How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)

How much do Birkenstocks weigh? Typically, they don’t cross the 2 lbs mark, and the weight of these comfortable shoes varies from style to style. Why? Because the upper sole, midsole, and sole material change per design and line range. For instance, Male Birkenstocks and female Birkenstocks don’t weigh the same due to height and width differences. Size also changes the weight of these shoes. However, whatever the model or size is. 

How Much Do Birkenstock Weigh? (Quick Answer)

Birkenstocks weigh less than or equal to two lb. The sole and midsole are made from natural leather; in that case, the weight is up to 0.88 lbs. The weight goes only 0.2 lbs down for Suede material and goes 0.4 lbs meaning 0.84 lbs for Nubuck leather. If the Birkenstock classic Birko-Flor® material is used, the weight goes down to only 0.41 lbs. These shoes generally weigh less because of the lightweight material they use. The soles are made from rubber and synthetic mix, and the weight only differs when there are heels. 

The sandals weigh 1.60 lbs/ 1.45 lbs due to the 40cm or 20cm heels. The males usually weigh .10 lbs more due to the sizing but never go up more than 1 lbs. Also, the vegan soles are weighted less than 1.50 lbs and vary from 1.43 to 1.50 lbs from model to model. I hope you have got the answer to your query, How much do Birkenstocks weigh?

I’ve explained the weights according to specific models below:

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)

How Much Do Birkenstocks Arizona Weigh?

Birkenstocks Arizona are made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, or in a word, these are vegan shoes. These weigh 1.39 lbs to 1.45lbs. The molded footbed sometimes differs in weight and increases the weight to .60 lbs. My Arizona’s weight is 1.54 lbs. The website claims the weight is .97 lbs, but it can differ by .1 or .2 lbs here and there. The strap of the Birkenstocks doesn’t impact the weight as many of you thought in different forums. Can you roll it in your backpack? Yes, you can, as these are vegan shoes and come back in shape and leave the weight unaffected. 

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)
Birkenstocks Arizona

These are flip flops with foam, and the traction tends to decrease the width of the EVA. So, as you use it for years, the weight of Arizaons might reduce. Arizona Birko-Flor Sandals weigh 1.45 lbs because of the 20cm weight. 

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How Much Do Birkenstocks Boston Weigh?

The answer to how much do Birkenstocks weigh differs according to models such as Birkenstocks Boston weighs about .75 lbs. The average Birkenstocks Boston weighs from .75 lbs to a maximum of .85lbs. Also, these cushions have a 5 cm heel to them. The footbeds are synthetic, which adds .7 lbs weight to the whole Boston shoe. Visually, it looks heavier than Arizona. In reality, it is pretty lightweight. As these are unisex, there is no other size difference to this shoe. The weight doesn’t change even if you use it for years. 

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)
Birkenstocks Boston

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How Much Do Birkenstocks Gizeh Weigh?

Birkenstock Unisex Gizeh Essentials weigh less than .45 lbs. It weighs almost .41 lbs. The men’s lbs tend to weigh .3 lbs more, and bigger sizes weigh .54 lbs on average. It is one of the most lightweight Birkenstocks out of all collections. These are suitable for beachwear and even muddy paths. The heel is about three inches and includes the weight we mentioned earlier. Also, the sole and upper sole is made from Birko-Flor. The footbed is relatively harder than the Boston ones. Some users have claimed that the German version weighs .38lbs! 

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)
Birkenstocks Gizeh

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How Much Do Birkenstocks Madrid Weigh?

Birkenstocks Madrid midsole is made from Birko-Flor, and the shoe sole is EVA. The shoe looks metallic copper and similar, but a synthetic finish in reality. It weighs approximately .68lbs. If you add customized straps or designs, the weight will differ. Also, Madrid is too water-resistant and goes for a very long time. 

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)
Birkenstocks Madrid

How Much Do Birkenstocks Mayari Weigh?

Mayari line is the most lightweight Birkenstock of all time. You will be surprised to know that it weighs only .375lbs. Birkenstocks Mayari is one of the popular shoes in the female line. The reason why it is lightweight is that the material is EVA sole and the upper is oiled leather. Due to being a female shoe only, it is very light. 

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Arizona, Boston, Gizeh)
Birkenstocks Mayari

How Much Do Birkenstocks Weigh? (Presented in Table)

Birkenstocks StyleWeight in LBS
Birkenstocks Arizona1.39 lbs to 1.49 lbs
Birkenstocks Boston0.75 lbs to 0.84 lbs
Birkenstocks Gizeh0.41 lbs to 0.54 lbs
Birkenstocks Madrid0.68 lbs
Birkenstocks Mayari0.375 lbs


The shoes’ packaging can change to where you purchase them, and the shoe weight can vary due to packaging. So, how much do Birkenstocks weigh? The final answer is approximate from .40 to 1.56 lbs. Birkenstocks are comfortable shoes made from the most durable material; they provide comfort, not fashion. 

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