Are Converse Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)

Are Converse Good for Wide Feet?

How many stores did you have to go to find the perfect sneaker for your wide feet? Having wide feet and finding a comfortable shoe is a big struggle. I have wide feet, and I know how time-consuming it is to find the true converse. Sometimes I like a shoe, but the top sole isn’t wide enough, and the material of the shoe also creates discomfort. Narrow shoes often put pressure and cause permanent damage to your feet. Anyways enough chit chat and the question remains, are converse good for wide feet? 

Personally, the converse was not so comfortable when I first bought my Chuck Taylor All-Star in my late teens. Recently, I bought some new pairs of Converse, and they fit my feet like a glove. 

Are Converse Good For Wide Feet?


Converse are okay, but they are not that sort of good for wide feet. Personally, I had no issues with my All staff Spartans. It didn’t cause me any problem with my back knuckle at all. 

Wide Width:

Converse doesn’t have a separate line rather a wide width size for the All-star Chuck Taylors or you have to customize. The sizes go up to 14 but for customs, you have to pay extra whereas other brands like Under Armour, Reebok provide separate wide sneakers line at the same or less price. Also, the inner sole and padding have separate measurement options that are much more convenient for wide feet which converse doesn’t offer. 

Sports shoes:

Originally Converse were tennis shoes so they are made to support your sole rather than toe. Sports shoes tend to focus on feet balance rather than wide feet comfort. 


I couldn’t rely on my personal opinion. So I asked my family(a family of wide feet) and my colleague Aaron to have a Converse trial. Aaron is a size 12 and has a 9.9 cm width. As a Michigan alumnus he is, he tried the Chuck Taylor All-Star University of Michigan Wolverines in size 12 and didn’t find it comfortable. We tried a size 13, but the length was too much for his feet. The same goes for my family. While my sister had no issues, my dad didn’t prefer it. So, based on these tests, I think Converse is alright, but you can go for Hoka, Lanvin, or Adidas for true comfort. 

So are Converse good for wide feet? A bit confusing, right? We are not finished yet. Let’s explore more on this topic.

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How Do Converse Fit Wide Feet?

Most converse shoes are made of cotton converse, some leather, and some vegan leather. Unlike Crocs, Converse is not flexible due to its material. So when I first bought them, they didn’t fit my wide feet. However, the All-stars perfectly fit my feet and I found a mixed reaction from Twitter. Some people had Converse fit them perfectly, and some complained that the material doesn’t give any space to their wide feet. If you really want to try our shoes from Converse, my advice would be to go a size up. Converse do fit wide feet, but the answer can be a Yes/No from person to person. 

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Are Converse Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)

How Much Wider Are Converse Wide?

Converse wide is the new added length and size for wide feet. It is available almost for 20+ Chuck All-star shoe designs of converse. The wide length goes as much as 12 ½  inches. I tried the Taylor All-Star Michigan State Spartans By You in size 13, and also, my feet width is 12.1 inches. The shoe fit my feet and dent pressure to the side like usual converse did back at the time. However, there are not many options for wide feet in new designs. That didn’t impress me, and I really wish Converse would level up.

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Are Converse Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)
Chuck Taylor All Star

Do Converse Shoes Run Narrow?

Converse are bigger in shape than their actual size. It is not like your average shoe. I checked the website and the store and found that each pair of converse is half size bigger than the actual size. While trying out some pairs, I found them roomy and had space for my toes to breathe. After Nike’s acquisition, Converse has improved in quality and comfortability for wide feet. I am a male size 13, and the classic Chuck All-stars worked finely for my feet. But if you have extensive feet above 9 inches(which is rare yet possible), I will advise you not to go for converse shoes. 

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Does Converse Look Good on Wide Feet?

Yes, they do. My converse looks lovely on my feet, and it reduces the comprehensive look. If you wear Crocs, you’ll notice it makes feet look wider minus the comfort. However, Converse doesn’t have that effect. I would suggest looking for another option for wide flat feet rather than Converse. Moreover, any shoe depends on your personal clothing choice and your psychological mind states, such as confidence. If you are too concerned, you can always pair up with straight jeans for women mom janes or bell-bottoms that are currently on-trend.

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Does Converse Bring New Shoe Models for Wide Feet?

Converse has upgraded their sizing for wide feet, but unfortunately, there’s no specific model, especially for wide feet. Shoreline converse for women is a bit larger than the usual women’s brand size. Due to popular demand, Converse launched a custom section to design according to your feet’ width and design. You can always customize Converse according to your measurement, but these cost a bit more than regular shoes. All star Loose fit is a good option if you have wide feet but still not great for wide flat feet. Because the toe width still bugs wide flat feet. 

Still confused? Are Converse good for wide feet? Let me make it a bit easy for you. If you have wide feet and really like wearing and walking in Converse shoes, I will discuss the most suitable Converse shoes for wide feet in the very next section of the article.

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Converse for Wide Feet

Now let’s explore the top three Converse styles for wide feet.

Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip:

The whole measurement of this line is different from the regular converse. This model is mainly for women. Converse claims these are one size up than average U.S size and provide enough room for the feet to breathe. Because it is a size up to regular size, it is great for wide feet women. Shoreline stays true to basic length but a cm up in width. An elastic collar makes it easy to put on and off and doesn’t sting to the inner corner of feet. 

Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slips
Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip

Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox:

The ox line doesn’t have the classic high rise design, so the designs put extra width to the side sole to put it on. There’s an elastic band on the top for you to put on quickly. It is excellent because of the simple design. You can customize it, but it’s mostly made of cotton canvas, and the top sole i8s from rubber and the sidelines are vegan leather. 

Are Converse Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)
Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

Custom Chuck Taylor All Star:

I believe customizing all star is the best option for wide feet. Converse offers All stars in different colors and comes with an option to insert your design. Starting from your doodle to any copyright-free design, you can ask Converse to design a piece for you. You can also change the width and length according to your feet. The only drawback is that it might cause you above $90. 

Are Converse Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)

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Frequently Asked Questions ( Are Converse Good for Wide Feet)

Now we will look into some frequently asked questions related to ” are Converse good for wide feet? “

How to Find Converse Shoreline Sneakers for Wide Feet?

I mentioned earlier that Shoreline is a size up than regular converse. So, how do you find your size/I would advise first measuring your feet’ width and length. Then check out the store or website specification to mention the size details. Suppose you have 8 cm wide feet and the shoreline has 8cm, and the size up has 8.5, then go for the 8.5 cm. Why? Because the 8cm will fit accordingly and might not provide enough room for your feet. An extra half-inch will give your feet enough air to breathe in. 

Are Converse or Vans wider?

Converse shoes are always a half size up than the actual size providing an extra room. It is not ideal for narrow feet but works for wide feet. On the contrary, Vans are always faithful to the extent, meaning it is your regular size. None of them are wide but have special sizes for wide feet. Converse works better for me, but I know many of you love Vans for wide feet.

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Will Converse stretch out?

Converse is made from canvas, so it is slightly stretchable. The stretch is not like crocs. But it does stretch over time and takes place to adjust with your feet. However, you can try to put them in cold water to stretch. Put some hard material inside the shoe, then tie the lace. Put it inside the water for an hour or three. Do it for seven days, and don’t worry, the shoe won’t damage. I did with mine to get easy. Do not put it inside lukewarm water and dryer; the canvas tightens in contact with heat. 

Converse for Wide Feet (Summary)

Converse are stylish and comfortable. People of all classes love Converse shoes as they can wear them everywhere, even as business casual. For wearing Converse as business Casual, Black and White Converse shoes are relatively more acceptable. We have an article on Black vs White Converse. Do check it out.

So, how is your experience? Are Converse suitable for wide feet? Do let us know in the comments.

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