Converse : Ins and Out!

Converse ins and Out

Both in fashion and sports, Converse shoes have earned equal popularity due to their unique design and high-quality construction. Are you one of those crazy fans of Converse shoes? 

Want to know more about Converse ins and out? This article is for you. Here we’re going to discuss all the things regarding this iconic brand along with some popular shoe models. 

Converse History

Many greatest things in the world have stepped forward as the consequence of small facts. As we know, necessity is the father of invention. This quote is perfectly matched the beginning history of Converse. 

A man named Marquis Mills Converse once fell down the stairs. That was the moment when he thought about a pair of shoes that can prevent this type of incident. As a consequence, that man founded Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908. Yes, that’s the beginning of Converse’s journey.  

The first production of Converse shoes started in n Malden, Massachusetts. Later in 1910, the company larger manufacturing unit and started mass production. However, the founder had decided to enter the sports world in 1915. 

Luckily, Converse had earned astonishing popularity in the sport’s shoe market due to its lightweight design and resistant soles. Since then, Converse had never needed to look back. 

Present Headquarters

The head office of Converse is situated in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. However, Converse planned to build its new headquarters in Downtown Boston, USA. The construction of this headquarter was started in 2013 and finished in 2015. 

How Many Countries Does Converse Have Operation?

The largest distribution areas of Converse shoes are the US, the UK, and China. At present, Converse shoes are available in about 160 countries around the world. Converse has 63 international retail stores that help to spread its products. 

Current Board Of Directors

Here is the current board of directors of Converse:

Name Designation
G. Scott UzzellCEO / President
Sophie BambuckVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Robert HaleVP, Global Brand Insight, Planning & Operations
Gareth HosfordVP Geographies & Global Sales
Jay LodicoVP Merchandising and Sales
Pete DericksVP Product Marketing
Amber FinlaySenior Director, Global Advertising & Editorial
Venkatesh AlagirisamyVice President, Chief Operating Officer
Adam CohnVice President – Global Brand Design

Popular Converse Styles

Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes have a special place among Converse lovers. This style is so eminent that some people think that all Converse shoes are known as Chucks. These shoes can either be high top or low top. 

Chucks were first originated as basketball shoes in 1917. Over time, the upper canvas material has been replaced by suede, wool, leather, and some models with waterproof rubber. However, canvas Chucks are also available now. 

Converse : Ins and Out!
Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Converse One Star

Converse One Star model had brought a new dimension in the styles of Converse shoes. This style was first introduced in 1974. During the 70 and 80 decades, this model was incredibly popular as skateboarding shoes. At present, The One Star lineup is enriched with multiple variations like lo tops, high tops, and even boots. 

Converse Jack Purcell

Converse Jack Purcell is the line of outstanding shoes that boasts a combination of classic and vintage athletic outlooks. The signature blue “smile” mark on the toe and the fun blue sole have made this line one of the most charming shoes. 

Originally, Jack Purcells are shoes from BF Goodrich. Yes, the legendary tire company that had brought these shoes to the market raised a craze among athletic persons. Later in 1950, Converse took over this shoe line and started marketing it as their own product. 

Converse Lifestyle

There are many people who may need to wear sneakers for a long period, Converse Lifestyle seems like made for those people. Its excellent comfort and attractive style have made these sneakers perfect for wearing all day long. 

This series is also praised for its versatility. That means each shoe model of this lineup is equally suitable for retro, fashion lovers, or sporty people. 

Converse Product RED

Converse Product RED is not like all other lineups. Actually, this series was initiated to raise money to fight against diseases like Malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis. Converse was one of the leading partners of that initiative. The main specialty of this lineup was each shoe model was made from African mud cloth. 

Archive Print Converse

Archive Print Converse is the style for people who love vintage vibes. The Archive style shoes come with some of the most popular prints of Converse shoes. Nevertheless, this lineup is also a member of the oldest Converse shoe styles, still, it’s as refreshing today as it was. 

Converse Leather Sneakers

Converse Leather Sneakers are something on the premium side of Converse. These sneakers are praised for their incredible comfort. At the same time, they offer an outstanding outlook. 

Converse Chuck 70

Chuck 70 is another greatest line of sneakers from Converse. These shoes come with an outstanding fabric that combines an extra layer of canvas. The insole of these shoes is quite supportive, that’s why skateboarders often choose them. Alongside, the outsole provides excellent grip. 

Special Editions

Converse special editions should be out of the list as they always brought storm among fans. Converse has manufactured several special editions including Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead,  AC/DC, Sailor Jerry, The Clash, Metallica, The Ramones, Dr. Seuss,  Ozzy Osbourne. These special editions have extra popularity among converse fans. 

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