5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Which shoes are your go-to for basketball? I spent a significant amount of my time in college playing basketball, and I swore by Jordans during that time. I must say, I did not regret it. Air Jordan is actually known for its basketball shoes and casual and athletic clothing that Nike sells and distributes.

So are Jordans really good for Basketball? Are all Jordans good Basketball shoes? If you want to get Jordans for playing Basketball, you will definitely have these questions in mind.

In this article, I will try to answer all questions related to Air Jordans and Basketball. I will specifically discuss which Air Jordans are good for Basketball.

Are Jordans Basketball Shoes? (Quick Answer)

Yes, Jordans are basketball shoes. Initially, they were exclusively made for Michael Jordan to use on the court when he was a rookie. Later down the line, the shoes were made public on April 1, 1985.

After the Air Jordan 1 Chicago variant ended up being a success, they decided to release the Air Jordan 2 in 1986, then the Air Jordan 3 in 1988, and many more later.

This line of shoes has become very famous over time, so much so that they have exceeded the test of time and are still relevant to date without a doubt, especially for basketball players who want to feel retro while playing.

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Even though these shoes were explicitly made and released with basketball kept in mind, users back in the day also wore the shoes as a hip icon that was fashionable just enough to stand out.

This does not mean the Jordans are bad for other things like casual wear and everyday activities. You can use them outside basketball but maybe not for other sports other than it.

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Are Jordans Good for Basketball? 6 Defining Reasons

It is safe to say that most Jordans are good for basketball. While the majority of the users agree with this take, there is a minority that does not agree and prefers to go for other basketball shoes from other brands out there.

If you are confused, you can always go to physical stores of different brands and try basketball shoes out for yourself if you want to be sure.

I hope that answers your question whether Jordans are good for basketball or not. Now, let’s see what makes Jordans good for basketball. I have described some of the features that stand out in Jordan shoes below:

1. Traction

Most Jordan shoes consist of outsoles that are good for keeping your traction. This is a must for any basketball lover who wants to buy basketball shoes.

2. Comfort

Believe it or not, some Jordans offer great comfortable shoes that are miles better than the competition. I have a super comfy pair for my feet, and I’m going to talk about the fit below.

3. Fit

A handful of Jordan shoes fit perfectly within unboxing the shoes for the first time, making it easier for you to avoid breaking in and taking time to get comfortable, which can be annoying to some users.

4. Durability

With most Jordan shoes being made of durable leather usually meshed in certain parts, you can be sure to use them roughly without caring for what they go through, be it dirt off-court or friction on the court.

5. Sizing

For people with narrow/standard feet, sizing cannot be an issue as, in general, Nike Air Jordans are true to size and do not require you to size up or down.

Although, as usual, people with wide feet may need to get half a size or a full size up to get the comfort they desire.

I hope that you now have the answer to your query, are Jordans good for basketball. Now let’s discuss specific models.

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Are Jordan 1 Good for Basketball?

Yes, the Jordan 1 is good for basketball. But with better basketball shoes out there in the modern age of the shoe industry, you are better off getting current basketball shoes than relying on an outdated one that can offer decent features on a court.

Here are some of the features that the Jordan 1 offers that arguably make it a decent basketball shoe even by today’s standards:

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball
  • A Slim Midsole

With the Jordan 1’s slim midsole, you can easily get the court feel without compromising on any aspect of it. This is what mainly got Michael Jordan hooked to the shoes in the first place.

  • Great Traction Control

Compared to current basketball shoes, the traction due to the stretchy rubber sole and circular outline on the front stands up nicely and does not feel like it lacks anything—one of its prominent features.

  • Stability Is Unquestionably Good

With the high consisting of a collar that ensures your ankle and heel are secured and cupped, you cannot doubt how stable these shoes can be.

  • Very Durable for Rough Use

Due to the entire shoe being made up of leather, the shoes can offer decent durability and toughness as a basketball shoe, no matter how rough you decide to go on these.

So are Jordan 1 good for Basketball? Yes, they are!

Are Jordan 11 Good for Basketball?

Yes, Jordan 11s are good for basketball. These are not as old as the Jordan 1; hence they still perform well when compared to modern basketball shoes with their technology. Rumor has it that the Jordan 11s are considered Michael Jordan’s favorite pair of shoes.

A set of features that make this pair of shoes stand out can be as follows:

  • Durable yet Flexible Enough

Thanks to the ballistic mesh that these shoes have, they can be strong and flexible at the same time without compromising the premium feel you are supposed to enjoy. Nowadays, most other mesh materials are paper-thin and tend not to last long.

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball
  • The Fit Is Decent

You do not have to worry about how well the shoes will fit as they fit well with little to no slip of heel and toe box comprising some space, which can be easily fixed if you wear double socks. Best to go down half a size when getting these shoes.

So these are features that make Jordan 11 good for Basketball.

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Are Jordan 3 Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Jordan 3 shoes are good for basketball even though their retro aspect usually makes them shy away users.

But those who own the shoes know how it is known as one of the most comfortable Jordan shoes ever to be released out there—truly made for the comfort freaks.

Are Jordan 4s Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Jordan 4 is not good for basketball any longer like before. These pair of shoes are way better off as a fashion collection to show off to people rather than actually using these on the court for some basketball action.

In terms of looks, these shoes look absolutely slick and even have exceptional durability and an excellent fit. Traction on these is admirable as well. As everyday sneakers, the Jordan 4 will do the job nicely. Overall, do not get these if you want basketball shoes as a priority.

Are Jordan 5 Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Jordan 5 is known for being a pair of good basketball shoes. They have held their reputation among the basketball players in the community and can be used on the court.

The cushioning is praiseworthy as it protects your foot from getting tired and being hurt from tensions when playing in a heated match. Functionality and style are also significant factors backed up by the shoes. Furthermore, the support offered when wearing the Jordan 5s is good enough for any user.

Are Jordan 6 Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

No, the Jordan 6 is not good for basketball. While it was once upon a time, today’s new tech in modern basketball shoes outshines the Jordan 6 by a mile.

However, sneaker lovers may love this shoe as it is excellent as regular sneakers that do the job for everyday tasks like taking a walk. If you want sneakers only without caring about what they were made for, this is the one to get.

Are Jordan 10 Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Yes, the Jordan 10 is good for basketball. It is one of those Jordan shoes that has stood the test of time quite remarkably without compromising or sacrificing much.

Traction on these shoes is incomparable to others as it’s pretty much unstoppable. Jordan 10s also offer great support with its mesh tongue and speed lacing system.

Are Jordan 12 Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Yes, the Jordan 12 is good for basketball.

Due to the light weighted-ness and excellent fitting capability, you cannot go wrong with them. I own a pair, and I have sometimes casually played basketball in them with no regrets or complaints to offer whatsoever. However, they can be a mess to clean at times, but they are worth it.

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Are Jordan 13 Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Yes, the Jordan 13 is good for basketball. For anyone looking to buy retro basketball shoes that provide the best underfoot comfortability possible, the Jordan 13 is your best bet.

It has enough support in the rear, which prevents your ankle from bending unnecessarily, and it even has a stylish look that can be effortlessly paired with any form of clothing.

Are Jordan 11 Low Good for Basketball?

5 Reasons Why Jordans Are Good for Basketball

Yes, the Jordan 11 low is good for basketball. The Nike Air unit it comprises makes the perfect cushioning experience for any user who owns a pair or wants to own a pair for playing on the court or even for everyday use.

Comfortability aside, the ventilation of these shoes is to be praised because of the mesh vents, making these shoes one of the most breathable Jordans.

Best Jordans for Basketball

  • Flyknit Elevation 23.
  • Air Jordan 35.
  • Jordan Jumpman.
  • Air Jordan 3.

Are Jordans Good for Basketball? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Since I have answered the main questions that a reader like you may wonder about in this article, let us now look at the other common or uncommonly asked questions to finish the topic off:

Are Jordan Flight Club 91 good for basketball?

Yes, the Jordan Flight Club 91 is good for basketball.

Some of its prominent features are being cheaper than the original Air Jordans, being light but having good ventilation at the same time, and for the aesthetic lovers out there – it has a retro style to it.

Are Jordan Max Aura 3 good for basketball?

Yes, the Jordan Max Aura 3 is good for basketball. The shoes are great for the court and provide adequate cushioning for a user.

The stiff toe box and height of the shoe help protect the toe and ankle, respectively, providing support and protection at the same time.

Do You Need to Break in Basketball Shoes?

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Can you wear Jordans in the NBA?

No, you cannot wear Jordans in the NBA due to the uniformity of uniform rule. While it may seem like a weird rule, there is a reason for it, more of which shall be discussed in the next question where I answer why they are not allowed to begin with.

Why are Jordans not allowed in the NBA?

This infamous rule of not allowing Jordans in the NBA is quite unorthodox. The main reason for this was the colors of the shoes not matching the uniforms, breaking the uniform rule of the league and getting them banned into its demise from the game.

What are Jordans good for?

Jordans are mainly good for basketball. However, using them as casual everyday activity shoes does stand. After all, these shoes provide the utmost comfort and support possible to users worldwide, making the Jordans not just good for basketball but activities outside of it.

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