How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

How do CDG Converse fit?

If you’re looking for designer sneakers that don’t break the bank, Comme des Garcons or more commonly known as CDG Converse may suit you. These sneakers are vibrant, comfortable, and a wardrobe staple.

However, each brand and model has a different size guide and fit. You need to know the right size for a perfect fit. 

How do CDG Converse fit on your feet? Do CDG Converse run big? Should you size up or size down? Read the article to find out all these and more.

Do Cdg Converse Run Big or Small?

Before you go and order a pair of CDG Converse, you need to consider how they fit. Converse shoes are usually known to be true to size. However, CDG Converse shoes are not true to size, in most cases. 

Some of the CDG Converse shoes run big and some run small. The size measurement and fit of each model may vary. That’s why it will help to get the size chart for CDG Converse shoes. Don’t worry. We have got you covered.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

CDG Converse Sizing

US Men4567891011
US Women678910111213
PLAY CDG Chuck Taylor Size Guide





The size chart will give you a basic idea of the measurements of CDG Converse pairs. However, you need a model-specific fit guide for the best fit which we will discuss later in this article.

Note: The measurements are different for men and women. 

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Do CDG Converse have size for wide feet?

If you have wide feet, no need to worry. Most models of CDG Converse shoes come in a wide feet size as well. Wide feet shoes have more volume and are broader. The shoes have around 15mm width in ball and instep and the bottom width is about 6mm more.

Model-specific CDG Converse fit guide

Like we mentioned earlier, CDG Converse has different fits for different models. Here, we have gathered some of the most popular models. Read along to find out.

Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck 70 Fit Guide

Converse Chuck 70 is a classic streetwear. We love these shoes because they fit true to size. You don’t need to worry about sizing up or down. Just wear your usual size. 

You may find the pair tight when you wear them for the first time. But after wearing them for a while the sneaker loosens up and you will love wearing them.

Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck 70 Fit Guide

Off-White x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Fit Guide

The Off White Converse has a reasonable price compared to its stunning looks. It’s common to find sneakers that run a bit bigger. The Off White is no exception. These shoes run half a size bigger.

So, you should buy half a size smaller for the perfect fit. However, if you love wearing thick socks, you will be fine buying your usual size. The shoe is quite narrow. You should go half a size up if you have wide feet.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

Golf le Fleur x Converse Chuck 70/ Uno/ Gianno Fit Guide

The Golf le Fleur line also has really comfortable shoes. But you need to find the perfect fit to get that comfort. You need to go half a size or a full size down than your actual size for a Golf le Fleur Uno.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

The Golf le Fleur Gianno fits true to size. If you prefer the Gianno, we suggest getting a pair of your actual size. The comfort of the Golf le Fleur makes them great daily wear shoes.

Fear of God Essentials x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide

These pairs fit true to size. Just buy your usual size and you are good to go. The shoes are made from premium quality materials and offer extra comfort compared to some premium ones.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

Golf le Fleur x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Fit Guide

Just like many other Converse shoes, this model also fits true to size. However, some people find that one size small fits better. In our experience, we didn’t notice that much of a difference between the actual size and one size down. If you prefer more space, buy the actual size. If you want a perfect fit, we suggest you buy a true-to-size pair.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

Comme de Garcons PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70s Low Top Fit Guide

The low top Chuck Taylor offers more cushioning and comfort than the regular Chuck Taylors. This pair is unisex and fits true to size. You can buy your usual size. The lacing system will help you adjust the fit even more.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

Ambush x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Fit Guide

This pair fits true to size. But in our experience, it fits best with half a size up. So, we recommend you to buy half a size up from your usual size. The Converse is pretty tight. We don’t recommend them for daily wear because the shoes are not comfortable. However, they look great. You can wear a pair at casual outings.

How Do CDG Converse Fit? (Complete Guide)

Hope you have a good idea whether different styles of CDG converse run big or are true to size by reading the above

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size to get of Converse shoes?

If it’s your first time wearing a Converse, the best method is trial and error. You can follow the instructions in this article for a good fit. If you want to be absolutely satisfied, try your usual size and you will know what size fits you best. Charts related to CDG Converse sizing will also help.

How do I stretch Converse shoes to make them wider?

As most Converse shoes are made of canvas, they stretch over time. But if you don’t want to wait and speed up the process, tie the laces tightly and dunk them in cold water. Before dunking the shoe, put some material on the center of the shoe as much as possible.

Will Converse get more comfortable?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot change the material of the shoe. You can add things. But generally, Converse shoes don’t get comfortable over time.

Are Converse shoes supposed to hurt?

It’s not unusual to find uncomfortable Converse shoes. Some CDG Converse shoes don’t have appropriate cushioning. So, many people end up feeling uncomfortable. 

How do CDG Converse Fit (Summary)

Many Converse shoes are for casual wear. They are not very comfortable. So, if you get the wrong size and fit, it becomes impossible to wear them. Each Converse model has a different fit. You need to get the best fitting to get comfort. Hopefully, this article has helped you in getting the answer to the questions of how do CDG Converse fit, Whether CDG Converse run big or not, and the sizing of CDG Converse. Thank you so much for reading.

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