Do Doc Martens Run Big? | Doc Martens Sizing Advice

Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small?

There is no doubt Doc Martens is one of the most iconic and demanding shoe brands in the world. With the rising popularity globally, more people are curious about their products. However, the most inconsistent fact about Doc Martens shoes is information about the sizing. 

If you’re planning to join the Doc martens club, some common questions might arise in your mind, Do Doc Martens run big or small? Why do various sources claim Doc Martens run large? Do Doc Martens come in half sizes? Do Doc Martens run true to size? Do Doc Martens stretch?

Don’t be hesitant. We’re here to end your confusion. Read through our comprehensive guide to clarify whether Doc Martens run big or small or run true to size. 

How Do Doc Martens Fit? Do Doc Martens Run True to Size?

Generally, Doc Martens fit true to size, which means you can purchase these shoes based on your actual size. However, it can vary depending on the style and model of the shoe that you intend to purchase. 

For instance, if you want to buy the classic 1461Doc Martens boots, you might need to pick one size down as they can run big to an extent. The most important thing is that Doc Martens may have increased length, but the width won’t. So, if you have wider feet, it’s better to have a trial before making your purchase.

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Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small?

Doc Martens fit true to size. However, many people or online sources have spread a common myth that these shoes run big or small. However, we can’t ignore the fact entirely, as there are some reasons why people remain confused.

According to 65% of customers’ feedbacks, Doc Martens fit true to size; what about the rest? Some customers have reported that their boots are running big, about half of the actual size, though Doc Martens doesn’t have any half-size shoes. 

While some people may find them a bit stiff, to elucidate the fact, we’re going to discuss whether Doc Martens run big or small separately. Hopefully, it will eradicate all your confusion. 

Do Doc Martens Run Big?

In our opinion, Doc Martens don’t run big. However, some people have reported they run big. The main reason behind that confusion is that they come in whole sizes only. Consequently, a half-sized person needs to pick a more significant size with insoles to ensure maximum comfort

Do Doc Martens Run Big? | Doc Martens Sizing Advice

Unquestionably, the ultimate satisfaction of wearing shoes depends on the perfect fit. You might not want to purchase a pair of premium shoes like Doc Martens that’s bigger and give off all the impression. So, it’s always advisable to pick a smaller size. After the break-in period, you’ll get a better fit indeed. 

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Do Doc Martens Run Small?

Another confusing fact regarding Doc Martens is that some people claim these shoes run slightly small. All the boots of Doc Martens are made from premium leather, and this is the crucial point where they’re special.

However, that is another side of the coin, where people find brand new Doc Martens a bit harder. The rugged leather material used in Doc Martens remains stiff initially, so wearers experience tightness. Nothing else here. So, your newly purchased Doc Martens shoes will be comfortable gradually, especially when you break your boots in. 

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Are Doc Martens True to Size?

You might have already got an idea whether Doc Martens is true to size or not. Now it’s time to explain more deeply. First up, the most common report against Doc Martens boots is that they fit a bit large. We have conducted in-depth research on customer reports to understand the actual case. 

According to our research, 2 out of 3 customers have reported that Doc martens run true to size. However, the significant negative report is more extensive than standard, primarily classic boots. In short, Doc Martens runs true to size, but it’s better to pick a size down when purchasing classic boots.

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How Do I Find the Right Size of Doc Martens?

If you’re hesitating about what size Doc Martens you Should buy, this portion is for you. Well, it ultimately depends on you; how? Let’s explain. If you have an in-between shoe size, it’s wise to pick one size down, no matter your wide feet. 

On the other hand, if you have a full shoe size, no need to go down or up; grab the correct size. Doc Martens shoes are designed in such a way that you’ll get some extra room for chunky socks and insoles. No doubt, this helps break Doc Martens in.  

Do Doc Martens Run Big? | Doc Martens Sizing Advice

Doc Martens Sizing Advice 

As we mentioned before, the sizing of Doc Martens can slightly vary depending on the model and style. Yes, Doc Martens has diversified models in the market that draw the attention of different customers with different choices. To understand the sizing of Doc Martens, we’re going to discuss their most remarkable and flagship models. So, let’s move on. 

1460 Variations, Jadons, and Chelseas

When people think about Doc Martens, the name 1460s might be first. As we know, Doc Martens run true to size. However, people often claim that the 1460s model runs a bit large, especially for those who wear in-between sizes. So, if you have ten and a half lengths, you should go one size down while purchasing. 

Nevertheless, full-sized people can’t feel the significance of that small room inside the boots. In this case, they should go for full size. Other models from Doc Martens with the same consequences include Doc Martens Jadons, Chelsea Boots, and any different model similar to 1460s such as vegan, WinterGrips, and other patent leather versions. 

Although, there is an exception in 1460, which is the fur-lined version of the 1460s. This boot model provides a slightly snug fit. If you don’t like any extra room inside the shoes, you can stuff some insoles inside the boots for a tighter fit.  

Other Models 

Aside from the 1460s, Chelseas, and Jadons, you may not experience any size difficulty in other products like Dr. Martens sandals. But again, it’s better to get one size down while you have an in-between size. For instance, a person with an 11.5-inch size should pick 10 for a snug fit and 11 for a fit with little room. 

Doc Martens Size Chart

Before we move on to Doc martens official size chart, we’re reminiscing some facts you should keep in mind:

  • The US standard follows all sizes shown on the US portion. 
  • There are no half sizes, so you have to go one size down in the case of half-sized feet. 
  • Fit can be different based on the model and style. 
  • Going one size up will change the length, not the width. 
  • You will find the size marked on the tongue of the shoes. For sandals, it is celebrated on the ankle strap. 
  • It should be measured from your heel to toe when measuring your foot. 

Do Doc Martens Stretch?

In this part, we will discuss whether Doc Martens stretch or not. As we informed before, Doc Martens uses premium leather material in their boots and other models. That is why they shape the user’s feet after the break-in period. Users find it more comfortable than wearing the brand new one at this sage. So, theoretically, Doc Martens do stretch

Do Doc Martens Run Big? | Doc Martens Sizing Advice

Doc Martens Fitting Guide

Here are some tips to follow that might help you understand what you should do while purchasing Doc Martens. 

Do Doc Martens Come in Half Sizes?

If you’re habituated to wear half sizes, don’t look up Doc Martens half-size models, as you’ll end up with a complete mess. So, it’s better to grab the nearest whole size. Doc Martens do not come in half sizes?

Unisex/Men’s and Women’s Models Fit Differently

Of course, there are different models for both men and women. You’ll see unisex or men’s and women’s sizes when it’s about sizing. It may create confusion. Remember one thing, Women’s Doc Martens models are a bit narrower. 

Length Varies More Compared to Width

When you’re going one size up or down, the changes will be in length, not in width significantly. So, don’t change your decision to have wider feet. 

Use a Pair of Thick Socks

If you notice your Doc Martens running big, wearing thick socks may help you out and provide a better fit. Some thick socks are proven to be effective in solving loose fits. 

Measure and Consult a Sizing Chart

If you have doubts, check the size chart and consult it carefully. This might help you to understand the size conversion procedure. 

Doc Martens Fitting Compared to Other Popular Brands

There is no question about the popularity and dependability of Doc Martens. Some famous brands have an almost similar standard competing with Doc Martens, no matter how unique they are. 

We won’t discuss their products, but we just want to compare the sizing of some famous brands and Doc Martens. First, there are slight variations in sizing compared to other brands, like the Vans or the Converse Chucks.

Although most of the sizes are pretty similar, we have found a variation of 0.5 cm. However, you won’t feel that variation when wearing. But it’s advisable to take one size down, and it will be fit after continuous use.

What Should You Do If Your Doc Martens Are Too Big?

We often find a common question from people, what do I do if my Doc Martens are too big? Well, we have some advice in this case. Let’s look at how to resolve if Doc Martens runs too big. 

Get Insoles

We might have mentioned the effectiveness of insoles several times before. Again, you can use insoles if you find your shoes too big. Luckily, Doc Martens sells insoles separately. So, it’s best to purchase their insoles, which might fill extra room inside the shoe and provide a snug fit.

Do Doc Martens Run Big? | Doc Martens Sizing Advice

Use Heel Grips 

Sometimes, heels can slip. In this case, you can incorporate additional heel grips that will give you a non-slip surface. At the same time, they secure heels properly. So, you’re getting both comfort and security all along. Alongside, they can even fill up vacant spaces inside your Docs. In the end, you’ll get a better fit.

How Long Do Dr. Martens Take To Break-In?

Shoe breaking in is where slightly small shoes get the user’s feet and provide a more comfortable fit. This is a common phenomenon for leather shoes. Talking about Doc Martens, they take about 3-6 weeks to break in. 

As we know, there are various styles of Docs martens, and all of them don’t have the same materials. So, depending on the materials and thickness of leather, the time to break in Doc martens can vary. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear continuously during this period. To break in your Doc martens properly, you should let them mold themselves properly. Once the break-in period is completed, you can wear them regularly. 


Do Doc Martens Sandals Run Big?

According to many user feedbacks, Doc Martens sandals run slightly big to size. So, it’s better to take one size down while purchasing Doc Martens sandals without any thought. 

How comfortable is Dr. Martens?

The comfort of wearing Doc Martens boots is an open secret to all. However, if you’re going to be a new member of the Doc Martens club, good news for you, Doc martens won’t disappoint you in the case of premium feel and comfort. Although you may experience a bit of stiffness initially, it will be eliminated after continuous use. 

How Long Does Dr. Martens Last?

Well, it depends on the material used in particular models. Generally, Doc martens last around five to six years easily. Nevertheless, you have to take proper care to ensure better longevity. 

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