Are On Cloud Shoes Slip-Resistant? (Complete Guide)

Are On Cloud Shoes Slip-Resistant? (Complete Guide)

Nobody likes a pair of shoes that slips now and then, putting you in a ridiculously embarrassing scenario. I have been through this nightmare, and to help you avoid the same, today I will discuss a particular company’s shoes.

On has been known in the shoe industry for a long time for offering comfortable everyday shoes for general activities and running. But since we are on the topic of slipping while wearing shoes, it begs many questions about their shoes, but the main question I would like to answer is – are On Cloud shoes slip-resistant?

Are On Cloud Shoes Slip-Resistant?

On Cloud shoes are not slip-resistant. They do not provide shoes that are officially certified to be non-slip, but On does claim that their shoes are constantly being worked on to improve the grip.

On also further stated on their website’s FAQ page that they make their shoes with dry platforms kept in mind, as runners usually do not tend to run in wet conditions due to the risk of being slipped.

After reading many reviews online, you may be in for a shock. Despite On’s shoes, especially the Cloud collection, having a good reputation for being good in general, some attributes like the quality of the sole have been criticized for being terrible and not tested before release, according to customers.

Most of the reviews suggest that since the soles of the Cloud shoes are not made properly, be it for dry or wet surfaces, running is best avoided when wearing these shoes.

For example, the On Cloud 2.0’s soles do not have any springs. The soles are only meant to reduce weight and nothing else, which has led to the disappointment of some users. Why?

Are On Cloud Shoes Slip-Resistant? (Complete Guide)

Because users that love running prefer soles with springs along with slip-resistant to make sure they keep up their pace without any form of interruption.

In a nutshell, as long as you know you are in dry conditions, On Cloud shoes will not cause you to slip. But under wet conditions, you are on your own to be careful despite the amount of grip or traction On’s Cloud shoes may offer as much as possible.

Now, you have your answer. Are On Cloud shoes slip-resistant? No, they are not.

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On Cloud Shoes that Act as Slip-Resistant

  • Cloud 5
  • On Cloud Running Shoe (men’s)
  • On Cloud Waterproof Running Shoe
Are On Cloud Shoes Slip-Resistant? (Complete Guide)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are On Cloud shoes non slip? The article above has enough information regarding this question.

Main questions aside, I am sure that some users out there reading this will also want other trivial matters similar to this article’s topic to be answered. Well, not to worry. Let us dive into those questions and learn more about:

Why are my slip-resistant shoes slippery?

Are your slip-resistant shoes slippery? Chances are your slip-resistant shoes’ soles have worn out after heavy usage for a prolonged period. This usually happens if the quality of the sole is not made to last despite being slip-resistant. You could get the sole replaced if possible or get a new pair of shoes altogether.

Are On Cloud shoes stiff?

Yes, On Cloud shoes are stiff.

Due to On Cloud shoes being stiff, if you happen to be an avid runner, especially during summer days, then you are in for a bad time due to sweat and odor build-up making a mess out of your feet after a long interval of wearing.

Why do On Cloud shoes hurt my feet?

Some On Cloud shoes like the CloudX are made for working out in the gym. Hence the shoes are stiff and provide horizontal support. While shoes like these are prone to hurting your feet, you are better off looking at other On Cloud shoes like the Cloudmonster, my personal favorite. Please check our article, do On Cloud shoes hurt feet? If interested, also read our article, ways to break in On Running shoes.

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Are On Cloud shoes slip-resistant? No, they are not, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will make you slip now and then. I own a pair of On Cloud 5 shoes, and they have not slipped or made me slip once during my time wearing them, be it under dry or wet weather.

Even in terms of general factors like comfort and durability, the Cloud 5 shoes have done me nothing wrong and proved my choice is right.

Now that you know more about On’s Cloud shoes and about the slipperiness of their soles, you can make an informed decision on whether buying their shoes will be good for you in the long run or not.

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