How Do Sorel Boots Fit? The Ultimate Sorel Boots’ Fitting Guide!

How Do Sorel Boots Fit? The Ultimate Sorel Boots' Fitting Guide!

It has been more than a decade now that Sorel boots caught most people’s attention and have become one of the most popular choices as a winter-time essential. Starting from kids to adults, Sorel boots are heavily used among people of every age. It is not only famous for doing an excellent job in keeping your feet warm in the freezing cold outside, but it is also very well-known for its exceptional durability. A pair of Sorel Boots is your best friend on snowy days. The perfect size is about a half size larger than what you would typically wear, but there are differences in opinions too. Some even go for a whole size up!

Before picking a pair of these winter boots for yourself or someone else, choosing the right size is the most important thing you should do. Sorel boots or any kind of shoes can only be 100% efficient when you are wearing the correct size.

Sorel Boots Size Chart

As mentioned above, Sorel boots come in almost every size. Choosing the right size is what you have to do here. Before looking at the size chart, you have to know the size of the foot length, and you can find the perfect size of shoes for it. All you have to do is follow some simple steps below to find out the size of your feet.

How to measure your foot for Sorel boots

How Do Sorel Boots Fit? The Ultimate Sorel Boots' Fitting Guide!

Step 1: Stand up while measuring. It helps to keep your feet in the right posture. Wear socks while measuring so that you don’t end up having tight shoes when you are wearing socks.

Step 2: Keep your foot flat on a surface. Please place it on a piece of paper so that you can easily mark it.

Step 3: You need to measure the length from your longest toe to the back of the heel. You can use a measuring tape for it. To have more accurate results, mark the positions of your longest toe and the back of your heel on the paper and measure the length using a ruler. You need the measurement in centimeters (cm).

When you have the length in cm, use the following charts according to your range of age, gender, and country, and then pick the size corresponding to your length.

Sorel boots sizes for WOMEN


Sorel boots sizes for MEN


Sorel boots sizes for YOUTH


Sorel boots sizes for CHILDREN


Sorel boots sizes for TODDLERS


Sorel Boot Sizing

Matching the size of your foot with the age range can be a little confusing. The charts above provide a very detailed guide for choosing the right size of shoes for you. However, there are some additional factors about the sizing of Sorel boots that is just as important.

Sorel boot sizing is very inclusive and provides sizes for almost everyone, but there are a few things to consider before buying them.

The Downsides

People with wide and heavy feet will have some disadvantages while finding their perfect size of Sorel boots. It is not sure that all of them will have a hard time looking for the correct size. But, there are two things about the sizing of Sorel boots that can be off-putting.

Lack of Wide Size Options

Although the size charts for Sorel boots are very detailed, they don’t have options for varying widths. If you find a pair corresponding to the right length, you can go up a few sizes until you feel comfortable. To compensate for the extra length of the shoes, wear thick socks. Sometimes stuffing a sock into the shoes also helps to fit into the length. You are going to put all these efforts if you are a big fan of Sorel boots. Otherwise, it is best to avoid them if you have relatively wide feet.

Lack of Calf Sizing

Many brands like the ‘Hunter Boots’ include calf sizing into their size chart. On the other hand, Sorel does not. Sorel boots are usually for people with an average or a bit above average calf size (without excess muscle or fat).

If you have large calves, don’t worry. Sorel boots laces that start from the ankle working their way up to the knee. This helps a lot for people with larger calves to fit into them comfortably without going up a size or two. This is one of the favorite qualities for Sorel boots users.

How to measure your calves

How to measure your calves

After a lot of research, it is estimated that the calf size for most women is 14-inch while it is 16-inch for men. You are supposed to measure your calves and see if it is near this range.

For accurate results, try to measure it with the help of someone else. Take a measuring tape (preferably of fabric). Wrap the tape around your calf and let the person with you take the reading. If you have to do this on your own, follow the steps below:

• Take a long enough string. Do not take an elasticated one because it can add inaccuracy for being stretchy.

• Wrap it around your calf and gently tie a knot. It should not be too loose or too tight. Just the fitting of how your want your boots to be.

• Cut off the string where the knot is.

• Measure the length of the string up to the knot.

How Should Sorel Boots Fit

The size charts for Sorel boots are usually half a size larger for the corresponding length of the foot. This is because they are designed to keep your feet warm, and so they need room to trap air when your feet are in the boots. If you don’t prefer this feature, you can either go half a size down or wear thick, woolly socks.

The best way to get through this smoothly is to wear a few sizes before making the purchase. Since most of them are laced up high, you can’t really use the “slipping your finger behind the heel” technique to see if they are too tight. Instead, follow a few easy steps described below to make sure they fit properly.

Try to move your toes

When your feet are already in the boots, try to move your toes. Your toes are supposed to be able to wiggle inside the boots. Tap the front of the boots on the ground. You don’t want your toes to move forward a lot. That will indicate that the shoes are loose and the heels are not locked. But, you also don’t want them not to move at all. Because that will mean the boots are too tight. What you want is to make your feet locked just enough into the boots that they can breathe.

How Do Sorel Boots Fit? The Ultimate Sorel Boots' Fitting Guide!

Notice the pressure

When you try on the boots, walk around a little like you normally would. Try to see if the sides of your feet feel too pressured. If yes, use thin socks or maybe consider going half a size up or more.

Do Sorel Boots Run True to Size?

Feedbacks were taken from many people who have experienced wearing Sorel boots. Half of them said that the boots are usually half a size up, as mentioned above. The other half stated that the shoes pretty much run true to size.

Remember that these boots are for winter, so most people are supposed to wear them with thick wool socks. The shoes are designed keeping that in mind.

Frequently Asked Question

Can kids easily adjust the laces on Sorel boots?

How Do Sorel Boots Fit? The Ultimate Sorel Boots' Fitting Guide!

Kids can quickly tighten or loosen the laces of Sorel boots, so the answer is yes. Sorel has got this issue covered since the very beginning. Most of the boots designed for children have a Velcro closure or a toggle for pulling the laces through them to adjust them.

How thick is the liner of Sorel boots?

Sorel boots come with replaceable liners, which is one of the most impressive features about them. The replaceable liners are very helpful if you own the Sorel Caribou boot. They are very durable, and replacing the liners from time to time is going to save you a lot from buying a whole new pair of boots.

The Caribou boot for women is designed with the sheepskin style lining, which is the thicker one. The Conquest Carly, however, is designed with jersey lining. The felt lining (mainly on the men’s Alpha Pac and the Joan of Arctic) has a thickness of 9mm or 0.35 inches.

Should winter boots be a size bigger?


While buying boots for winter, choosing larger sizes can result in a potential hazard. If you buy loose-fitting winter boots, you are likely to trip because your stride changes when you are wearing boots. It reduces the steadiness. Winter boots are already designed to have enough room. Often more than average. You should only consider sizing up if it feels too tight when you are wearing your usual size. You should avoid relying on your usual size in terms of buying winter boots. Just measure your feet and match the length to the size chart to buy the perfect-fitting winter boots.

How do Sorel Joan of Arctic boots fit?

The fitting of these boots does lack perfection and support. Many customers complained that the boots were larger than their actual size. They feel messy, chunky, and not very supportive. The first impression of many customers after wearing them was that the boots felt very loose. However, they did fit perfectly after the liner was removed. However, the fit was pretty much shapeless. Some parts felt very loose whereas, and the others felt pressured. Especially around the ankles, it felt particularly packed and uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

This was pretty much everything you needed to know about Sorel boots before you decide to buy them or are having problems wearing them. Always remember to put your comfort first when you are buying shoes. Use the size charts and measuring methods correctly to get yourself the perfect pair of snow boots to hug your feet through the colder weather in winter.

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