Air Max 95 vs 97 (3 Minute Read)

Air Max 95 vs 97 (3 Minute Read)

Did you know there are 20 Air Max styles from Nike as of 2019? Nike marketed the first Air Max in 1978, which took the footwear industry by storm with unique air technology on the outsoles. Over the years, Nike has created several Air Max styles according to the changing preferences of the wearer, usage for different purposes, and trends.

Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 are two trendy Air Max styles worn and praised by mass people. Both types have defining features perfect for certain circumstances so that comparison will clear things up for the Air Max buyer.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Air Max 95 and Air Max 97. Let’s explore to know more about Air Max 95 vs 97!

Design Comparison: Air Max 95 vs 97

Nike Air Max shoes gained popularity for their unique outlook with a comfortable structure that makes the wearer feel like walking barefoot. Even though the Air Max styles are hailed from the same line as Nike, the purpose and design of these shoes have fundamental differences. The distinct features of Air max 95 vs 97 can be identified by checking up on a few design aspects.


Nike Air Max 95 has a slight curve of the outsole. This design feature makes it an excellent choice for people with flat feet, arthritis, and lifters who need elevation. The air cushioning ensures that the wearer can be comfortable during prolonged wear. Also, the wearer gets enough wiggle room for toes- preventing long-term foot ailments.

Air Max 95 vs 97 (3 Minute Read)
Air Max 95

Nike Air Max 97 boots have visible Nike Air cushioning with an upper design and a natural foot structure. These shoes give the wearer a barefoot effect. So, you can wear Nike Air Max 97 during long walks, sports, and workouts with great arch support. Nike Air Max 97 shoes also have expansive toe room to protect the wearer from bunions, cuts, and sprains during physical activities.

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The breathable mesh upper of Air Max 95 shoes are reinforced with leather and synthetic overlays. These materials ensure maximum comfort for the wearer during long walks, prolonged wear, and casual wear. The ventilation system with synthetic materials keeps the feet dry after extended wear.

Compared to other Nike styles, Air Max 97 has a unique option: sustainable materials. This aspect often complies with people seeking a moral choice suitable for the environment. Nike created the Air Max 97 shoes with durable materials that withstand harsh physical activities and prolonged wear.

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Air Max 95 vs 97 (3 Minute Read)


Air Max 95 has rubber traction in the outsole with a curved design. These features give the wearer an elevation for workouts like weight lifting. The rubber traction ensures that the Air Max 95 wearer has stability during movement.

Air Max 97 has a rubber outsole with a flat design, replicating the structure of the human feet. Hence, this outsole distributes the body’s load equally throughout the feet- preventing injuries.

Air Max 95 vs 97 (3 Minute Read)


Air Max 95 has a foam midsole that provides flexible movement and arch support for a comfortable feel. The lacing system for ensuring a snug, customized fit.

Nike crafted the Air Max 97 midsole with foam that feels springy for prolonged physical activities. Even though this style has a hidden lacing system, the wearer gets enough support for physical activities.

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Air Max 95 has a reliable design that athletes can wear. The outsole provides added grip and traction, often missing features in casual footwear. Hence, it is a great option for both athletes and regular individuals.

Air Max 97 was originally designed for performance running and other athletic activities. The full-length Max Air unit adds soft, lasting comfort to the wearer during activities that put immense strain on the feet. The barefoot outsole design with a rubber outsole ensures traction and grip for long-distance running. The feet’ stability prevents twisting and additional pressure on the knees and ligaments.

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Air Max 95 vs 97 (Summary)

Nike Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 are great sneakers choices depending on the purpose. Even though these styles have design similarities, the intrinsic features of particular activities set this apart from each other. Hence, a wearer should buy one of these styles after carefully studying the key attributes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which style is better- Air Max 95 or 97?

Both the styles serve different purposes according to the wearer’s needs. If you are looking for a stylish pair of shoes with less physically strenuous activities, you should pick the Nike Air Max 95. It would be best to choose the Air Max 97 style for physically challenging activities since it was made for athletes.

Is Air Max 95 better than Air Max 97?

Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 have a lot of design similarities. If a wearer is looking for boots for casual wear, then Air Max 95 will be better for them.

Which activity is suitable for Air Max 97?

Nike created the Air Max 97 style with durability, flexibility, and great support. The sturdy design ensures that the wearer has outstanding protection on the feet during physical activities such as lifting, running, and sports.

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