How Much Do Vans Weigh? | Weight of Vans Shoes!

How much do vans weigh?

Vans shoes have been people’s favorite footwear brand for a long time. Have you ever thought about the weight of your favorite footwear? How much do vans weigh? And is it necessary to know that?

Many a time we don’t pay enough attention to the weight of shoes. But actually, shoe weight matters a lot. This article will quench your query, and you will get all the answers regarding Vans shoes weight.

How Much Do Vans Weigh? (Complete Guide)

Vans weigh between 0.63 pounds to 1.15 pounds. They vary from style to style. For example, Vans Ultrarange Exo weighs 0.63 pounds whereas Vans Hi Top Sneakers can weigh up to 2.51 pounds.

Here is a table showing the weight of Vans shoes.

Weight of Vans ShoesPounds/lbs
Sk8-Hi1.15 pounds/lbs
Vans Old Skool Weight1.03 pounds/lbs
Vans Slip-On0.99 pounds/lbs
Vans Authentic Weight0.98 pounds/lbs
EVDNT UltimateWaffle0.87 pounds/lbs
The UltraRange EXO0.63 pounds/lbs
ComfyCush1.52 pounds/lbs
Skate Shoes1.30 pounds/lbs
Sandals1.06 pounds/lbs (Men)
2.40 pounds/lbs (Women)
Hi-Top Sneaker2.51 pounds/lbs (Men)
2.00 pounds/lbs (Unisex)
Low-Top Sneaker1.90 pounds/lbs (Men)
1.76 pounds/lbs (Women)
Weight of Vans Shoes ( Men’s size 12 unless explicitly mentioned)

Now, we will discuss how much do Vans shoes weigh, how heavy are Vans, and the weight of Vans shoes popular styles in detail.


The Sk8-Hi is built with robust suede and canvas uppers in a choice of traditional and unexpected colors, paying homage to that original legendary high top. It has reinforced toe caps, supportive cushioned collars with trademark rubber waffle soles. The average weight of this shoe (Men’s size 12) is 1.15 pounds, and this is the heaviest among Vans shoes.

Vans Old Skool Weight:

The Old Skool has long-lasting suede and canvas uppers in a variety of raw colors. Re-enforced toe caps, trademark rubber waffle outsoles, and sturdy cushioned collars are also included. Vans old Skool weight (Men’s size 12) is 1.03 pounds.

Vans Slip-On:

The Classic Slip-On includes signature rubber waffle outsoles, cushioned collars, and stretchy side embellishments. The weight of this shoe (Men’s size 12) is 0.99 pounds. The weight is almost equal to 1 pound.

Vans Authentic Weight:

This is the first shoe manufactured by Vans. Vans #44 Deck Shoes were the original name for these shoes. Vans Authentic weight (Men’s size 12) is 0.98 pounds.

EVDNT UltimateWaffle:

The EVDNT UltimateWaffle has a transparent outsole with a built-in UltraCushTM footbed and an internal stabilizing shank for extra cushioning, durability, and support, thanks to its unique UltimateWaffle architecture. The weight of this shoe (Men’s size 12) is 0.87 pounds. This shoe is one of the most lightweight shoes in Vans.

The UltraRange EXO:

The uppers of the UltraRange EXO are constructed of long-lasting textile and synthetic materials. This is the UltraRange – improved, with a co-molded UltraCush sole, upgraded RapidWeld details, a lightweight, rubber outsole, and a ventilated Old Skool-inspired top. The average weights of this shoe (Men’s size 12) are 0.63 pounds. The UltraRange Exo is the lightest Vans shoe.


Vans’ Comfycush version is softer and makes you feel like you’re walking on air. The uppers are made of canvas and suede, and it is pretty light. Vans ComfyCush Slip-On is 1.52 Pounds, and Vans Men’s Comfycush Old Skool is 1.38 Pounds.

Skate Shoes:

Vans Sk8-hi MTE 2.0 Dx is 2.38 Pounds, and VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes (women) is 1.3 Pounds.


Vans Men’s Slide-On Sandal and Women’s Slide-One Sandal Slide Checkerboard are 1.06 Pounds and 2.4 Pounds, respectively.

Hi-Top Sneaker:

Vans Men’s Hi-top Trainers Sneaker is measured 2.51 Pounds.

And Vans Unisex Hi-Top Sneaker is measured 2 Pounds.

Low-Top Sneaker:

Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneaker’s weight is 1.9 Pounds. It is made of synthetic material. Vans Women’s Low-Top Trainers Sneaker’s weight is 1.76 Pounds. The women’s shoe is made of suede (99%) and canvas (1%).

I hope that now you have gathered enough knowledge on how much do Vans weigh. Let’s see how the weight of shoes influences our day-to-day activities.

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Does Weight Matter?

Anything you put on will add weight to your body, which will influence you somehow. Foot weariness, cramps, and ligament stress are all common side effects of wearing heavy shoes. On the other hand, lightweight footwear will not exert as much pressure on your body, but it will typically provide less padding.

Athlete’s Weight: Women and men who are lighter should pay special attention to the shoe’s weight. The heaviness of the shoe becomes less important as the athlete becomes heavier.

Speed: The weight of the shoes, according to studies, has a significant impact on the pace. According to the research, the lighter your running shoes are, the quicker you can run. A marathon time can be shaved by up to a minute if runners wear shoes that are 100 grams lighter than typical. “Are all these lighter and speedier running shoes better?” is the next thought that leaps to mind.

It’s crucial not to compromise comfort in the name of speed.

Elasticity: The weight of the footwear is just as important as the athlete’s flexibility. Because of its elasticity, an elastic sprinter will have less difficulty managing more weight, which isn’t always a good thing regarding endurance sports. It can be used to constrain performance and support the larger weight of the shoe without being penalized.

For senior amateurs, observing suppleness is critical. They are accustomed to racing in very defensive and hefty shoes for a variety of reasons. However, because it is not highly elastic, performance decreases significantly.

What Contributes to The Weight in Shoes?


As we briefly mentioned before, weight is influenced by a variety of factors, one of which is size. The weight of any shoe is proportional to its size. This is due to this fact that larger sizes require more components to make them tough and long-lasting for your feet.

Kid’s shoes are often lighter and less bulky. Furthermore, the shoe’s sizing is smaller than those of grownup shoes, implying that fewer materials are utilized in the manufacturing process.

For example, the weight of the same pair of Vans Ultrarange Exo shoes in sizes US 7 and US 13 is different. The US 13 weighs a tad more than the US 7.

How Much Do Vans Weigh? | Weight of Vans Shoes!


Materials are arguably the most important factor, apart from the size. The type and quantity of material used also have an impact on the final weight.

Synthetic shoes are always lightweight in comparison to leather shoes. Therefore choose synthetics if you’re seeking a light shoe. Polyurethane (PU) is a synthetic that is used to make lightweight shoes that have all of the qualities of leather. Leather shoes weigh more due to the additional materials and maintenance required.

For instance, Vans Perf Leather Slip-On shoes are heavier than Vans Mens Nexpa Synthetic shoes.

Rubber shoe bottoms can add weight to your shoes because they are a hefty material. The distinction between shoes with a thin rubber bottom and shoes with a firm sole is noticeable.

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) shoe soles, on the other hand, are extremely light.

Another contributor to consider is the padding, which is built to withstand impact. As a result, activity-oriented shoes, such as sneakers and athletic gear like Jordans, contain more padding and are therefore heavier. Vans and Converse, for example, have less cushioning, making them lighter.

Synthetic and cotton materials, which are commonly seen in sporting shoes, are lighter than other footwear.

So how much does a pair of Vans weigh heavily depends on the materials they used to manufacture.


How Much Do Vans Weigh? | Weight of Vans Shoes!

The type of shoes you purchase has a significant impact on the mass of the footwear. Shoes developed expressly for the laboring industry, such as steel-toe boots, are always lighter than shoes made for jogging, exercising, or other sports.

Summer casual shoes, such as sandals or plimsolls, are often lighter than winter snow boots. This is because the shoe’s manufacturing differs. Some boots require minimal materials than others, resulting in a difference in weight.


Cushioning is usually a deciding element, and it can add a lot of bulk to your shoes. There are roughly five levels of cushioning in running shoes:

• Level One: The minimum cushioning is level one, which provides merely a sliver of protection for your feet as they contact the ground. These sneakers offer you the sensation of walking or jogging barefoot, which might help strengthen your feet.

Level Two: This cushioning provides a light touch of padding while still strengthening your feet. Among competitive runners, this is a favorite category shoe.

• Level Three: You’ll get a good blend of moderate protection, lightness, and flexibility when using level three cushioning. This shoe is excellent for an everyday workout because it makes you feel energized and ready.

• Level Four: this cushioning is associated with high-performance shoes. Experts typically recommend this for frequent marathon training. This category of apparel is much more durable, but it is also much heavier.

Level Five: this is the best cushioning, providing excellent mileage even with regular use. Shoes of this category, on the other hand, are the heaviest.

How Much Do Vans Weigh? | Weight of Vans Shoes!

So how much do Vans shoes weigh is largely depends on the above things.

Does Shoe Weight Make Hiking Harder?

When hiking, the weight of your shoe is essential due to the surfaces and environments you’ll be walking in.

Hiking enthusiasts will encounter a variety of challenges. Climbing on various buildings and surfaces that can put a strain on the feet is part of this. Hikers who wear heavy-weighted hiking boots or shoes create additional challenges for themselves, which might detract from the whole experience.

Researchers discovered that a slight increase in shoe weight leads to considerable energy consumption while moving. That means the weight of your shoes will quickly build up.

This sneaker’s weight is about 2 pounds. Although this shoe is a little heavier than a typical racing or regular shoe, it is necessary. As you combat the elements of the woods, the excess weight will give longevity and protection to your feet.

How Much Do Vans Weigh? | Weight of Vans Shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Shoe Light in Weight?

The majority of Vans shoes are quite light. If you’re looking for something super light, I’d recommend the Vans UltraRange EXO sneakers. The Vans Sk8-Hi, which measured 1.15 pounds each shoe in size 12 men’s size, was the heaviest.

The classic styles (Slip-On, Old Skool, and Authentic) all have the same weight. All the men’s shoes of size 12 weigh from 0.98 pounds to 1.03 pounds, so they’re nearly the same weight.

How Does Vans Weight Compare To Converse?

Vans shoes are much lightweight compared to converse shoes. They are effortless to put on and will not make you feel sluggish. In most cases, they are low-profile everyday shoes with simple designs that aid in weight loss.

How Much Do Vans Weigh? (Summary)

I hope that now you have a decent knowledge of how much do Vans shoes weigh and how heavy are Vans? We have tried to cover Vans shoes weight for its popular models.

So what do you think? How much does a pair of Vans weigh? Let us know in the comments.

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