Is Doc Martens Good for Hiking?

Is Doc Martens Good for HikingIs Doc Martens Good for Hiking?

Intro:  Doc Martens has been one of the most innovative boots in history since it started its journey in 1947. It was known for its air-cushioned soles, which provide comfort and durability. Dr. Martens has seen its days from being the first choice of daily workers and older adults to musicians, punk cultures, and different … Read more

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (Complete Guide)

How much height do doc martens add?

Shoes can always add or contract the overall appearance. You would be surprised to know how it can affect people’s psychology. Doc martens are a cult favorite when it comes to comfort. However, while discussing with my colleagues, I figured that many people loved Dr.Martens because it made them look tall, which somehow made them … Read more