Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Jordans took the athletic footwear market by storm with its bold, colorful designs, comfort, and stability on a basketball court. Over time, the shoes became a household name and became a popular choice for streetwear and casual wear. The immense popularity and usage of Jordans raise a question for the Jordans fans and long-term users. Can Jordans shoes work in the corporate world as business casual? Even though there are toned-down styles of Jordans with less flashy colors and silhouettes, these shoes are unsuitable as business casual. 

Which Footwear Styles Are Appropriate for Business Casual?

Sneakers in elegant colors (black, brown), sports shoes, loafers, clogs, suede boat shoes, and formal heels or flats are appropriate for business casual.

Unless a company has a lenient dress code for employees, you should avoid wearing flip-flops, sandals, slippers, open-toed shoes, or eye-catching, flashy footwear.

Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Can I Wear Jordans as Business Casual?

Jordan’s shoes stand out to others for their style, shine, and unique texture. In an office setting, the footwear is supposed to be simple, something that can’t be distracting.

As Nike designed Jordans as flashy athletic footwear with unique colors, you should avoid wearing Jordans as business casual.

Why Doesn’t Jordans Qualify as Business Casual Wear?

Jordans footwear is an excellent choice for athletic and casual wear. Yet, the Jordans shoes are too bold in a corporate setting, such as with a business casual dress code.

Here are some design aspects that made Jordans footwear inappropriate as business casual:


Business casual shoes have uniform materials like leather and suede, making them less eye-catching. However, Jordans boots have a unique blend of textured materials such as leathers and textiles. The padding on the inner and outer parts also made it a perfect choice for athletes- but a wrong decision as a business casual footwear.

Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)


Jordan’s shoes come in a wide array of colors: white, French blue, light steel grey, fire red, pink foam, sail, light violet ore, and son. Such versatile color schemes are inappropriate for business casual shoes, as corporate shoes are black and brown. For example- the Jordan Zoom Separate style is a mesh of five colors. It can be a bold statement piece but not something you should wear as business casual.

Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)


Jordan has a unique outsole, lace pattern, heel design, forefoot zoom, and high-top footwear with colorful heels and outsoles. Even the all-white Jordans have padding and ankle collars that are inappropriate as a pair of corporate shoes. The low-top shoes have unique patterns which should be avoided as business casual shoes. 

Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Jordans Business Casual? (Quick Facts)


So, is it forbidden to wear Jordans as business casual? Some companies with simple, laid-back Human Resource top executives might allow them. But for professions and companies, where the outfit plays a part in corporate growth, a person should avoid wearing Jordans- since the shoes aren’t considered business casual.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear white Jordans sneakers as business casual?

Business casual shoes are sophisticated and polished. Jordan from Nike is sporty shoes with eye-catching design and silhouette.

A white, crisp pair of Jordans might serve the purpose as business casual shoes, but these shoes are still laid-back for business casual. Hence, you should avoid wearing white Jordans sneakers as business casual footwear.

2. Can I wear Jordans at a conservative office?

A conservative office with a strict HR policy will be against athletic footwear like Jordans. Hence, you should avoid wearing Jordans at a traditional office.

3. Are Jordan high-top boots inappropriate in a corporate setting?

Jordan high-top boots have a colorful outsole and silhouette design which is considered inappropriate in a corporate setting. The business casual dress code doesn’t allow employees to wear Jordan’s high-top boots.

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