3 Reasons Why On Cloud Shoes Hurt Your Feet (Complete Guide)

3 Reasons Why On Cloud Shoes Hurt Your Feet (Complete Guide)

On Cloud shoes have a pretty self-explanatory name. Walking in them feels like walking on clouds. The shoes are designed with an extra thick outsole to ensure daily comfort.

However, several users have complained about a few things related to On Cloud shoes. For example, On Clouds hurting their feet or being too stiff. How can a shoe that is supposed to make your feet feel on clouds hurt your feet? Let’s solve this mystery below.

Why Do on Cloud Shoes Hurt My Feet?

On Cloud shoes hurting your feet can be a common issue even though the shoes are designed for comfort. Most of the models are made of super cushioning materials. Nonetheless, why do On Cloud shoes hurt your feet? Let’s see a few reasons for that:

Wrong Size of On Cloud Shoes

The main reason for On Cloud shoes hurting your feet is wrong sizing. Smaller shoes restrict your toes and heels, causing them to ache and blister. A few models of On Cloud shoes run small, so sizing up when buying those is the best option to avoid sore feet.

Wrong Model of On Cloud Shoes

One of the other reasons for your sore feet could be buying the wrong model of On Clouds. On Cloud shoes have a variety of models with different purposes. Some are good for weightlifting, some for running, and a few for casual wear. If you casually wear models specially designed for heavy workouts, your feet will hurt because they are made of stiff material to provide that extra support.

On Cloud Shoes Did Not Break in Yet

If your On Clouds are yet to break in, they will hurt a bit during the process. New shoes can often hurt if they are not broken in properly.

The reasons above are the most common ones that cause your feet to hurt in On Cloud shoes. But, don’t you worry. Let’s go through a few simple solutions to help you avoid hurting your feet when wearing On Clouds or any other shoes:

  • Get the right size of On Cloud shoes. It is best to buy physically from stores if you often face this aching foot issue.
  • Choose the right model of On Clouds for yourself. If you are not planning to work out or run in On Cloud shoes, get the Cloudmonsters since they are one of the softest On Clouds.
  • Let your On Clouds break in.

Do on Cloud Shoes Need to Be Broken In?

In general, On Cloud shoes need to be broken in for that perfect, standard fit that shapes up with your feet. On Cloud shoes are made of flexible material that can be stretched and shaped with frequent wear.

Many people complain about hurting their feet with On Clouds or new shoes in general. But, this problem can be easily solved by making the break-in period faster. Keep reading to learn a few easy tricks to break into your shoes quickly and get that comfy feeling right away.

How to Break in On Cloud Shoes?

Breaking into your On Cloud shoes is necessary to experience optimum comfort. Here are a few tricks to break into On Cloud shoes easily:

Walk in Them Regularly

In your spare time, taking a walk in your On Cloud shoes for 10 to 15 minutes regularly can speed up the break-in period. Wear thick socks to expand the shoes properly.

Run Wearing Them

Running into new shoes can be a bit uncomfortable, but it can speed up the expansion of the interior of the shoes like magic! Just run or jump around wearing your new On Clouds and give them that stress to loosen up the material. Again, you can wear thick socks for better results.

Heating the Shoes

This is one of the most effective methods to stretch and break into shoes. Use a blow dryer for 10 to 15 minutes into the insides of the shoes. Wear thick socks and wear the shoes while they are still warm and walk around. The heat helps to loosen up your shoes quickly.

You can check our article on how to break in On Cloud shoes?

Are on Clouds Good for Your Feet?

On Cloud shoes can be really good for your feet if you know which model fits your need. There are different types of On Cloud shoes that are good for various purposes, and getting the right one for you is essential for getting the best experience. They have shoes with soft and stiff material, high arches and low arches, etc. Just find out what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it normal for feet to hurt with new shoes?

In general, it is normal for your feet to hurt with new shoes. Most of the new shoes take a while to break in and mold into the shape of your feet. Whether they are slides or sneakers, they are supposed to fit into the shape of your feet after a few times of wearing if you bought the correct size.

Another main reason your feet hurt with new shoes is buying the wrong size. Small shoes can hurt your feet, causing severe foot issues because of the extra pressure your feet experience. Oversized shoes can also cause foot aches because your toes tend to curl up and grip onto the insoles of the big shoes for better internal traction.

2. When do new shoes stop hurting?

As a general rule, new shoes stop hurting after two to three weeks of wearing if you have the correct size. Once they take up the shape of your feet, it is like a breeze! However, if the shoes hurt too much during this break-in period, it is best to return them or get new shoes because wrong-fitting shoes can cause blisters and joint pains.

3. Are On Cloud shoes good for high arches?

On Cloud shoes are mainly designed to give you the barefoot experience. This is why most of their shoes have arch support that is very minimal and insignificant. If you are looking for On Clouds with proper arch support, On Cloud X is the most popular women’s shoe for its high arch.

Why do On Cloud shoes hurt my feet? (Summary)

On Cloud shoes are one of the comfiest shoes out there that serves your running, gym, errands, and all other routines. Use the article above as a guide to finding out what is causing your feet to hurt in On Clouds and go for the solution. It’s that easy!

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  1. I have been wearing On Cloudflyers since 2016 with no problem. I just bought my fourth pair; the new Flyer, and after trying to “break it in” for three weeks I can barely walk for the pain in my lower back and hip. These hurt my feet from day one, and I have no idea why since they are all I have worn for seven years!


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