5 Painless Ways to Break in On Cloud Shoes (Complete Guide)

5 Painless Ways to Break in On Cloud Shoes (Complete Guide)

Are you having a pair of new Cloud shoes? If your answer is ‘yes’,  then you must need break-in strategies for your new Cloud shoes. These strategies are to overcome discomfort, soften the Cloud shoe, and fit the shoe with your feet. 

However, having a few small walks, short runs, wearing thick socks, freezing the shoe, heating the shoe, moisturizing your feet, using blister prevention tape, etc. are common on Cloud shoe break-in strategies. 

You might be very excited to wear the new shoe as early as possible without breaking in. But this excitement may turn into discomfort for not following the break-in strategies.

5 ways to Break in On Cloud Shoes

You might get hurt or get blisters on your toe, side, and heel due to the lack of proper break-in strategy for your On Running Shoes. Let’s dive into the details of different strategies for your shoe. 

1. Having a Walk

Though cloud shoes are mainly designed for long runs, at the very beginning you should go for small walks. This will make a better shoe-feet combination.The shoe will gradually become soft without hurting your feet. Ultimately, when you go for long runs you will feel comfortable.

2. Having Short Run

You can also go for a short run. This will work similar to the short walk but will pressurize your On Running shoes a little bit more. Furthermore, it will act as a practice session of your ultimate long runs. But keep in mind it will be “short” runs.

3. Wearing Thick Socks

Wearing thick socks or multiple socks are very common break in strategies for any kind of shoes. Hence, you can use it for your on Clouds also. Although this is very trivial, this process is very effective for giving  safety to your feet. It will fill up the gaps between your shoe and feet providing maximum ease.

4. Moisturizing Your Feet

One of the main purposes of using break in strategies is to overcome blisters and any kinds of pain on your feet. The sole reason for this is the friction between your new shoe and your feet. If your feet are dry then the friction can be more vulnerable.

Hence, you can use some moisturizing lotion on your feet before going for walks or long runs. It will reduce the friction damage and your feet will remain safe from blisters.  

5. Using Blister Prevention Tape

However, if you already have some blisters in your feet then you can use blister prevention tape on your feet. Many blister prevention tapes are there in the market. For example zinc oxide tape, kinesiology tape are a few common brands. Zinc oxide is softer to touch but it is not waterproof whereas kinesiology tape is waterproof and long lasting. and Buy one and use it.

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Your On Cloud shoes are obviously a popular brand and effective for long running. But you should follow the above mentioned strategies for breaking in to overcome your new shoe difficulties. 

Moreover, if you follow these you will feel more pleasant with less unusual pain and blisters. So without any dilemma try out your strategy and feel the real taste of the shoe. Now you know how to break in On Cloud shoes. Let us know your thoughts about our article.

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