Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)

Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)

Among the tons of recovery footwear out there, the most common ones that are well known are Archies and Vionic. For years, people have been comparing these two companies. But it is not so easy when you delve into this topic.

To help users make a proper decision, let us find out which company is the better one to go for.

Archies vs Vionic (Key Differences)

The main difference between Archies and Vionic is that Archies only sells flip-flops, whereas Vionic sells sandals and sneakers.

If you love flip-flops, Archies is for you. But if you want sneakers and sandals, then Vionic is the way to go. Both companies focus on different shoe styles, so you have to figure out what you want for yourself first.

Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)
Archies flip-flop
Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)
Vionic sandal
Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)
Vionic Sneakers

Comfort (Are Archies or Vionic better?)

Both shoe companies provide an equal amount of comfort. The gap of comfort between both Archies and Vionic is negligible to the point that you may not even notice which one is better than the other.

For those who are affected by plantar fasciitis, both Archies and Vionic will be good enough, as users have praised their ability to get rid of foot issues without a hassle.

Sizing (Do Archies and Vionic fit the same?)

Archies and Vionic provide true-to-size flip-flops that are good for everyone and anyone. It is a big relief to the users because of not have a hard time getting their perfect size.

However, Archies suggest sizing up for their slides that only offer half sizes for those with wide feet, while the narrow foot users must size down. Vionic, on the other hand, recommends going down half a size on their website for their half-size slides.


Soft suede and durable leather are what Vionic sandals are mainly made from. Some of the models also include EVA. Archies uses thermoplastic, which is non-toxic and does not contain rubber or latex.

Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)
Archies vs Vionic (Which One Stands Out?)


Vionic is more durable than Archies. This becomes very clear once you read reviews online, which indicate how bad Archies’ durability is.

Their slides last way less than Vionic; hence the win for durability goes to Vionic. Archies sandals are said to wear off quickly and can break easily.


Vionic offers only 9 sandals for men but 46 for women, while Archies offers only 12 flip-flops for both genders.

Do keep in mind that Archies focuses solely on flip flops, so comparing varieties may not yield accurate results for any user. More variety does not necessarily mean that it is a good thing often.


As Archies only provides flip-flops for both genders, that too in such a small amount of varieties, all of them cost equally – $35 for each pair of colors you choose on their website.

Men’s Vionic sandals range from $69 to $80, while women’s Vionic sandals range from $55 to $150.


You will never face stock issues with both Archies and Vionic. They tend to keep their products in stock easily and fairly quickly, even if they get out of stock.

Table For Comparison (Archies vs Vionic)

Let’s take a side-by-side look for a better view of the comparison: Archies vs. Vionic.

ComfortGreat comfort.Great comfort.
SizingTrue to size.True to size.
MaterialThermoplastic.Soft suede and durable leather.
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
Variety12 options in total9 options for men and 46 options for women
CostFixed cheap rangeCheap to moderately expensive range
AvailabilityEasily availableEasily available


It seems to me that Vionic wins over Archies, mainly for the durability factor that may matter a lot to users who want to get a proper pair of sandals that will last them and protect their feet for a long time.

After all, why would you want shoes or slides that don’t last long? Comfort is essential, but not the only thing in the world!

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  1. Vionic thongs broke down within 2 years – disappointed
    Bought Archies today. Less expensive. Hoping these will last longer. Cheaper pricing $40 compared to Vionic $100 +


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