Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

The nightmare that plantar fasciitis is, battling it without a good pair of recovery sandals is sure to make your feet go through hell. Despite the desperate demand for good recovery sandals for plantar fasciitis, there aren’t many on the market that works effectively. And one of the very few brands that were wholly dedicated to this issue and were successful in creating a footwear line that makes your feet feel better in all conditions, was OOFOS. 

Are OOFOS Sandals Good for Plantar Fasciitis? 

It’s no secret that OOFOS footwears are supposedly good for plantar fasciitis. But, why they are good is the main question we are asking. So, let’s get into the details a bit more to answer your question.

Arch support

Even in the most general case, footwear with no proper arch support is a nightmare. Your knees, ankles, and joints will most definitely suffer without the support they need and it’s just 2X bad for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

So, OOFOS incorporated their biomechanically engineered footbed into their products. It supports the midfoot in such a way that the heel and forefoot experience less pressure effectively lessening the pressure on the fascia tissue.

Shock absorb capability

The key feature of OOFOS footwear is their superior OOfoam™ technology that absorbs 37% more impact than any conventional footwear materials. So, basically, you are provided more shock absorption than most common brands on the market.

shock absorbance of oofos shoes

This is important because one of the many reasons for heel pain or plantar fasciitis is wearing shoes that are uncomfortable and absorb little to no shock while walking. 


Cushioning is a very critical criterion in this case. Most similar footwear brands on the market either provide soft cushioning with barely any support or relatively adequate support however with very hard cushioning.

But OOFOS footwears swore to give you both in all intents and purposes. So, they designed their products to be especially soft and cushy, AND at the same time, their footwear will give you the underfoot support that your feet need.

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OOFOS for Plantar Fasciitis

OOFOS Women’s OOlala Thong 

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

Among women with plantar fasciitis, OOFOS women’s OOlala Thong is one of the most popular choices. From comfort to versatility, this pair can perform in more than one situation in your day-to-day life. 

First, let’s talk about comfort. Comfort is one of the main factors for OOFOS flip flops and OOlala Thong is no different. It’s soft and cushy. The footbed of the pair is made out of soft foam that envelopes your feet and provides comfort throughout the day.

From lounging around the house to having a stroll on the beach, you can wear them anywhere. Besides, the footbed is designed specially to reduce stress on the knees, ankles, and other joints. It also incorporates the OOFOS technology that absorbs 37% more impact with every step than regular footwear. The arch support is also prominent.  

As for maintenance, they are the easiest to care for. Even if you can’t wash them regularly, it carries the minimum odor. And you can just toss it inside the washing machine as well since the foam is completely closed. 

Now, they might not be best known for their appearance but still, OOlala Thong comes in a variety of colors. Overall, it may not be the coolest flip-flops around, but it definitely works.

OOFOS OOahh Slide

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

To give your back and knee relief from the dreadful plantar fasciitis, the OOFOS OOahh slide is one of the decisions you can make. Especially after or even during your daily workouts, they work like magic on the sore feet, knees, and lower back. Like the others, this one also has The special OOfoam shock-absorbing footbed. The upper, lining and sole are made out of synthetics but do great to provide maximum arch support.

In addition, they are lightweight and water resistant so as not to limit their use indoors. And, finally, the construction is slide-on making it easier to slip on whenever.

OOFOS OOmg Low Women’s Shoe 

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

Next, we have the OOFOS OOmg low women’s shoe. This pair is perfect for the colder regions where most recovery sandals tend to be a little inappropriate because of their open construction. 

Despite being a bit different in the construction, it balances the features effectively. The style is slip-on so it’s easier to put on. The four-way stretch upper is snuggly around the feet and at the same time breathable enough to not be straight up uncomfortable. This one doesn’t have any shoelaces but there is a stretchable strap going around on the upper to compensate for any lack of support. 

As you can already guess, the footbed is the same OOFoam to provide 37% more shock absorbing capacity than regular shoes. So, you will feel like walking on pillows while not giving up on the arch and midfoot support. 

The outer sole is incorporated with traction patterns to promote natural control on the walk without slipping. Overall, be in the gym or on the road, this pair will instantly make you feel better by simultaneously taking pressure off your back and knee.

OOFOS Women’s OOcloog Clog 

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

Finally, we have the OOFOS Women’s OOcloog Clog. Now, first of all, the misconception that clogs can’t be stylists is chased away from the scenario. OOFOS women’s clogs have all the features to pamper your feet AND they are available in a wide range of stylish prints and even limited editions. 

Like every other type, this also has signature details including the soft footbed, outsole with traction pattern, lightweight, versatility, slip-on construction, odor resistance, etc. 

The pair is perfect to soothe sore feet after a workout. You can even take a shower in it as it’s also moisture resistant and machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine in a low cycle and your work is done.

Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing OOFOS For Plantar Fasciitis:


Every OOFOS footwears have some specifications of its own such as its weight, arch support, construction, cushioning, and others. It’s hard to say what will work best for you at lessening your discomfort. So, it’s very important to look through the specifications to find out which one’s the most suitable for you.


Here by design, we mean the overall construction of the footwear. They have a range of different types of footwear like sandals, shoes, clogs, and slippers. Most people prefer to get sandals as they are just easy to wear for walking around or even lounging inside the home.

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

However, to many, the sandals are not the favored one as they may make your feet hurt as the toes tend to grip at the front. In that case, shoes or clogs can be a good alternative.

They also have different specifics like narrow or wider footbeds. Besides, there’s also the fact about personal preferences so it’s best to try them out beforehand if possible.

Stability and Control

Stability and control depend on how the shoes match the shape of your feet and your walking style. Some people feel better walking in sandals as they are not heavy on their feet and make it easier to control them. On the other hand, some may find wearing sandals troublesome as they don’t have any heel strap.

Wearing shoes without heel straps creates pressure on the front foot if you’re not used to wearing them. Which effectively puts even more pressure on the fascia tissue. In these cases, pick the one that feels the most stable on your feet and promotes natural foot movement.

OOFOS shoes generally have stretchable straps on the upper to better control the shoes and promote natural walking.

Are OOFOS Good for Plantar Fasciitis? (Complete Guide)

Frequently Asked Question

1. Where are OOFOS manufactured from? 

Ans: OOFOS are made in Korea and Vietnam to the company’s closely monitored specifications.

2. Do OOFOS fit true to size? 

Ans: Yes, OOFOS run true to size and they generally do not come in wide. You can check our article on OOFOS Sizing.

3. Are OOFOS good for your feet? 

Ans: According to customer reviews and the company’s claim, OOFOS are great recovery sandals and good for your feet with their distinct set of features. You can read our article, are OOFOS really good for your feet?

4. Are OOFOS good for wide feet? 

Ans: As OOFOS don’t come in wide, if you have slightly wider feet, the flip flop style will most likely work for you. However, for genuinely wide feet, OOFOS is not the best choice. You can check our article, are OOFOS suitable for wide feet?

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