Can We Use Running Shoes casually?


Running shoes are soft, flexible and very comfortable to wear, and you might be tempted to use them casually. But wait! Is it really okay to do that?

You actually should not wear running shoes casually because of the following reasons mainly;

Not so stylish

Running shoes are made for running and other sports activities like it. They are usually not as stylish as the regular sneakers available in the market right now. They may not look good when worn with your regular casual wear. 

Not easy to clean


Most of the time, people are not able to clean running shoes very easily. So if you wear them casually, you might get the issues of smelling after some time. Cleaning a running shoe is different from cleaning a regular sneaker, and it may take more effort from your side. Thus using running shoes casually can cost you some horrible smelling days!

Become slippery if wet

This is another reason why you should not use them casually. The sole of running shoes is made to absorb shock well in order to save your knees from injury. However, this also makes them too slippery when used outside, especially on rainy or snowy days. You will fall any time something touches their soles even slightly and cause injuries to yourself which may not be so easy to cure.


Shorten lifespan

Running shoes are generally expensive than casual shoes as they are specially made for running using advanced technology. Wearing running shoes casually shortens their lifespan since they are not designed for everyday use. The soles will undoubtedly get worn out faster than usual. So you might want to do some cost-benefit analysis before using running shoes casually.

bad fit


Running shoes are one size larger than regular shoes because our feet tend to expand when we start running because of the increased blood flow and warmth from running. So wearing them casually may give you a bad fit and make you feel uncomfortable while walking.

Even after going through the above points, you might still tempt to wear running shoes casually. You may think that if you choose running shoes carefully considering their style, colour etc., you can use them for everyday use. But please remember that running shoes are made considering performance, not style or looks.

So if you buy them based on looks, it will dismiss the very purpose of running shoes. Moreover, running shoes are kind of expensive too if you consider them with your regular ones. So wearing them casually will probably bring you more harm than good.

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