Are Platform Converse Comfortable? (Quick Facts)

Are Platform Converse Comfortable? (Quick Facts)

Like any newbie from the Converse user base, you might have bought your first pair of Converse sneaker shoes and loved them so far, so much so that you are perhaps thinking of getting another pair.

But then you see that they also have platform sneakers besides regular sneaker collections. You might even ask yourself: Are platform converse comfortable? Are platform converse good for your feet? In this article, let us find out if they are the right choice for you.

Are Platform Really Converse comfortable?

Yes, platform Converse shoes are comfortable, even more than their standard counterpart of collections that most people know and love.

This will come as a welcome surprise to those who complained that Converse shoes are not comfortable enough compared to most other brands.

Take the Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All-Star for an example. These shoes are famous among women because of how comfortable and elegant the shoes are overall. Ask any Converse lover about which shoe of theirs is known among women for comfort, and they will tell you the same.

In short, if you are looking for Converse shoes that are shockingly comfortable enough to last you all day while you walk without hurting your feet, platform shoes are the way to go for sure.

But do remember to check reviews first to make sure other people feel comfortable in that particular model. It is better to be safe than sorry, as they all say.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable? (Quick Facts)

Let’s check out the reason why Platform Converse are comfortable.

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What Makes Platform Converse Comfortable?

Platform Converse shoes have more and a much better cushioning design in the interior than non-platform Converse shoes. This is because they have thick and firm soles that make sure your feet are also sturdy in the process.

Regular Converse shoes are known well for letting users lift weights without a hassle. However, the extra cushioning in their Platform collections of shoes may not be the best when it comes to giving you support while lifting heavy things, so be on the alert for this one.

Non-platform ones only have thin and flexible soles, which offer little to no support, especially for users who want to walk in Converse shoes all day long without realizing what they are actually in for. So, choose wisely when buying.

Converse currently does not offer the comprehensive option for their Platform shoes on a related note. This option could come in handy for people with wide feet who can not fit in regular Converse shoes no matter how much they try.

If you have wide feet and want to try Platform shoes, you can get bigger sizes or wait for Converse to introduce wide variants of Platform shoes shortly. After all, their wide version is perfect for those wide feet bearers out there.

Are Platform Converse Heavy?

Are Platform Converse Comfortable? (Quick Facts)

As platforms on Platform Converse shoes are two inches thick (normal ones are one inch), they are heavier than their thinner variants. But not so much to cause an issue for the average user looking to buy shoes with more height to offer.

Most non-platform Converse shoes weigh between the range of 0.87 lbs and 1.30 lbs. So be sure that the Platform shoes will possibly weigh between this range and even beyond. If you are buying in stores, you can always ask the store employee to weigh shoes for you. Don’t be shy!

Are Platform Converse Good for Your Feet?

Suppose you are to compare with non-platform Converse shoes, then yes. In that case, Platform Converse shoes are good for your feet despite the reputation their other shoes have received over the years when it comes to comfort and ease of use over a prolonged period.

The Platform Converse shoes are not perfect for those who have challenging feet. But, they are perfect for someone who wants to be comfy when wearing sneakers without losing the Converse style and look.

These shoes are very caring of foot joints, tendons, and muscles, in turn making them less prone to causing injuries to your precious feet. They are also known for completing the requirement of complete control over the forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot, which is a must for making a shoe comfortable.

Do remember to get custom-made orthotics. You read that right – this shoe does not do well with functional orthotics for those concerned. This will help you in the long run as it will help treat your foot and ankle for various conditions. You can ask your local podiatrist (someone who examines feet).

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At this point, you have decent ideas regarding the question, are platform Converse comfortable? Now, let’s compare its sizing with regular Converse shoes.

Do Platform Converse fit the same as Converse?

No, Platform Converse does not fit the same as Converse shoes. Suppose you are 7.5 in size. In this case, you can easily fit in a 6.5 Platform Converse without a hassle, as claimed by the majority of the users who have previously worn both their non-platform and Platform shoes as well.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable? (Quick Facts)

It is advised by almost everyone who owns Platform shoes to size down from your actual size if you want to get a good fit-out of any shoes you may buy later in the future.

The toe box may or may not feel different to you if you had issues with it when wearing non-platform Converse shoes in the past.

It is possible that if and when you get Platform shoes true to your size, the shoe may end up being bigger for your feet to the point that the toe box feels comfortable. But, this is not the kind of advantage you would enjoy as the shoe on the other sides will feel loose to wear.

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Are walking Platform Converse easy?

Walking in Platform Converse is very easy. Despite being slightly heavier than their non-platform shoes, customers have praised how good the Platform shoes are in walking for a long time over a distance.

But a minority of customers have claimed that these shoes are not suitable for hiking which makes answering the question of Platform Converse easy to walk with tough. But you will not know until you try them for yourself, which is for sure the only way to confirm.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Converse Chuck Taylors Platform comfortable?

Yes, Converse Chuck Taylors Platform is comfortable. Even people who have bunions around their feet can wear them without any issue, but this can vary from person to person. There is always someone saying that they are uncomfortable, so keep this in mind.

Do Platform Converse run bigger than regular Converse?

This is tough to answer as some say they are true to size and others say they had to size down. You are better off checking reviews back and forth and then concluding. There is always the option of returning and exchanging Converse shoes if they ever feel like they do not fit properly.

Should you size down in Platform Converse?

Due to most users saying they had to size down, you can bet safely that you should as well. Nobody wants to wear a shoe too big as that can rub against your feet in uncomfortable ways and possibly make flopping sounds which nobody likes to hear when walking.

I hope now you have got the answer of your query, are platform Converse comfortable. Let us know in the comment if you have any other queries.

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