Why Are My Doc Martens Squeaking? | Fixed!

Why Are My Doc Martens Squeaking?

If you have already owned a pair of Doc Martens shoes, the enjoyment and convenience of wearing them are known to you. These shoes come with quality and craftsmanship, giving wearers an extra sense of strength and power. 

Millions of people wear Doc Martens on a day-to-day basis, and they feel pretty fantastic. Although it’s hard to find any horrible fact about Doc Martens, still, nothing is perfect. Consequently, these shoes have some unexpected things. Nevertheless, this is common to all-leather shoes

We’re talking about the squeaking sound of Doc Martens when walking on any floor. Thankfully, you can minimize or eliminate that irritating sound by following simple steps. If you’re obsessed with the fact and thinking about how to stop Doc Martens from squeaking, we’re here to help you out. 

Why Are My Doc Martens Squeaking?

Solving a problem becomes more complicated when several reasons cause it. The same thing goes for the squeaking issue of Doc Martens. There is no obvious source of squeaking. That’s the cause why people spend a lot of time and try to clean their shoes to get rid of this concern but end up with the awful sound again. 

Primarily, the reason lies in the friction caused between parts of Doc Martens. As we mentioned before, this is not the only reason behind squeaking. So, we have speculated some facts that can lead to this issue.

  • First up, if your shoes have excessive moisture due to rain, it can cause that odd sound. It is more likely to happen when your shoes are leaked.
  • Aside from the rain, a significant amount of perspiration can be stored on your shoes by sweating and lead to squeaking. 
  • If you leave the shoes in the water, and they have taken in lots of water, they’ll be too much wet, and that annoying sound can happen. 
  • Sometimes shoes may have an additional amount of adhesive, which can happen due to an unmanaged manufacturing process. It can also be responsible for squeaking. 
  • If there is any abrasion between the surface area and the soles of your shoes, it can also cause squeaking. 
  • Loosen heels can also lead to this problem. 

Reminiscing once again, the causes of squeaking are not limited to the facts discussed above. 

Why Are My Doc Martens Squeaking? | Fixed!

Find the Problem at Hand

When you’re planning to solve an issue, the first and foremost duty is to find out the reason. So, it’s time to determine which one is causing that awful sound from the above-mentioned facts. For this, you have to look at your shoes very carefully. The simplest way to find out the reason is to identify where the sound is coming from. 

You can put on your shoes and sit close to your feet so that you can ascertain the area while walking. Try to sit as close as you can; it will help you to spot the actual reason more accurately and quickly as well. Many people replace the sole to eliminate this issue, but it doesn’t work as the sound can be originated inside the shoes. 

So, listen more closely when walking and locate the exact point from where the sound is coming. Once you notice the sound, try to follow the same movement of your feet several times and check which parts are under more pressure. 

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How to stop Doc Martens from squeaking?

Did you find the reason for squeaking? If not, don’t worry. We have arranged some of the most effective ways to eliminate that irritating sound. Before you get started, you have to collect a few simple materials that include:

  • Thin needle
  • Baking powder
  • Baby powder
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Dryer Sheet
Why Are My Doc Martens Squeaking? | Fixed!

However, all these ingredients are not necessary for one step. Use any of them based on the trick you’re going to follow. Now, let’s look at some effective tricks to stop squeaking. 

Put Right the loose Heels

Sometimes loose heels can be responsible for squeaking due to the gap between the shoe surface and the heels. If you find any trouble in the heels, fix them by applying some shoe glue. Ensure all the seam lines and the base are getting the adhesive appropriately. 

Once you have applied the shoe glue, hold both the upper and the heel. You can also use a clamp to hold them tightly in place and wait until it dries. If it seems too hard to you, take your shoes to any professional cobbler. 

Baby Powder

As we informed earlier, trapped water within the sole rubs against adjacent areas and creates that awful squeaking sound. In this case, you can sprinkle a small amount of baby powder over the insole. This will help to wick moisture. If the insole of your boots can’t be removed, shake the boot. This may spread the powder around the interior.  

Dryer Sheet

We know how irritating squeaky Doc Martens are. That is why it bothersome you every time. Maybe you have tried inserting different elements to stop that sound but found no result. We have an idea for you. Go to laundry and pick a dryer sheet. Place the sheets inside your shoes, this will create a buffer and might stop the squeaks. 

Petroleum Jelly

The two close things of Doc Martens are the outsole and the insole. As we rub the insole while walking, the outsole could start causing that noise. You can smear a bit of petroleum jelly or lotion underneath the insole in this situation. This will smoothen all parts rubbing against each other. 

Soften the Insoles

Brand-new Docs are always noisy, specifically during the break-in period. That time you might be irritated with that noise. In this case, you can use rough tape or sandpaper to speed up the break-in process. Rub the base of your shoes with sandpaper or taper, and it will soften the insoles. 

Use a Dryer

Using a dryer can be effective sometimes to get rid of that annoying sound by eliminating moisture trapped within the shoe. However, this process is not recommended like others. As you know, the most significant cause of squeaking is trapped water or moisture; that’s why putting your shoes in a dryer can help you out.

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Prevent Squeaking Doc Martens

Sometimes prevention is the best solution. The same thing goes for the squeaking issue of Doc Martens. Here are some essential tips that may help you to prevent squeaking.

  • If you walk in the rain, don’t put your shoes in wet condition. First, you have to dry them properly. Although it’s a common fact to all, we may tend to leave their damped shoes. Please don’t hurry, wait they’re thoroughly dried. However, it would help if you didn’t dry your shoes under direct sun exposure or heater, as they can damage your shoes. 
  • Collect necessary maintenance equipment for taking preventive care. Using the proper maintenance equipment will make your shoes last longer and avoid tears and wear. 
  • Sometimes soles rub against each other while walking and lead to that annoying noise. To tackle such a situation, you can rub the bottom of your shoes with sandpaper. 

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