How Do Jordan 11 Lows Fit? (Complete Guide)

How Do Jordan 11 Lows Fit? (Complete Guide)

Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic models in the Air Jordan line up. It has one of the best on-court performances among the retro Jordan shoes. Jordan 11 lows have a low-top design.

The rest of the shoe is almost the same as the original Jordan 11. Each Jordan sneaker may fit differently. It will help if you know the right fit for each model. So, how should Jordan 11 Lows fit? Let’s find out.

Do Jordan 11 Lows Run Big or True to Size?

Air Jordan 11 lows use the Nike Air technology and are extremely comfortable. Jordan 11 lows fit true to size, just like the Jordan 11s. The Jordan 11 lows have a comfortable midsole as well. You should go half a size down if you have a small foot, as the shoe gets a bit spacious over time. If you still find it big, wear a thick sock while wearing the shoe.

You need to wear the Jordan 11 lows a couple of times before they loosen up. Like many other sneakers, the Jordan 11 lows get softer over time. 

However, some people find it tight. If you prefer bigger toe boxes, you can go half a size up. But I don’t recommend going over that. A whole size bigger than the usual one might be a bit overboard. 

Pro tip: If you do not find the right size, you can go half a size up. Just make sure to wear a thick sock, and you will be fine. If you have small feet, you can go half a size down.

How Do Jordan 11 Lows Feet for Wide Feet? 

As I mentioned, the Nike Air Jordan 11 lows fit true to size. Air Jordan 11 lows are a bit on the tighter side. If you have wide feet, you can go half a size up. It is my recommended size guide. Some might prefer going a whole size up. However, many people with wide feet wore a true to size Jordan 11 and felt comfortable. It’s because the shoe got a bit wider over time. 

It is best to check out a store and try out the sneaker before buying. You will get the best idea that way.

Pro tip for wide feet: If you have limited size options, pick half a size bigger than your usual size. Do not size down. You will feel uncomfortable.

How Do Jordan 11 Lows Fit? (Complete Guide)

Do Women’s Jordan 11 Lows Fit the Same as Men’s?

No, Jordan 11 lows do not fit the same for women. On average, in the US, women’s shoe sizes are 1.5 sizes smaller than men’s sizes. If you are opting for a Jordan 11 lows unisex size, go half a size down. It will be the perfect fit for women.

How Do Jordan 1 Lows Fit?

Jordan 1 lows have a leather upper, and the shoe has a snug fit because of it. Jordan 1 lows do not have the ankle support found in the mid or high-top version of the shoe. But in terms of length and width, it’s the same as the Jordan 1 mid and high top versions. 

Jordan 1 lows fit true to size, and they get a bit wider over time. Allow the shoe to break in over a couple of wears. A size up may still feel comfortable if you pair the shoes with a thick sock. But do not size down. It may feel uncomfortable.

You can also read my article on Jordan 1s Sizing Compared to Jordan 4s.


Jordan 11 is one of the most popular retro-looking Air Jordans. The shoe fits true to size. You will not find any problem wearing the usual size. The show will get comfortable and loosen up a bit after wearing it a couple of times. If you cannot find the right size, you can go up to half a size. Just remember to wear a thick sock with it.

Because of the leather upper, the shoe may be a bit too tight for wide feet. If you have wide feet, you should be comfortable with half a size up. If that is not comfortable enough, go up to a whole size up. But don’t go beyond that. 

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