Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides (All the Differences)

Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides (All the Differences)

Comparing two different shoes is not enough nowadays. Some demographics even want three different shoes to be compared! As more shoes of the same category keep becoming more famous, it will be obvious to compare more than two.

So for this article, we shall explore how three shoes fare against each other – Crocs, Foam Runner and Yeezy Slides. At the end of the article, you will also get a brief comparison table on Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides.

What Is the Difference Between Crocs, Foam Runners, and Yeezy Slides?

The main difference between Crocs, Foam Runner, and Yeezy Slides is comfort. The shoe community agrees that Crocs are the ultimate comfort shoe for its category, with Foam Runners coming in second and Yeezy Slides being considered the least comfortable ones.

Do note that opinions may vary in this regard because a minority of shoe users online claim that nothing beats Foam Runners but again, just an opinion. In my experience, the Crocs I own cannot possibly replace any other casual shoe that I own.

Comfort (Are Crocs, Foam Runners, or Yeezy Slides better?)

On average, Crocs beat the other shoes in terms of comfort. Their previous Croslite and current LiteRide technology is made of soft foam resin and absorbs shock like nothing else, and foam consists of tiny bubbles and is closed-celled, respectively.

The Crocs give a bouncy feeling and make you feel like you are walking on air while your feet are cradled.

On the other hand, the Foam Runner shoes mold with your foot to provide a soft cushion and comfort as much as possible.

However, the Yeezy Slides are only average in terms of comfort. You cannot compare them on par with the Crocs mentioned above and Foam Runners as they offer better comfort than the Slides.

Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides (All the Differences)
Foam Runner

Sizing (Do Crocs, Foam Runner, and Yeezy Slides fit the same?)

According to every review, you are better off sizing up when buying Yeezy Slides. Going true to size is best for the Foam Runner, but go half a size down if you have an in-between size. Crocs are generally true to size, so there is nothing to worry about.

Some variants may be looser or tighter than the average consumer variety, so do mind. Best if you go to a store and try for yourself if you ask me.


What are Crocs made of?

Crocs are made of Croslite, neither rubber nor plastic and is slip-resistant and scratch-resistant, two birds with one stone.

What are Foam Runners made of?

Foam Runners use EVA foam, apparently made by harvesting algae to make foams and keep the lake clean. It is an excellent initiative that offers good comfort when wearing shoes.

Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides (All the Differences)

What are Yeezy Slides made of?

Last but not least, the Yeezy Slides. These are made similarly to the Foam Runners, with injected EVA foam with some variants of the shoes being different in minor aspects like having outsoles with grooves and such.


Foam Runner is the most durable shoe among these three. It has been used to withstand the worst of situations that any shoe can go through, including subzero temperature and 90* temperature surfaces where this shoe reigned supreme.

The Crocs come second as they have been used for over two years by the majority of the users online, including myself. Crocs last that long and beyond if taken care of right.

Yeezy Slides are not known for being that durable and come in last. Most reviews talk about other features of this shoe rather than durability, making it obvious.

Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides (All the Differences)


There are 25 known Foam Runner variants available, with Crocs having 69 variants of clogs and Yeezy Slides having 40 on their end. The winner here is Crocs for having the most variants for users.


Yeezy Slides can cost between $100 to a considerable amount of $2000, making any user think twice if they have a budget set for themselves and do not intend to buy expensive shoes.

Crocs clog range between $78 to $120, making them a much more manageable range to choose from for the average user who wants to use their shoes casually.

Finally, the Foam Runners. They range from $100 to $500, but the range is cheaper than the Yeezy Slides, where the range is too huge for anyone who wants ordinary shoes for ordinary to somewhat high prices.

Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides (All the Differences)


Crocs are the easiest shoes available, with Foam Runners coming in second as they are not that easy to find. Yeezy Slides have most, if not all, shoes out of stock on some websites, making it difficult to get your hands on them if you want to try them out anytime soon.

Table for Comparison (Crocs vs Foam Runners vs Yeezy Slides)

Here’s a table below to make it easier for you to compare the features of these three shoes and make a choice!

Crocs vs. Foam Runner vs. Yeezy Slides comparison table


Now that you know the fundamental differences between Crocs, Foam Runners, and Yeezy Slides, which ones will you choose?

Go for the Crocs, as they seem to be the most reliable in general, even though Foam Runner shoes seem to be more durable. It all depends on which factor of the shoes you prioritize the most.

If you think that durability is what you want the most, Crocs will do fine, but Foam Runners are also great.

If you want shoes that are good in general, obviously Crocs.

But if you want to go experimental and try something different, the Yeezy Slides are just for you but not recommended, in my opinion.

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