How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens? | 4 Easy Steps!

How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens

Creasing leather shoes is an unavoidable fact. Even though it creates an unpleasant appearance, don’t be worried too much, as it’s completely normal. However, when you’re going to purchase or have already bought a pair of premium shoes like Doc Martens, you might be thinking about relief from creasing shoes. 

That is why most people ask queries like do Doc Martens crease, how to get creases out of Doc Martens, etc. If these questions are also running through your mind, we have got you covered. Here we’re going to explain all the facts regarding creased Doc Martens.  

Do Doc Martens Crease?

As we mentioned before, the creasing of leather shoes is an inevitable fact, and Doc Martens is no exception. Like any other shoes made from heavy leather, Doc Martens will crease gradually. However, thick leather may express creasing signs later, but it will appear after a certain period. 

How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens? | 4 Easy Steps!

Why are My Doc Martens Creasing?

Before answering, let’s first discuss the reasons for Doc Martens creasing. Is it normal for doc martens to crease?

One of the most appreciated facts about wearing Doc Martens shoes made of full-grain leather is that the more you wear these shoes, they become softer gradually and mold themselves to your feet even more comfortably.  

However, creasing starts as we bend our feet while walking. When we turn our feet, the ball of our feet acts as a pivot point, and the materials of the shoes become compressed, resulting in shoe creasing.

Well, that doesn’t mean you need shoes that never bend. The bending of any shoe is essential. Otherwise, it will be too stiff and painful at the end. If you notice closely, you’ll see that the shoes of your shoes are developing a curved profile day by day. 

Poor-fitting of shoes is also liable for shoe creasing. So, premium materials and construction used in Do Martens may show a bit more resistance to creasing. But it will crease after a certain period, especially at the portion where you put more stress. 

Some other reasons behind Doc Martens creasing may include:

  • Wearing too loose boots as they get bent frequently and in many places. 
  • The quality of the leather can also lead to creasing. Yes, high-quality leather will be creased at a certain point, but leather with low quality or stiffness will crease very fast. 
  • Storing your boots improperly can also lead to creasing. 
  • If the model is made with one layer of leather, it can get creases. 

How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens Easily?

If you notice your Doc Martens creasing, don’t panic. You can quickly remove creasing from your Doc Martens by following a few tips. However, you should follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the manufacturer to prevent unexpected damages.

Here we’re going to show you some of the most common and effective procedures of getting creases out of Doc Martens?. Let’s start. 

1. Using Clothes Iron and Cotton Cloth

First, collect some old and crinkled newspapers. Then pack your Doc Marten shoes with these newspapers. However, you can use stiff cardboard also. Remember, you should fill the boots as tight as possible because it helps to straighten out all the creases. 

Now, take a damped or washcloth and lay it over the section where creasing appeared. If the shoe is model is made of suede later, try to wring out water from the towel as much as you can. The towel will protect your shoes from the excessive heat of the iron. 

Connect the iron to a power outlet and set the temperature between 60-80 degrees. Now iron your shoes over the damped towel. You should check after a few seconds whether it’s causing any damage or not. Technically, you’re using moisture and heat simultaneously, and this combination will soften the leather. 

If everything is going right, you’ll notice gradually removing creases from the soft leather. It would help if you were careful as direct contact with the iron can damage the shoes severely. 

2. Using Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

Using a heat gun or blow dryer is also an effective solution to remove creases of Doc Martens. However, this method can cause permanent damage to your shoes. That’s why it is a bit riskier, and you need to be more cautious during the process. 

You have to fill the vacant space in the shoes to mold against the shape almost similar to your feet. For this, you choose cedar shoe trees and insert them into the boots. Now, set your heat gun or blow dryer at a low temperature.

When blowing the shoes, maintain a minimum of 8-10 inches distance between the shoe and the heat gun. After heating for a few seconds, put down the heat gun and start massaging your boots. Make sure the shoe is warmed correctly. You have to repeat the process until you get satisfactory results. 

Let’s explore the next hack for solving your query i.e How to remove creases from Doc Martens?

3. Use Good Leather Conditioner or Oil

Leather oils or conditioners are also efficacious in removing creases. The most relaxing fact of using leather oils or conditioners require no heat, so it’s much safer than previous methods. However, you shouldn’t use any oil or conditioner on your Doc Martens, as the chemical of these materials can occur uncertain damages.

So, it’s better to test them before applying. If everything is okay, now start polishing the entire shoe. You can use shoe trees to maintain proper shape, but don’t let conditioner or oil get on the shoe tree. 

How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens? | 4 Easy Steps!

4. Shoe Trees

You might be thinking about how shoe trees can be helpful to remove creases. Well, shoe trees provide additional rigidity that helps to keep your shoes free from leather creases. For this, keep shoe trees inserted in your Doc Martens when you’re not wearing them. Moreover, cedar shoe trees eliminate moisture and allow fresh smelling. 

I hope now you have got the answer to your query i.e How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens? Now let’s see how to prevent Doc Martens from creasing at the first place.

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cedar shoe trees

How to Keep Doc Martens from Creasing?

In some cases, prevention is the best solution there. You can do certain things that can protect your shoe from creasing. The first and foremost thing to prevent tucking Doc Martens is proper and constant care. Besides, it would be best to clean your boots periodically with a soft-bristled brush.

Doing so will help you eliminate all dirt and grit out before applying any leather conditioner or oil. You’ll better understand when you should condition your shoes and when they’re no longer waterproof or supple. 

Nowadays, leather shoe crease protectors have become a popular kit to protect leather shoes like Doc Martens. Just insert them in your shoes when you’re not wearing them. You can also wear thick socks to avoid creasing in big-sized Doc Martens. Hope now you know how to keep doc martens from creasing.

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How to Get Creases Out of Doc Martens (summary)

In this article, we have discussed the various ways to prevent and remove creases in Doc Martens. We hope you have got your answer to the query. Comment below if you have any other queries.

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