Are Converse Good for Walking? (Important Facts)

Are Converse good for walking?

The average shoe user will always have one question first and foremost before asking anything else – is a particular brand good for walking? In the case of the Converse brand, I am here to answer your questions and help you decide about this brand.

We will go through various common questions like – Are Converse good for walking? Are converse good for your feet? Let’s dig in!

Are Converse Good for Walking?

The answer to this question varies between every Converse customer. Most of the customers have a negative opinion about the original Converse shoes. According to many customers, Converse shoes are not good for walking for a long time or over a huge distance.

The same customers also recommend using the Skate version of Converse shoes. Or, in other words, the skateboard collection they have to offer. Apparently, most, if not all, skateboard and non-skateboard shoes look alike, making it easier to go for them in the long run.

However, keep in mind that the skateboard version of a regular Converse shoe may cost more.

I guess that pretty much sums up the answer to your question – Are Converse good for walking? They are not good for walking for a long time like I said before. But, why are Converse not so good for walking?

5 Reasons Why Converse Are Not so Good for Walking

We have highlighted five reasons why Converse shoes are not good for walking.

1. Converse shoes lack a comfortable and thick insole

When we pick a pair of shoes for walking, we tend to look for comfort and durability. Converse shoes are undoubtedly durable. However, the lack of thick insoles can cause a lot of discomforts for the users to walk long distances wearing them.

2. Converse shoes lack sufficient padding and cushioning

Converse shoes are stiff because of lacking enough padding and cushioning. Comfortable padding is a dream come true for users who look for shoes to keep a company over large distances. Unfortunately, Converse shoes are not much impressive in terms of that.

3. Converse shoes are mostly flat and lack a comfortable arch support

This feature could be great for people with flat feet. However, most of us with arched feet face a lot of pain and discomfort for standing and walking in Converse shoes over a long time. Most of their soles are flat and lack arch support which is honestly a huge turn-off.

4. A lot of users complained about getting blisters wearing Converse shoes

A lot of models of Converse shoes are said to feel rough and stiff because of the material and design. This caused a lot of unwanted pain and blisters to the users over the years. If you are a Converse fan, I highly recommend you to wear socks with them.

5. Converse shoes are also notorious for being stiff and not bending easily

If you have noticed, you will see that your feet tend to bend a little with every single step you take. But what if your shoes don’t bend in that sync? This causes serious pain on the top of your feet with unwanted rash and redness. Most Converse shoes are flat and stiff that don’t bend easily with your steps.

Now we will answer some other popular queries asked on internet all the time related to this topic.

Are Converse Good for Walking All Day?

When it comes to wearing a Converse shoe for 24 hours or more, it may not be the best idea for anyone, be it a casual shoe wearer or someone on the move due to work or other reasons.

This is mainly due to the generally agreed opinion that their insoles are flawed, which in turn cause foot soreness and blisters, coming from most people who are used to walking all day.

Converse shoes also do not have any real cushioning inside, which could be an underlying factor for such complaints.

Are Converse Good for Walking? (Important Facts)

Are Converse Comfortable for Walking?

Converse shoes, in general, are flat with very little arch support. You are possibly going to face more distress when it comes to your feet, mainly near the heel region. However, Converse can be very comfortable for people with flat feet.

You see, the question are Converse good for walking depends on so many things.

If you have no feet issues and a good and strong arch, then you are least likely to feel any or little form of discomfort when walking with Converse shoes, especially the All-Star ones. You might want to look for something with better arch support if you have feet problems.

But if you want to go the extra mile and make your Converse shoes comfortable enough or to the point where it does not bother you anymore, you can try adding new extra insoles, which could help.

If you want to know, how to break in Converse comfortably, read our article on this topic. You can also check, are Platform Converse comfortable for your feet?

Are Converse Good for Walking? (Important Facts)

Are Converse Good for Your Feet?

As said above, if you have a good and strong arch, Converse shoes may not affect the health of your feet at all or may affect minimally.

But, if such is not the case, you are prone to suffering from stress fractures, tendonitis, heel pain, and even inflammation. These are just some of the negative health aspects to consider.

Overall, Converse shoes can make your movement very limited due to the negatives mentioned above.

But, indeed, Converse shoes are well known for absorbing shock and providing better ventilation for your feet. If you have wide feet, you can read our article – are Converse suitable for wide feet?

What Are Converse Shoes Good For?

Converse shoes are great in terms of durability, and when it comes to working out exercises that do not involve the feet much, like heavy lifting, you can be sure that their shoes will not disappoint you.

Not to mention, the classic style that Converse has iconized over the past hundred years is hard to forget and not recognize.

They have cemented themselves so that their style is seen as cool and unaffected by the drastic changes in fashion, particularly in the case of shoes.

The convenience does not end here.

Converse shoes are also well known for their ease of cleaning, even via washing machines that most shoe companies can’t guarantee.

Still confused about are Converse good for walking? Let’s see some frequently asked questions related to this topic.

Are Converse Good for Walking? (Important Facts)

Are Converse Good for Walking (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can You Exercise in Converse?

As discussed above, Converse shoes are only great if you limit yourself to just weightlifting. If you want to do things like weight exercise, aerobics and such, you will have to think of other brands.

Are Converse Good for Leg Day?

Converse shoes have a flat and incompressible sole that helps provide steadiness for those who want to work their legs out on leg day.

This also gets backed up by the fact that if you were to squat with anything other than Converse shoes, suppose, like a running shoe from another brand, you would face problems like the shoe being so compressed that it will not function as a running shoe anymore. Who would want that, right?

This mainly occurs because most running shoes have thicker soles at the heel than the toe, which helps angle yourself onward and run. Converse shoes do not have this issue regarding exercises like squatting.

Are Converse Good for Support?

Converse shoes are perfect for support. Converse shoes do not bend or flinch when you are under a heavy load, be it for exercising or for carrying heavy things in your everyday life. You will want to be risk-free in such scenarios considering most other shoes may not be stable enough to provide you enough support for such activities.

You should also note that Converse shoes do have protection for foot joins, which means fewer chances of injury and keeps you safe in the long run. It depends, though, as long as you are not doing something extreme.

Should I Lift in Converse?

Yes, you can lift in Converse. It is possible due to the zero to minimal cushioning in their shoes.

If there were any cushioning inside them, your stance would get messed up and unstable in the process, preventing you from performing lifts of any kind that put off a heavy force.

But, it is advisable not to lift in Converse shoes, as they are not specifically designed to lift weights. You are better off buying shoes specific to whatever activity you want or need to perform. At least, it is better than risking every activity under one brand of shoe.

I hope we have assisted you regarding your query (Are Converse good for Walking). You can check our other articles on Converse shoes like Black vs white converse, PF Flyers vs Converse, etc.

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