Are peloton shoes true to size? | Peloton Shoes Fitting Guide

Are peloton shoes true to size? | Peloton Shoes Fitting Guide

It is very common to think of buying a pair of peloton shoes after buying The Peloton Bike. A lot of people purchase peloton shoes online and become confused about the size of shoes. If you are one of those thinking, “Are peloton shoes true to size?” then you have found the right article to get the answer.

The answer is contingent on several things. Peloton shoes are generally true to size for persons with regular or a bit narrow feet. This shoe may be undersized for persons with wide feet and oversized for narrow feet.

Go through this article to find out whether Peloton shoes run true to size or not in detail. You will also get to know about the size chart of the Peloton shoes, how to measure your feet, the best peloton shoes for wider feet, and everything related to this topic.

Do Peloton Shoe Size Run True to Size?

What exactly does “true to size” imply? Generally speaking, what we mean when we say a pair of shoes are true to size is that the shoe size you ordered corresponds to the size of your feet once you’ve tried them on.

Based on my research and customers reviews, I would say that peloton brand shoes are true to size for most people. However, this only applies if your feet aren’t too big and you tend towards the average foot shape. Peloton shoes seem to satisfy the expectations of the consumers to some extent, according to Peloton users on Reddit post. Peloton bike shoes, once again, will fit true to size if you possess regular or narrow feet.

Cycling shoes should be comfortable but not very compact. They can’t be too big, or your feet will start to wobble. This could result in sores.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small or Big?

It is debatable. Peloton shoes, both women’s and men’s sizes, are true to size for persons with standard and semi-narrow feet. People with narrow or wide feet, on the other hand, may need to move down or up a half to a full size.

Peloton Shoe Size

Peloton shoes come with a wide variety of options. Even if you can’t find the right size for you, peloton compatible shoes are available in the market from other brands like Venzo or Pearl Izumi Cycling shoes.

How Do I Know What Size Cycling Shoes to Buy?

To know the size, you will have to take measurements of your feet.

Are peloton shoes true to size? | Peloton Shoes Fitting Guide

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Measure your feet’ length (from the end of the heel to the longest toe). Take a simple piece of thick paper and place it in opposition to the wall on the ground. Place your foot on the thick paper so that the back of the heel is in opposition to the wall.

Make a note of where your longest toe is, or the following one if it’s longer. Connect your symbol to the opposite corner of the page with a straight line. Measure the length.

Carry on with the same steps on another foot. It’s worth noting that the left and right feet are usually slightly different in length. Your measurement should be in inches or in centimeters.

When buying peloton cycle shoes, every time go with which of the two measurements is larger.

Step 2: Use a size chart of the most prominent shoe brands to determine your size. The best technique to determine the correct shoe size is to use the value that is in centimeters/inches. This is due to the fact that different shoemakers number the shoes according to somewhat varied standards. As a result, your accurate shoe size is determined by the fit rather than the number of the shoe.

Step 3: Take a measurement of your feet’ breadth. Keep the feet on a piece of A4/ thick paper that is clean. Make a mark on the two opposing ends of your feet that correspond to the broadest section of your foot. This distance should be measured in inches/ centimeters. This foot size chart divides your foot size categories based on your feet’ breadth: narrow, medium, and wide.

You can tell if your Peloton shoes fit true to size now that you know how big your feet are. Always check the peloton shoe size chart before deciding what size to go for.

Peloton Shoe Sizing Chart

Men’s Shoe Size:

Foot Length (cm)USAUKEUJapan

Women’s Shoe Size:

Foot Length (cm)USAUKEUJapan

Size Chart of Various Peloton Shoes:

Foot Length (cm)ShimanoGiroFizikNorthwave

How Should Peloton Shoes Fit?

Length: In cycling shoes, you don’t need any extra room in front of the toes. This appears to be the case in running shoes, where the allowance is critical for injury prevention.

A few millimeters between your large toe and the wall of the shoes should be enough. You can take the insole out and check the place where the foot ends.

Are peloton shoes true to size? | Peloton Shoes Fitting Guide

Accommodation: Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight when they’re on. When cycling, they should fit snugly, comfortably, and not fall off.

Your cycling shoes’ back end should firmly accommodate your heels. In this location, there should be no movement. On the Peloton cycle, this prevents heel injury.

Width: The widest section of the foot is referred to as this. This could be at the toe’s base for some folks. Others would spread their toes out at the very end of their toes. When cycling, your cycling shoes which are true-to-size, should put no pressure on these locations.

In a nutshell,

• Allow for some toe room ( maximum 5mm)

• Maintain a steady forefoot without pinching it.

• Maintain a secure fit in the heel while applying pressure to the instep. On the exterior edge of the shoe, do not fold in certain regions.

• Make your feet feel stable and neutral, not bowed to one side or the other.

• For optimal cleat positioning, place the ball of your foot on the broadest part of the shoe.

Get on your Peloton bike and try to cycle wearing the shoes. The correct shoes will not put any pressure on the edges of your feet or cause any discomfort.

Should My Toes Touch The End Of My Shoes?

Your toes should not touch the end of your shoes. Whenever you put on the shoes, make sure your longest toe is 3/8″ or 1/2″ from the end of the shoe (approximately the width of your finger). Always stand and walk about in your shoes to make sure they’re comfortable, fit well, and don’t chafe or rub. While walking, your heel should not slip or slide.

How to Setup New Peloton Shoes

1. Open the new peloton shoe box and take the shoes out.

2. Now you can see that you have got some accessories and shoes such as cleats. If you don’t recognize which one is a cleat, don’t worry. It has got a definite shape, and you will easily understand. Cleats are kind of triangle-shaped and have holes in them. 

You will also find a Ziploc bag. In that bag, there are screws and Allen key. 

3. Take one shoe in your hand and turn it over. You will notice that the cleats underneath the shoes are not on yet. You have got three holes to mount the cleats on. You will have guidelines in the manual, so you will follow the guidelines to set up the cleats. 

4. When attaching the cleat, make sure that the cleat is essentially in a place where it should be and it’s not twisted. 

When you are doing a cycling stroke, you want to make sure that your knees and toys toes are pointed forward that you are not off on some angel and providing torque on your knee, so that’s why you should follow the guidelines. 

You have got the pedal cleats in as well, everything you need to attach here. 

5. So now you get rid of the box and get that out of the way. 

7. Take the paper out of both shoes.

8. Break open those cleats that you took out of the box.

9. When you are going to attach the cleats. You will see there are square-shaped holes. If you wonder what this little square does, let me tell you that it gives you a bit of traction, and these are pretty slippery on the main floor.

10. You will see there is a curvature that goes with the curvature of the shoes. So if you try to mount them the other way, it will not work out and be a good clip.

11. So mount them to the bolts, and there you go as you do have various degrees where you can mount it on. It will depend a little bit on the riding style. Just keep them well centered as well as no twists.

If you peddle more heels than you do toe forward, you may adjust your cleats to suit your riding style better.

12. Now it is time to use the other things. You should have at least three screws, three plates for each shoe, and an Allen key. 

13. When you are tightening them, you can use a torque wrench if you want to get specific on how hard you want to torque it. 

14. Place the cheat on top of the back of the shoes. Put the washers in there. Keep the silver side up and flatter side down.

15. Tighten these with screws with your hand. Check whether everything is lined up. 

16. Now, take your Allen key and tighten it to a point where it’s firm. Make sure that the cleat is positioned exactly how you want to do it.

17. Take a look. The dots are lined up where they should be. Now turn each cleat a half two-quarter turn. But don’t over tighten them. If you crank them too hard, you can actually damage your cleats.

18. Now your shoes are ready to wear. You may also use some dry lubricant in order to lubricate your shoes.

That’s how you simply set up your new Peloton brand shoes by yourself.

Note: Before your ride, ensure that the cleats are tightened and are not slipping.


What Should I Do If I Have Already Bought A Bit Bigger Or Wider Shoes?

• Take them to the store to receive the correct size.

• Going down a half size won’t kill you unless your shoes already have a toe that is too long. So you need not be panicked. 

• If those 1/2-size-up shoes that you bought are too large, you can add an insole/orthotic or thicker leather sock-liner to absorb the extra volume.

• To absorb the excess volume, place a tongue pad on the underside of the shoe’s tongue.

• Use heel pads and thicker socks. 

• Take them to a shoemaker so they can be “clenched.”

Do You Have To Break In Peloton Shoes?

It is a better option not to think about the break-in peloton bike shoes first. It is not like your regular shoes. Just buy the peloton shoes that fit your feet properly. It is recommended to buy half a size bigger. As peloton shoes break in very slowly, if you buy a shoe that is tight, it will hurt your feet. You can also look for peloton-compatible shoes from the market.

Are peloton shoes true to size? | Peloton Shoes Fitting Guide

Do Peloton Shoes Stretch?

Peloton shoes stretch, but it takes a longer time. Approximately five to six months. After wearing these shoes for such long time, they loosen up. But only the width of the shoes stretches over time, not the length. The length remains the same.

Should You Go Up a Size In Peloton Shoes?

The question of what size peloton shoes to buy is a tough one to answer. If you have large feet, go a half size up from the shoes you normally wear, and I think it is pretty accurate. If you wear size seven and a half, then go for eight. If you wear eight and a half, you bump up to nine. And it should be a pretty good fit.

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