Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet? (2 Minute Read)

Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet?

Nike Blazer was created way back in the 70s as basketball shoes. Basketball shoes, in general, are made for stability and support rather than comfort. However, there’s quite a debate going on on the internet. Are Nike Blazers suitable for wide feet? Do Nike Blazers fit wide fit? As a member of the wide feet community, I tried out the famous Nike Blazers and have answered your questions below:

Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet? (Explained for Beginners)

Sports shoes:

Nike Blazers are made especially for playing basketball. It has a solid rubber sole and a synthetic solid upper sole. However, while jumping basketball players need heel support and stiffness, the Blazers are made according to that way. So, this shoe is not suitable for wide feet. 


Nike does provide up to U.S size M16 and F13. I tried an M13 size at the Nike Newyork store, and in my experience, it was appropriate for long feet, not wide feet. It was bigger than my usual foot length and quite stiff at the calcaneus. 


Blazers are made of leather and synthetic. Nike has updated the design with its classic cushion layering.

Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet? (2 Minute Read)

However, the upper toe sole is made of leather, so it doesn’t help wide feet much. You can stretch it with a shoe stretcher, but it will cause heavy wrinkles early. Overall, Nike Blazers are not good for wide feet.

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Are Nike Blazers Narrow?

Nike Blazers are pretty narrow on the toe side, so they are indeed narrow. However, they are long in length too. Overall, the shoes are appropriate for narrow feet. I would go for Air Force 1 rather than the Blazer series, even for basketball.

However, they are a bit wide in the lower ankle section. This is due to the ankle support design and getting into the shoe. I couldn’t fit my feet inside the shoe properly due to the narrowness and stiffness of the shoe. So do Nike Blazers fit wide feet? The answer is No.

Do Nike Blazers Loosen Up?

I did a hunt on the internet and asked some colleagues who wear Blazers about losing up. The concussion was, they do get easy after wearing them for a week or more. However, these will not loosen up to a wide feet extent.

The most popular methods to loosen the Nike Blazers include damaging them or causing wrinkles. If you have wide feet and still want to try Nike Blazers, wear ankle-high socks.

The thicker the socks, the better. Or you can try putting old paper or cut a hard paper to stuff your Blazers and tie them. 

Nike Blazer Mid 77 for Wide Feet

Before the Air Force 1, Mid 77 was the “IT” basketball shoe. The shoe has a classic Nike logo design but is ankle-high in black. Personally, ankle-high shoes are not great options for wide feet, and this goes for Mid 77.

From Twitter, I learned that Mid 77 users had blisters and pain wearing the Mid77. Even for those who went a size up. However, that doesn’t mean it is the wrong shoe. But it’s appropriate for below M9 size.

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Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet? (2 Minute Read)
Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage C

Are Nike Blazers True to Size?

Yes, they are and are an excellent fit for narrow feet. A size 8 is accurate for size 8, male or female. There are 15+ model and customization options.

The female U.S size goes up to 14, and the male size goes up to 17.5. Due to the inner foam and mid-ankle design, they don’t leave space. However, you should get a .5 size up if you want a bit of room on the toe box. As these are true to their size, it takes time to break this to comfort.

Are Nike Blazers Good for Flat Feet?

No, Nike blazers are not suitable for flat feet. The shape takes a narrow turn from the silhouette and can easily hurt the sides of your feet if you have flat feet. However, wearing thick socks might help. Many think that the cushion complex is good for the flat feet.

In reality, the cushion pressurizes the feet from the side more than regular wide feet shoes. If you have flat feet, you can check out Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 and the whole Zoom line. Nike Blazers are appropriate for narrow and long feet.

Do Nike Blazers Fit Like Converse?

Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet? (2 Minute Read)
Nike Blazer | Converse Ct Seasonal Hi

Both Converse and Nike Blazers have different sizing, but throw designs are pretty similar. Converses are for skateboarding and Blazars for basketball. The purposes of the shoes are the same to provide stability, not comfort. So, both of these shoes have a similar fit.

Converse silhouettes go narrow, and I think blazers are more limited than it. Even though both go for a retro aesthetic, you might have to skip for wide feet.

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Are Nike Blazers Good for Wide Feet? (Summary)

So are Nike Blazers suitable for wide feet or Do Nike Blazers fit wide feet well? No. Nike Revolution and Zoom line are better for wide feet than the popular ones like Blazers. Also, keep in mind that sports shoes are not comfortable for stability reasons. If you are looking for sports shoes, I would recommend the Nike Revolution 6 FlyEase 4E over Mid 77. 

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