Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet? Do Jordans Come in Wide?

Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet? Do Jordans Come in Wide?

Did you know that for every shoe you buy, there is always one person who cannot enjoy wearing it due to having wide feet? For them, the conclusion is usually to go up half a size, sometimes even fully a size!

In this article, we shall be investigating a famous shoe brand that has taken the shoe industry by storm for a long time – the Jordan collection.

Let us see – are Jordans good for wide feet? After all, even people with wide feet can love to play basketball.

Do Jordans Come in Wide?

No, Jordans do not officially come in wide sizing. Most, if not all, Jordan shoes fit big without requiring a wider size range, which can technically make it seem like they come in wide sizes unofficially.

If you go to a physical retail store, then you can find out if a particular Jordan shoe is wide enough to fit your wide feet. Ordering Jordan shoes online can be risky as since some of their models are already bigger than true to size, you have the chance of either ordering a shoe that’s too small or too big.

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Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, Jordan shoes, in general, are good for wide feet as long as you know which shoes to go true to size for, up half a size for and down half a size for.

We will discuss the choices in detail later in this article.

But what makes Jordans good for wide feet?

Jordan shoes are usually offered in bigger sizes, which has become a standard. Only a few of their models are true to size, and even fewer models require to go up a size.

Do Jordans Come in Wide?

Although the comfort can vary from user to user, Nike’s sizing is good enough for people with wide feet to enjoy Nike’s shoes without having to compromise anything whatsoever.

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Now that we have discussed what makes Jordan shoes good for wide feet, how about we look at some of the most common and well-known Jordan shoes and see how they deal with wide feet? Let us find out:

Are Jordan 1 Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, the Jordan 1 is good for wide feet even though they are true to size. You may find them uncomfortable in the first few wears but they will eventually stretch out and become comfortable.

Of course, this cannot be the case for everyone, for which I would advise the readers to go up half a size to be safe.

Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet? Do Jordans Come in Wide?

However, the leather on the Jordan 1s is said to eventually stretch out as you keep wearing them in the long run. So, sticking to your regular shoe size if you have wide feet should not be a problem.

Some people even think of going half a size down because of this stretching-out issue. It is a bad idea because the shoes should fit somewhat loose than somewhat tight. You should either buy a regular size or go half a size up if the shoes feel too snug. Better to be safe than sorry!

Having a little extra space for your toes is not necessarily a bad thing. In my case, my Jordan 1 fit nicely when I bought the shoes true to size. But I do not have wide feet, so I cannot relate to this scenario.

So, Are Jordan 1 good for wide feet? Well, you know the answer now!

Are Jordan 4s Good for Wide Feet?

Jordan 4 are not good for wide feet. They fit true to size though they look bigger from outside. So if you have wide feet, you can go a half or one size up depending on how wider your feet are.

Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet? Do Jordans Come in Wide?

However, be wary that some users have also claimed that the Jordan 4 runs small, meaning you would have to get half a size or a full size bigger than your usual true-to-size shoes.

This happens because the Jordan 4 shoes are thicker than other Jordans.

Some users have reported that going true to size made their fit a little too snug. Nobody wants too much of a snug fit, right? Jordan 4 shoes will not go loose after breaking in when some time has passed by. But did you know there are particular Jordans with this ability? There is more about it below.

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Are Jordan 11 Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, the Jordan 11 is good for wide feet, but with a catch – as these are true to size, you can take them without going up half a size as the Jordan 11 tends to get loose after you are done breaking in.

Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet? Do Jordans Come in Wide?

Due to this, getting half a size bigger is not a good idea as you may get the shoe a bit looser than it should be for your comfort. The Jordan 11s are not that spacious on the inside, so you can forget worrying about a way too loose fit if you were wondering.

Are Jordan 12 Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, the Jordan 12 is good for wide feet. Most users have commented on how the Jordan 12 is good out of the box in terms of comfortability and arguably one of the best Jordans to date to hold this aspect true.

How Much Height Do Jordan 12s Add?

Nevertheless, the Jordan 12 has the same factor of being loose after the break-in period, just as its predecessor, the Jordan 11. However, Jordan 12 gets a little too loose after you fully break into them. You can go true to size on it usually, but it will tend to get too loose, which is bad for wanting to score hoops.

The solution to this is simple – go down half a size if you fear wearing loose shoes. You have the option, and if it does not go well, there is always the opportunity to return or exchange.

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Are Jordan 13 Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, the Jordan 13 is good for wide feet. Since this model has a ton of room inside, there is absolutely no doubt that true to size on the Jordan 13 will serve wide people the best fit for comfort.

This is one of the only shoes released in recent times that run bigger than others. Jordan 13 comprises good grip and ankle support via the top, which is just a few of the perks these pair of shoes offer. No wonder the Jordan 13 is chosen all the time in suggestions for shoes for wide-feet people.

Jordan 13

Personally, the Jordan 13 is my favorite as they have a lot to offer alongside the comfortable fit, which is not just limited to people with narrow feet. Also, fun fact – most people I have seen with bigger feet tend to rock the Jordan 11 and 13 the most. No surprise there, I guess.

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Are Jordans Good For Wife Feet? (Summary)

I hope I have answered your question – are Jordans good for wide feet? Yes, they are.

It is a fact that shoe sizing matters a lot to users, which directly relates to how comfortable a shoe can get, and the Jordans are no exception to this.

These shoes are worth getting for yourself, especially if you fall under the category of those kinds of users who have issues with having wide feet. But remember, try before you buy. Physical stores are a must to visit if you care about what size shoes you want.

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