over the crease. Set your cloth iron to the lowest heat setting. Then iron over the cloth. Do not keep the iron on the fabric for more than 10 seconds.

If you are afraid of damaging your shoe, fold the fabric over. Keep checking on the crease in between to avoid the damage. Keep ironing until the crease disappears. You need to keep the shoe stuffed from inside until it cools down. 

2. You can do the process with a hairdryer. You have to hold the dryer 20 to 25 cm away from the shoe with a low heat setting. You won’t need any damp cloth in here.

But to keep the shoe in shape, you need to use a shoe tree inside. Keep a check on the temperature of the leather. It shouldn’t be too hot. 

3. You can rub a hot steaming towel over the crease until the crease is gone. 

Do Nike Blazers Crease? (Quick Facts)

Some people don’t want to use heat cause there is a slight chance that the shoe may get damaged. In that case, you can invest in shoe conditioners.

You need to apply the conditioner on the entire shoe. You will need to use a bit more on the crease and massage it gently. After a while, the crease will fade away slowly. 

So use the above techniques to get creases out of Nike Blazers.

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Do Nike Blazers Crease? (Quick Facts)

How Long Does It Take Nike Blazers to Crease?

It mainly depends on the material that how long it takes a shoe to crease. It also depends on the amount of pressure you put on the shoe. 

The Nike Blazers are made of leather and synthetic materials mostly. If the material is too rigid, the crease will occur quickly. If the material is softer, it takes time to crease. The Blazers are made with pretty soft leathers. The synthetic and leather blend makes it significantly soft.

So you can expect that the pair of shoes will look fresh as new for quite a long time. You can wear them daily for almost a year before the crease appears if they are of perfect size. If your shoe runs a bit small for your feet or you need to put some pressure on while putting it on, it can crease in a month or two. 

Do Nike Blazers Crease? (Quick Facts)

How to Not Crease Nike Blazers?

It is hard to prevent the crease on the shoe. Cause you won’t be able to stop bending your foot while walking. The best you can do here is to delay the process. There are a few DIY methods to prevent creasing after daily use of your pair of Blazers. 

  • The first thing you need to do to prevent the Blazers from creasing is wearing the correct size. 
  • If you notice a crease in the front part after wearing it, stuff it with some soft paper towel. Fill the part in well and keep it overnight.
  • You can also do it with the paper that comes with the shoe. But it is better to do it with paper towels. Cause the paper towel is softer. So you won’t end up scratching or damaging the surface while putting them in or out. 
  • You can put shoe trees inside your shoes overnight after removing them. 
  • There are some protective covers you can wear over your feet. This can make you feel uncomfortable. The protective layer will stop your shoe from creasing, but it takes up all the toe room. If you want to wear your sneakers all day long, you better not go for this option. This may end up hurting your foot. 

By following the above techniques, you can keep Nike Blazers from creasing.

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Do Nike Blazers Crease? (Quick Facts)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the crease fixing ways supported officially?

There are a few ways described on Nike’s official website. So the crease fixing techniques are officially supported. 

2. How long Do Nike Blazer last?

Nike Blazers are made of high-quality leather and synthetic blend. The material is pretty durable. It can easily last up to 5 to 6 years with proper maintenance. 

3. How long will I need to fix a crease on my Nike Blazer?

If you use heat to fix the crease, you will need about 10 to 15 minutes. If you are not using the heat, it may take a couple of days. 

Do Nike Blazers Crease? (Final Thoughts)

Crease on your shoes is expected. So are Creased Blazers. But with some techniques and maintenance, it is easy to get rid of the crease. Like every other object, your Nike Blazers also need some polishing for long-lasting performance.

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