How to Spot Fake Doc Martens? | 7 Tell-Tale Signs!

How to spot fake doc martens?

Often people get confused with differentiating between real and fake Doc Martens shoes. If you are one of them, you should go through this article to remove confusion. Doc martens are one of the most classy shoes in the world.

How to tell if Dr Martens are real? In this article, we will elaborate the signs to spot Fake Doc Martens.

Let’s take a look the signs of real and fake Doc Martens at a glance.

How to Spot Fake Doc Martens? Dr Martens Fake vs Real

CriteriaOriginal Doc MartensFake Doc Martens
1. Buying SourceAuthentic dealer or retailer. Inauthentic retailer
2.Packaging BoxCardboard type box with logo on lid and side. White label with description on the side of the box            No packaging box will be there. If any packaging box is given, it will be without a genuine logo or label.
3. Upper InsideThe upper inside has a similar description as the white-label of the box.No description will be there..
4. InsoleOn the inner side, the brand logo will be imprinted. The Insole will be air-cushioned.No brand logo will be present. Any other fake logo may be present.
5. OutsoleThe outsole will have a special design along with a cross, brand name, and above mentioned texts and words.There will be no special outsole. Rather an ordinary outsole with no special design and text.    Even if the similar design of real Doc Martens is present, there will be differences in spelling, calligraphy, and fonts.  
6. StitchingThe stitching will be professional with straight-lining, uniform space, and perfect finishing. Generally, the stitching color is yellow.No stitching or amateur level stitching will be present.
7. Extra Shoe LacesAn extra pair of shoelaces will be provided inside a transparent plastic bag.No extra shoelaces will be provided. Even if any pair of laces are provided, their quality will be poor.

These shoes are loved mainly by fashion lovers, trendy and comfort-loving people. Let’s explore the tips and tricks for identifying authentic Doc Martens shoes in detail. Now let’s explore the ways to spot fake Doc Martens.

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1. Buying From Original Retailer

If you want a real pair of doc martens, you should buy from the original retailer. This is the most authentic and easy way to get authentic shoes. On the official website of the doc martens company, you will get the store locator tool. Place your location in the tool, get the nearest shop, and collect your chosen pair of Martens from there. On the other hand, an unauthorized source might provide you fake shoes.

2. Doc Martens Packaging Box

A real Doc Martens comes up with a nice packaging box. It is a cardboard-type box. You will find the logo and name imprinted on the lid and side of the box. However, fake ones may also have a logo similar to martens but not the same. 

Packaging Box of Original Doc Martens
Figure : Packaging Box of Original Doc Martens

Carefully look into the fonts, design, and color of the logo. At one side of the box, there will be a white label. In this label, the shoe size, style, color, numbering, barcode, etc. descriptions will be written.

3. Upper Inside and Body of the Shoe

After scrutinizing the packaging box, look into the shoe. Firstly, see the upper inside or tongue of the shoe. Here, similar descriptions of the white label of the package will be written. All of the label’s descriptions may not be there, but you will get shoe size and manufacturing country names printed on it, along with a few other details. There will be a loop on the upper backside of the shoe. The loop contains “With Sole Bouncing” text. 

Upper inside or Tongue of Original Doc Martens
Figure : Upper inside or Tongue of Original Doc Martens

The leather body will be of excellent quality in the original. The fake Doc Martens leather is thin and of inferior quality.

If the questions how to tell if Doc Martens are real or what is the difference between Dr Martens fake vs real still seems confusing to you, we have still three-point to make it more clear to you.

4. Inner Logo

The Insole of the Doc Martens shoe has another polished and nicely imprinted logo and the brand name. The Insole of the shoe will be air-cushioned. 

Insole logo of Original Doc Martens
Figure : Insole logo of Original Doc Martens

Older versions of the shoes had “Original” and “Made in England” written along with the logo. The text is “Air-cushioned sole” or “Bouncing Soles in newer versions.”

5. Outsole

One of the main features of the Doc Martens brand is the unique outsole design. There are a number of factors you can look into in the outsole. Firstly, you will find the unique embossed design of the outsole.  

Along with it, you should get the embossed brand’s name on the outsole. The edges of the design should be professional with proper finishing. 

On the right side of the brand name, you should get OIL, FAT, ACID, PETROL, ALKALI, and RESISTANT printed line by line. 

In the middle of the outsole, you will find “THE ORIGINAL” imprinted. 

The building material of the outsole of the original Doc Martens is pigments and plasticizers. The outsole is very much flexible with amazing cushioning.

How to Spot Fake Doc Martens? | 7 Tell-Tale Signs!
Figure : Fake vs Real Doc Martens Outsole 

But keep in mind that, in many fake Doc Martens, you might find all the above details. At first glance, you may think it’s original. But after carefully observing, you can detect the difference. In real shoes, you will find bulging letters and logos. In fake ones, you will see receding letters. In fake ones, you will get Dr. Marians in place of DR. MARTENS and AGIO instead of ACID. The plus sign will be thinner in fake ones and thicker in real ones.

6 Back Heel Stripe

The back heel of a real Doc Martens shoe will have an airway loop. The letters in the loop are excellent and have additional side stitching to prevent disintegration. 

Fake vs Real Doc Martens back heel loop 
Figure: Fake vs Real Doc Martens back heel loop 

With and SOLES have the same dimension in the original. Whereas in fake ones, there will be calligraphy differences.

7. Stitching and Lace Holes

Doc Martens should have professional stitching around it. Carefully observe the quality of the stitching. The stitch should be straight, tight, and well finished. The shape of each segment of stitching should be uniformed. Most of the time, the color of the stitching is yellow. 

Black stitching on the whole body of the shoe will be nicely made. In fake one’s the stitching will have anomalies. In original ones, there will be no wrinkles or ripples. The lace holes are also perfect without any defects.

We have reached the end of our article which describe the ways to spot fake Doc Martens. Let’s go the last point.

8. Extra Shoelaces

With the original Doc Martens, you will get an extra pair of high-quality shoelaces inside a clear and sealed plastic packet.

I hope now you are

How to Spot Fake Doc Martens? Dr Martens Fake vs Real

Finally, you should keep in mind that Doc Martens is an international brand. If you have the slightest experience of buying a branded shoe, you know the difference by holding the shoe. The overall making quality, professional look, and each and every fine detail of the shoe will help you to find the original one.  

I hope now you have developed decent ideas on Doc Martens fake vs real. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. I recently purchased Dr Martin’s by solovair. My understanding is that these were the originals back in the ’80s. My boots have no laces around the soul but have all the proper markings of Dr martens made in England. I still wonder if these are legit.

  2. I have a pair of red Doc Martens that I purchased in 1999. I no longer have the box. They are very uncomfortable now. My feet have changed. I cannot tell what size they are. There is a number “5” on the inside soul. Does that determine the size??


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