How Long do Hey Dude Shoes Last?

How Long do Hey Dude Shoes Last?

Did you know Hey Dude shoes have tons of eco-friendly options? This brand’s famous lines, like Wally, Thad, Wendy, and Misty, have products made of recycled materials.

Hey Dude shoes have been one of my favorites regardless of their eco-friendly choices. The colors, design, etc. always seemed to be perfect for casual wear when I am looking for some lightweight, breathable shoes. However, durability also plays a massive role in making a pair of shoes the show’s star.

Let’s see if Hey Dudes are worth it in terms of durability.

Are Hey Dudes Durable?

In general, Hey Dude shoes are durable and long-lasting since they are casual shoes, and people do not usually use them for running or any water-based tasks. If you take care of your Hey Dudes, they can last for years with minimal signs of damage.

I have been wearing Hey Dudes for years, and a little maintenance is what they require to keep up for a long time. Hey Dudes are usually made of suede upper, memory foam insoles, rubber outsoles, etc. These materials make them super breathable and, at the same time, long-lasting.

You should note that they may start to wear out quickly if you wash them more often without proper care. Hey Dudes are said to be machine washable, but it is best to wash them with hands using mild soap and warm water and to let them air dry later. It saves the shoes from harsh friction all over them, preventing them from wearing out quickly.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Sustainable?

Hey Dude shoes have sustainable and vegan-friendly options. Some Hey Dudes are made of recycled corks, leather, plastic, and organic cotton. Even their packaging is biodegradable!

I have my liking towards this brand from the beginning, and the addition of sustainability makes them move one step towards more popularity. They collect plastic from the ocean to melt and recycle them. It saves the pollution around the sea and makes the users’ investment worth it.

How Long do Hey Dude Shoes Last?

On average, Hey Dude shoes last for about 2 to 3 years, depending on the frequency of usage. Some users wear the shoes once in a while; in that case, the shoes will last for years if they are not washed frequently. Some users wear them as everyday casual shoes, which can compromise their durability if they do not take care of the shoes.

Remember, we need shoes, but they also need us to last longer. We have to understand the purpose of the shoes. Hey Dudes were mainly designed to be worn as casuals. If you go out in the rain or hiking wearing these, they will snap off. The materials will degrade, and the soles may even fall apart.

Hey Dude shoes are not made of waterproof materials but to make up for that, they are made of super breathable and lightweight material that can dry out quickly if you accidentally step out in a bit of rain wearing them. They also have EVA soles that help them float on water if you leave them in the rain.


In conclusion, Hey Dude shoes may not be the most durable pair of slip-ons, but they can definitely be your best friends for super casual summer looks. Just take care of the shoes a little and avoid washing them frequently; they will last for years!

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