How to Stretch Air Force 1? (Complete Guide)

How to Stretch Air Force 1? (Complete Guide)

Are your Nike Air Force Ones feeling uncomfortable?

Well, it is a pretty common issue among users. Most of them complained about the AF1s hurting their feet and having a snug fit. Air Force 1s are true to size and can be uncomfortable for people with wide feet. In that case, there is only one question. How to stretch Air Force 1?

In this article, I will describe several easy tricks to stretch your Nike shoes or Air Force Ones in general. Let’s dig in!

How to Stretch Air Force 1? (Complete Guide)

Do Air Force 1s Stretch Out?

On average, leather shoes are not easy to stretch out. The AF1s are made of a combination of materials. It is a mixture of synthetic leather, plastic, synthetic suede, etc. Moreover, the Air Force 1s have a rigid structure that will not stretch out quickly. You can only change the fit of certain parts of the shoes that are expandable.

You can try different methods to change the fit slightly to make them more comfortable.

Easy Ways to Stretch Your Air Force 1s

Stretching your Air Force 1s can be challenging, but don’t worry. Use one of the following methods to stretch your AF1s to size them up enough for a comfy fit:

The zip-lock Bag Method

You have already read about this method above but let’s revisit it anyway.

Step 1: Fill two zip-lock bags with water and place them inside the shoes up to the toe box.

Step 2: Freeze them overnight to allow the ice to expand.

Step 3: Try the shoes and check the fit.

How to Stretch Air Force 1? (Complete Guide)

The Potato Trick

As unusual as it sounds, it works!

Step 1: Peel two potatoes according to the shape of the toe box of your shoes.

Step 2: Place them inside your shoes.

Step 3: Keep them overnight and check the fit the following day.

How to Stretch Air Force 1? (Complete Guide)

Breaking in The Shoes

Once you break into your Air Force 1s, they will feel much more comfortable than they were initially. Try to walk around wearing them in your spare time (better with thick socks) and let them adjust to the shape of your feet.

Blow-Dry the Shoes

Breaking in can be a slow process. To speed it up, use a blow-dryer for 10-15 minutes over the toe box and the sides of your shoes. Wear thick socks and walk wearing the shoes immediately while they are still warm. It will help them loosen up and shape up with your feet.

How to Stretch Air Force 1? (Complete Guide)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Stretch My Nike Shoes?

Nike shoes are very well-built and could be tricky to stretch out quickly. However, you can try a few methods and stretch your Nike shoes to a size.

The typical way of stretching your shoes out is to walk in them wearing thick socks. It allows your shoes to properly break in and adjust with the shape of your feet.

Another way to quickly stretch out your shoes without heat is the zip-lock bag method. Just fill a zip-lock bag with water and stuff it in the shoe. Put it in the freezer and the water will expand to ice and widen the insides of the shoe simultaneously.

2. Will Nike shoes stretch?

No, Nike shoes do not stretch easily. You can try stretching them with regular stretching tricks, and they can size up a little. The structure of Nike shoes is very thorough and rigid, making it tricky to stretch them out. You cannot stretch Nike shoes more than a size.

3. Do potatoes stretch shoes?

Yes, you can use a potato to stretch your shoes. It does not size up the shoes a lot but makes them much roomier. It expands the toe box so you can easily wiggle your toes in.

Just peel a potato and shape it like the toe box of your shoe. Place the potato in and keep it that way overnight. It is a method to make your shoes roomy without any risk of damage.

4. Is it better to have tight or loose shoes?

In general, your shoes are not supposed to be tight or loose. Perfectly fitting shoes are very important to keep your feet healthy and your experience comfortable. However, loose-fitting shoes would still be better than tight ones because they do not restrict your feet and blood flow. Nonetheless, loose-fitting shoes can cause your stride to change.


How to stretch Air Force 1? Now, you have the answer. Air Force 1s are one of my favorites not because of the comfort but because of the traditional integrity they hold. If you can make them a little comfier, it’s a plus! Use the article above to learn all the simple tricks and see which one works for your Air Force Ones.


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