Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!


Crocs were worn as gardening and boating shoes when people realized the excellent comfort Crocs could offer with outstanding durability. More people started buying them, and they became popular within a blink. Now that Crocs come in so many different styles with elegant patterns, people wear them more for fashion.

You already know how cool Crocs are if you own a pair. But, if you are still wondering, “What are Crocs?”, allow me to enlighten you.

What Are Crocs?

Crocs is a famous American-based public company located in Broomfield, Colorado. It produces and advertises the Crocs brand that makes foam clogs. They have a huge demand among students from middle school and high school as most of them wear Crocs as school shoes and as fashion accessories.

If you have seen or worn Crocs, you have noticed the holes on them. The holes are there to increase the breathability of the shoes helping your feet to avoid sweating. The holes are also called ports, and they make the Crocs look like Swiss cheese.

The History Of Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Did you know that Crocs were at first made for wearing as boating shoes? Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker Jr. are the founders of Crocs. Foam Creations is a company located in the Quebec City of Canada. Guess how the designs of the Crocs were invented at first? Foam Creations inspired the design of the foam clog made by the founders of Crocs. These were initially designed as boating shoes.

The Beach is the first model by the Crocs that was revealed in 2001 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. This show took place in Florida, and the 200 pairs produced were sold out. The first official model of Crocs was invented in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado.

Since that time, Crocs have sold about 300 million pairs of their outstanding creation. Crocs headquarters was initially located in Niwot, Colorado. They are now moved to Broomfield.

Crocs became so popular in a short time that their first-quarterly sales dramatically tripled from 2006 to 2007 as mentioned by The New York Times. But, Crocs had to face a bunch of criticism as well. Crocs were described as hideous and something that can’t be taken seriously. However, it dropped countless jaws when famous and esteemed people like George W. Bush and Michelle Obama wore Crocs publicly with the utmost grace and elegance. It turned many heads and inspired people to give Crocs a try.

The fan following of Crocs increased even more, but haters never stopped. Crocs were listed as something worst in the list of 10 best and worst things to happen to men in 2007. Crocs also made its way to the world’s 50 worst intentions list in May 2010.

Did all these stop Crocs from growing its marketing? No. Their marketing further increased as more than just comfy shoes even after all the bashing it got from people saying they are too ugly to wear no matter how comfortable they are.

What Are Crocs Made Of?

Different Types And Styles Of Crocs

Crocs initially started as regular foam clogs for boating, but now it has spread its popularity worldwide. Kids, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and everyone wants different styles of Crocs according to the occasions and their preferences. Crocs can be worn almost anywhere, like work, casual hang out, and parties. Everyone has a variety of options to choose from in Crocs now!

Crocs With Fur

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Platform Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Platform Crocs are specially designed for women in countless designs and colors. Although they are described as massive and ugly, many women still wear them to experiment with their looks and be bold.

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Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Crocs Sandals

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Crocs sandals are available as both slip-ons and strapped shoes. They are perfect for running errands or casually hanging out.

Crocs Translucent

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Crocs translucent are clear Crocs sandals or clogs that may look bizarre to some people but are worn by many people who like to stand out in a crowd.

Camo Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Camp Crocs are available in brown, grey, and beige with beautiful camo prints. These shoes will blend in your look nice if you are wearing neutral-colored outfits.

Crocs For Dogs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Now, what can be cooler than Crocs for dogs? Having mini versions of the classic clogs in so many different colors for your little buddy has to be the best thing for dog owners. You can also buy them to gift your friends who have dogs. Trust me, they are going to love it!

Heely Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Heely Crocs are Crocs with wheels attached to the back. They come in different designs, but the ones with Lightning McQueen print are the most popular. Nonetheless, Heely Crocs are banned in some places due to safety concerns.

Classic All-Terrain Clog

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

LiteRide Clog

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

The LiteRide Crocs almost look like sneakers, but they are way more comfortable. They are designed for both men and women, and they come in beautiful combinations of colors and patterns like black, navy, camo, etc.

Crocs Boots

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Steel Toe Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

You can buy steel toe Crocs for two reasons. You either want to go for a robotic look on Halloween, or you want to protect your toes a bit too much. Steel toe Crocs are almost like the classic clogs, but the portion covering your toes is made of steel. A fabulous look or not? It is for you to decide.

Jeweled Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

They look stunning on kids’ feet, almost giving them a Disney princess vibe! They come in pretty colors like pink, white, black, etc., with beautiful jewelry on top. Adults can also wear them without a doubt as they look cute on people of any age.

Crocs Flip-Flops

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Crocs flip flops are all about comfort. You can wear them at home or while running some errands, and you are good to go. They are casual yet stylish.

Adidas Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Crocs Classic Bae Clog

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Women’s Bae Crocs are kind of like Classic Clog, but the outsole is super contoured and arched. The heels are thick, and they give extra definition to the shape of the Crocs.

Vans Surf Treks

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

Vans Surf Treks are said to be an ugly rip-off of the Crocs. They are slip-on Crocs that come in very matt colors like black, blue, and pink. People call them dumb and ugly, and I think they have a point.

Baby Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

I don’t think you will come across anything more adorable than baby crocs today. Crocs have launched their line for baby crocs named Crocs Littles. They are tiny versions of colorful Crocs, all set to decorate and protect those cute little feet.

Different Colors Available for Crocs

Pink Crocs

The myth is that pink Crocs are only for girls. Pink is a radiant color and looks stunning on Crocs. It suits everyone and pops out if you are wearing black pants or floral printed clothes.

White Crocs

Who can say no to white Crocs? They are simple yet one of the most gorgeous pairs of Crocs I own. White Crocs make me look formal yet ready for a night out with friends.

Black Crocs

I believe black Crocs are just the synonym for elegance. You can wear them with any colored outfit. You will look like you know your stuff, and your fashion sense is top-notch.

Blue Crocs

Blue Crocs are available in many shades like sky blue, dark blue, navy, etc. Each of them means something different. Sky blue Crocs bring out the calmness in your style, while deep blue Crocs make you stand out.

Yellow Crocs

You have to be that one guy who can’t stop talking in a gathering if you love yellow Crocs. It is usually the color for extroverts and people who like to have a fashion sense that pops out in a crowd. Nevertheless, yellow Crocs will look great on anyone, especially if you are wearing a white outfit.

Red Crocs

Red Crocs are one of the most eye-catching colors among the other Crocs. They make you look easy to be friends with and tell people you have a unique style.

Orange Crocs

Orange Crocs are perfect for Halloween. After all, pumpkin feet are adorable and spooky. But, don’t forget to wear them on regular days with matching outfits. They will look stunning on sunny days!

Glitter Crocs

Glitter Crocs are sassy. They are not just for kids. Many women wear them with leopard print outfits, and they look bold like a goddess. Men can also wear them with black outfits to bring out the rapper style in the look.

Green Crocs

Green Crocs are often referred to as “Dad Crocs” and boring Crocs. But, trust me, if you wear them with the right clothes, they can make your look put together. You can wear them with camo print shirts or neutral colors tees, and your green Crocs will blend in with the look perfectly.

Grey Crocs

Grey Crocs are just perfect if you want to wear them at work or for interviews. They are formal and let the authority know how professional you can be.

Rainbow Crocs

Rainbow Crocs are so fun and epic that no one can resist buying a pair. They are perfect for people of every age, and you can also wear them on pride month! They go with absolutely any colored outfit you want to wear. They are indeed a versatile pair of Crocs.

Crocs with prints are one of my favorite types of Crocs. The creative and beautiful prints you choose for your Crocs can express a lot about your personality and fashion sense.

Tie-dye Crocs

I am obsessed with tie-dye Crocs. They look so unique with all the patterns made with different colors. It makes you stand out in the crowd and makes you look super cool.

Leopard Crocs

Leopard print brings out the sass in your look. They are found in different shades of brown as well as in orange and black. You can match them with your leopard bags, and no one can stop you from looking like a diva.

Strawberry Crocs

I can’t take my eyes off of the beautiful strawberry Crocs. The white Crocs with strawberry prints on top are just so aesthetic. They look adorable with dresses and almost give you a Christmas vibe.

Classic Marbled Clog

My marbled Crocs have to be in my top 10 favorite Crocs list. They have these fantastic marbled prints in two or more colors together that goes excellent with my tie-dye tees and jeans.

Cow Crocs

Yes, you read that right. Cow Crocs is a thing! I mean, why not? Strawberry Crocs exists, so Cow Crocs should too! They are white Crocs with cute black and white cow prints all over. Perfect for your day out on a farm if you ask me.

Weed Crocs

Now, that is something interesting to talk about. I guess cow prints are not the only weird prints to be slapped on Crocs. There are also known as 420 Hemp Leaf Clog, and they mainly come in black color with green leaves print on top. They look pretty chic with all-black outfits.

American Flag Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

I believe the American flag Crocs speaks patriotism. They look colorful and pop out in the crowd easily. One shoe is printed in white and red stripes while the other is blue with white stars on top.

Most Famous Collaborations

Crocs collaborated with a lot of well-known brands and celebrities to create unique styles Crocs. Most of them were hits and sell out immediately after they were released. This benefited the popularity and marketing of the Crocs to the next level.

Bad Bunny Crocs

Bad Bunny Crocs are super cool for wearing in parties at night for the glow-in-the-dark Jibbitz on top of them. They are white decorated with green and pink bunny and star Jibbitz. This collaboration of Bad Bunny with Crocs has been a success, and the limited-edition Bad Bunny Crocs didn’t take much time to sell out.

Post Malone Crocs

Post Malone collaborated with Crocs and made some super cool designs with Jibbitz. The Jibbitz are inspired by his tattoos and come in hearts, grapes, rubber ducks, and other shapes. They are available in catchy colors like yellow, pink black, etc.

Lightning McQueen Crocs

Big fan of the “Cars” franchise? The limited-edition Lightning McQueen Crocs are just for you! The shoes are exactly what they sound like. They are the classic Crocs with the imprint of Lightning McQueen on the top. And no, they are not just for kids. They are available in different sizes for adult men and women as well!

Luke Comb Crocs

Luke Combs did an epic collaboration with Crocs to create this fantastic clogs line known as LC3 Fuzz-Lined Crocs. They were initially designed as white Crocs with black fleece and a cool print on top. Now, they are also available in brown with eye-catching Jibbitz on top.

Justin Bieber Crocs

Crocs: Everything You Need To Know!

KFC Crocs

I don’t know about you, but I am indeed a little shaken. KFC also collaborated with Crocs! They made Classic Clogs with chicken nuggets and fries printed on top. Please don’t eat them. They are still for wearing as shoes.

Disney Crocs

Who doesn’t love Disney? Imagine having Crocs inspired by your favorite Disney characters! Disney Crocs are available in colorful designs with prints and Jibbitz of your favorite Disney themes and characters. I think I will have a pair of Mickey Mouse Crocs for my next Disneyland trip.

Space Jam Crocs

Any Space Jam fans out there? This is for you. Crocs also made its way to collaborate with Space Jam: A New Legacy to create these incredible Crocs shoes that have prints and Jibbitz of the Space Jam theme. If you already own plain Crocs and want to make them a part of Space Jam, you can buy Space Jam-themed jibbitz charms separately.

Balenciaga Crocs

Balenciaga completed an epic collaboration with Crocs by launching extraordinary heel and platform Crocs and boots for men and women. The collaboration was criticized by saying they ruined the most practical shoes by adding heels with them. However, a few opinions contradicted that by saying it was innovative.

Yeezy Crocs

Yeezy Crocs are known as YEEZY foam runners, resulting from the iconic collaboration of Kanye West with the Crocs. They are often described as “ugly monster-looking shoes.” But, they are an excellent choice if you are going for a cool and intimidating look. Salehe Bembury, however, claimed that his new collaboration with the Crocs would be next level and make everyone forget about YEEZY.

Grateful Dead Crocs

Grateful Dead and the Chinatown Market Clogs combined with Crocs to create these fabulous tie-dye patterned Crocs that kids, as well as adults, can wear. They are found in astonishing colorful patterns with cute Jibbitz charms on top that can be worn with almost any colored outfit.

Diplo Crocs

What can be cooler than wearing Diplo Crocs on a night out? They come in patterns of yellow, pink, and blue that strongly give you a cool psychedelic vibe! And don’t even get me started on the 3D mushroom Jibbitz. They bring out the wildness in the shoes.

Vera Bradley Crocs

Hocus Pocus Crocs

Hocus Pocus fans? The magic is here. Hocus Pocus Crocs are designed with an ombre effect of purple and gold glitter with cute Jibbitz on top. They give spooky and magical influence to the Crocs, with the glitters making them stylish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns crocs?

Andrew Rees has been the CEO of the Crocs company since June 2017. He joined Crocs as the president in June 2014. Later in June 2017, he became the Chief Executive Officer and entered the board of directors. Mr. Rees has been exceptionally experienced in the footwear industry for more than 25 years.

How long do crocs take to ship?

Crocs don’t take forever to be shipped. They are considerably fast in terms of shipping. It only takes 1 to 2 days for Crocs to be shipped starting from the date of order. However, it would be best to consider 1 to 5 business days to expect delivery.

How long do crocs last?

Apparently, there is a saying that “Crocs last for life.” It sounds unrealistic, but it could be true if you take excellent care of your Crocs and keep them safe. Realistically speaking, a good pair of Crocs should last fine for about 3 to 4 years.

Can You Run in Crocs?

How are crocs made?

Crocs are made to wash them with only mild detergent and water easily. Croslite is the perfect material for that. Crocs are made using the proprietary material Croslite, which is organic. It is just closed-cell resin that does not contain toxins to harm your feet. They are polymers made from crude oil.

Why do people like crocs?

Why do people hate crocs?

Initially, Crocs were just ugly shoes for many people. If anyone was seen wearing Crocs, people would assume they don’t put much effort into their look and are lazy. A lot of people still hate Crocs because of the fit. They think that Crocs are too loose and their heels don’t feel secure enough.

How much did crocs use to cost?

Crocs were a lot cheaper than most of the shoes back then. Only $30 for a pair of such comfy shoes was a steal. Crocs still had its ups and downs. However, at this time, it sells millions of pairs every year.

How many holes do crocs have?

Check your Crocs now, and you will notice 13 holes on top of each Crocs shoe. Interesting? I think so.

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Why do crocs have holes?

Crocs are already made of breathable material as Croslite has air bubbles filled in it for making the shoe lightweight. For further ventilation, Crocs have holes on top of them. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, a pair of Crocs can come in handy.

How to return crocs?

According to Crocs’ return policy, you can return the shipped Crocs with a refund, but it will not include the shipping charge. You can return your Crocs within 45 days of purchase. You will have to visit their official website and enter your order number along with your email address. However, if an item is marked as “Final Sale,” you can’t initiate a return or an exchange for that item.

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