High Top vs Low Top Converse (Key Differences)

High Top vs Low Top Converse (Key Differences)

Converse shoes have a ton of exciting varieties, and we know everybody wants to own a pair. Well, it is justified since it has been a well-known brand for years providing the users with excellent styles of shoes with new releases almost every year!

The actual confusion begins when it comes to choosing between high top and low top Converse. Which one is going to suit you better? Which one has better features?

Keep reading to decide the perfect style of Converse shoes for you by reading a detailed comparison between the features. High top vs Low top Converse: which one is better?

Difference Between High Top and Low Top Converse

If you have no idea about high-tops and low-tops, your first question has to be, “What is the difference between them?” Well, let’s clear that up at first.

The main difference between high-top and low-top Converse is the length of the ankle. The high-top Converse shoes have a taller opening that covers your ankle, and this feature is missing in low-top Converse. The low-top Converse shoes have openings right below that ankle, making them casual sneakers.

The extra ankle covering for the high-tops was designed for better basketball shoes. You can choose the low-tops for casual wear or weightlifting since they are easy to put on and have flat soles.

Besides, if you are a fan of branded shoes, you must look for the logos to show up better on your shoes. The circular star patch of the Converse logo is visible on the side of the ankles of the high-top Converse shoes. Low-top Converse shoes do not have that circle patch which will not instantly make it evident that they are branded.

Comfort (Are Converse high-tops or low-tops more comfortable?)

The design and material of both high-tops and low-tops are almost the same. The comfort depends on what kind of ankle support you seek in your shoes.

The ankle’s extra length in high-top Converse supports injured feet and keeps you warm during the winter.

On the other hand, some people like the fact that you can easily slip on the low-tops, and you are good to go. You do not have to open the laces, put in your feet, and tie the laces up like the way you have to do for high-tops. The users also love the flexibility of ankle movement in low-top Converse. You may not be able to move your ankles freely in the high-top Converse shoes.

I like to go for easy-to-slip-on shoes, which is why I love the low-tops. The high-tops are best for a different look with the branded logo.


Getting the right shoe size is essential to having a perfect experience. For Converse, you may wonder: do Converse run true to size?

In general, Converse shoes run bigger than your regular size. Sizing down half or full size is better to have the perfect fit for both high and low-tops.

For high-top Converse shoes, size down by half to get a better fit because they have a secure fit due to the ankle’s extra length. Sizing down by a full size may cause difficulty in putting the shoes on quickly.

For low-top Converse shoes, size down by a full size to get a better fit since they are easy to put on and take off. You would need a snug fit for low-tops since they can easily slip out of your feet if they are too roomy.


Both high-top and low-top Converse are made of the same material for a particular design. They are almost identical, with a little difference in shape and design.

The material used to make high-top and low-top Converse are usually canvas, suede, luxe leather, corduroy, etc. They also add OrthoLite or EVA cushioning to keep your feet comfy all day.


Durability is a huge factor in choosing shoes, whether Converse or any other brand. In this case, the main question is, which Converse shoes are more durable? High-tops or low-tops?

The durability of high-tops and low-tops are very similar depending on how much you use them.

As a general rule, a pair of Converse shoes lasts for about 18 months if you wear them regularly and take care of them. You can even make them last for 5 years if you maintain them from time to time.

If you work out or regularly play sports on your Converse shoes, they are bound to wear out within a year. However, for daily casual wear, they are going to last for way more than that. It is almost the same for both high-tops and low-tops, but the high-tops may show visible creasing near the ankles.


According to the official website of Converse shoes, there are about 220 types of high-top Converse and 160 types of low-top Converse. Talk about options!

They have all types of colors and patterns with high and low platforms for men, women, kids, etc. I prefer their high platform shoes because of their added height without the risk of tripping. They are safe, stylish, and super comfy to wear.


The range of price for high-tops and low-tops is very similar.

For high-top Converse, the kids’ shoes start from $25 to $70. For men and women, the range starts from $40 to $170.

For low-top Converse, the kids’ shoes start from $25 to $55. For men and women, the range starts from $40 to $165.

The high-tops have a slightly extended range for the added variety.


Both high-top and low-top Converse shoes are available in almost all sizes on their official website. They are also sold on other retailing websites, which you can try if you do not find your correct size available.

Besides, you can find a lot of styles in stores and try them out by yourself to get the perfect fit and design.

Which Converse should I get- High Top or Low Top?

Finally, the main question boils down to – which Converse should I get? Which Converse shoes are better? High-tops or low-tops.

Converse low-tops are better than high-tops in terms of comfort and convenience. They are easy to put on, and you can wear them with socks if you are afraid of heel blisters. I have been wearing my Chuck 70s for over a year, and they never caused discomfort with or without socks.

For winter, Converse high-tops get the edge over the low-tops since they cover your feet, keeping them warm and cozy. You can also flex the star patch since it is the staple for original Converse shoes. They are also better with skirts and shorts for a funky look.

You can also check our article, are platform Converse good for lifting?

Table for Comparison (High Top vs Low Top Converse)

We went through a detailed comparison of features between Converse high-tops and low-tops. In summary, let’s look at the comparison’s side-by-side version for a better understanding.

FeaturesConverse High-TopsConverse Low-Tops
ComfortComfortable enoughCan be more comfortable than high-tops
SizingRuns bigRuns big
MaterialCanvas, suede, luxe leather, corduroy, etc.Canvas, suede, luxe leather, corduroy, etc.
Variety220 styles available160 styles available
CostRanges from $25 to $170Ranges from $25 to $165
AvailabilityEasily availableEasily available

. . . Frequently Asked Questions . . .

1. Do high-top Converse go with jeans?

High-top Converse shoes look better with baggy jeans than skinny jeans. If you try to cover the ankles of the shoes with skinny jeans, it may look bulky and weird. The ankles can easily be covered with baggy jeans, making it an effortless style.

2. Are Converse high-tops good for running?

Converse high-tops are not good for running long distances. They fail to provide the flexibility of ankle movement and arch support, making running for miles uncomfortable.

You can use them to run on flat terrains for short distances to avoid experiencing any pressure on your feet. The high-tops are best for weightlifting since they are durable and keep your ankles straight.

3. Do Converse high-tops make you look shorter?

In general, Converse high-tops do not make you look shorter if you have an average or above average height. However, the high-tops can make your feet look shorter than usual for short people since the shoes will cover your ankles. It is best to wear the low-tops with shorts and skirts if you have a below-average height.

4. Do high-top or low-top Converse look better?

High-tops look great with skirts, shorts, and baggy jeans if you match the colors right. You can also try them with short dresses with socks to give you that young high school look. By the way, do you know that homeschooling is getting widely popular these days as an alternative too traditional schools? Here are some free homeschool printables that can save your costs if you are interested in homeschooling for your kids.

Converse low-tops are versatile and look great with almost anything, but you should try them out with medium-length dresses or skinny jeans.


Converse high-tops and low-tops have a lot of similar features, yet they have different purposes. Use the article above to guide yourself and choose which one fits your needs better. Converse high-top vs. low-top: which one do you like better?

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