How Much Height do Nike Blazers, Dunks, and Vapormax Plus Add?

How Much Height do Nike Blazers, Dunks, and Vapormax Plus Add?

How cool would that be if your regular, everyday sneakers added a little height? Not having to wear heels and look tall? Well, that is a dream come true. Especially for guys!

Nike Blazers, Dunk, Vapormax Plus, etc. are a few of the most popular models of sneakers, and any sneaker-head is like to own at least one of them. It is a bonus if you get some height along with the impressive look of the sneakers.

Let’s see if the models I mentioned above add height to your look, and if yes, how much height do they add?

How Much Height do Nike Blazers Add?

Nike Blazers add about 1 to 2 inches, depending on which model you are wearing. The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 I use adds about 1.2 inches to my height.

Most women’s Nike Blazers, especially platform shoes, add considerable height. It makes them look taller without having to wear heels. You can have pain-free heels! How cool is that?

How Much Height do Dunks Add?

Nike Dunks add quite a bit of height compared to most other shoes. I have tried many sneakers so far, and I would say that Nike Dunks will make you look considerably taller.

Nike Dunks add about 1.4 inches of height if you do not use extra insoles. You can easily add 0.2 inches to your height if you use extra insoles. You can either use full length insoles or just the extra heels  depending on which one makes you feel more comfortable.

Height That Vapormax Plus Adds

Nike Vapormax adds about 1.3 inches from the heels. It is excellent if you want to wear something comfortable and look taller.

The Vapormax Plus shoes are a bit more generous in adding height. I have taken my height barefoot, and after wearing my Vapormax Plus shoes, the shoes added about 1.6 inches to my overall height. There is a smooth transition of 1.4 inches to 1.6 inches from the midsoles to the heels of these shoes.

Because of the added height, these can be used as running shoes without worrying about thinned-out soles.

Shoes That Make You Taller

We all want those perfectly comfy shoes that make us look taller and more confident. Heels may not be the options for a lot of us because of the shoes not being unisex, foot problems, discomfort, etc. What to do in such cases?

There are a lot of brands and models of shoes, especially sneakers, that add a significant amount of height without making it look obvious that it is not your real height. Which shoes are they?

Sneakers that make you taller:

  • Nike Air Max 720 Horizon
  • Nike Air Max 90
  • Jordan 720
  • Adidas Unisex Frozetic Boots
  • Hoka Bondi 7

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Dunks crease easily?

Yes, Dunks crease quite quickly compared to other Nike shoes. It is because they have a comparatively longer toe-box which is thin and breathable. This design and material make it relatively easy to crease Dunks since that is where you bend your feet.

You can prevent creasing your Dunks easily by avoiding walking on your toes. It would be best to tie the laces properly yet loose enough to avoid creating pressure on the toe boxes. Lastly, you can stuff socks or newspapers inside your Dunks when you are not using them to retain their shape.

2. How tall are AF1?

The total height of the Air Force 1s is about 4.5 inches, and their heels are about 1.2 inches. You will add about 1.2 inches wearing your brand new AF1s, which can decrease by 0.2 inches with time for stretching out.

3. How tall is a Jordan 1 High?

The height of a Jordan 1 high is about 6.25 inches from the soles up to the top of their collars. However, you might be a little more interested to know if Air Jordan 1s make you taller.

On average, Jordan 1s add only about 2 cm to your height which is insignificant to make any difference. You can wear the sneakers mentioned above instead to add some height.


Which sneakers make you look taller? Now, you know the answer. A lot of sneakers these days add a good amount of height effortlessly, but the ones mentioned above are definitely top-notch. Nike Blazers, Dunks, and AF1s are all good, but in my experience, the Dunks were seamless in adding considerable height.

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