7 Ways to Spot Fake Brooks Shoes (Complete Guide)

7 Ways to Spot Fake Brooks Shoes (Complete Guide)

The replica shoes have taken over the market. The scary part is they are almost identical. But still, the brands like Brooks have some significant indicators for you to watch out for. Getting a fake pair of shoes after investing a lot of money is nothing really a pleasant feeling. That is why we are here to help you out to get the original pair for you. So let’s see what you need to check to get rid of the fake ones. 

How to Spot Fake Brooks Shoes?

1. Tag Check

There is always a straightforward way to determine if the shoes are original or how old they are. There is a tag on the back part of the tongue. You need to learn how to read those tags first. The inside tag denotes the date of production of the shoe. There is a bar code available also. You can scan the barcode and verify the originality of the pair you are getting. A shoe was made quite a few years ago; it is not really a good idea to get that one also. The pair may deteriorate its quality over time. That is why you need to get a comparatively new pair. 

The manufacturing time is printed in the lower left corner of the tag. 

2. Box and Sticker on the Box Check

In this case, simply go with your gut feelings. You will have to check whether the box is damaged or not; whether it is intact. You can say from the certain telltale signs from the stickers and some other things whether the box that contains the shoes is authentic or not. 

In case you spot a WP spot on the sticker, that is undoubtedly something questionable.

3. Seam and Fabric Quality

The fake ones can’t really copy the seam quality of the real Brooks. The seaming is nice and even.  The finishing will be perfect. You will never get to see the ending of the thread. But in the fake ones, the seaming line will look faulty. You may also get to see some thread endings because the fake ones don’t use the high-quality machine to do the stitching. 

The breathable and soft-to-touch fabric is the trademark of the real one. The fabric is unlikely to get any scratches. On the other hand, the fake one’s fabric will feel rough. That is not breathable and more prone to scratches.

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4. Watch out for the Glue Stains

The replica shoes are doing great in imitating the Brooks sole technology pretty well. There is hardly any way to check whether it is counterfeit or not by just looking at them. So here, you need to look for the glue stain on the midsole. You can be sure this one is fake if you notice any glue stain. 

Usually, the best way to check that is to use the black light or the UV light to look closer. 

5. Insoles will be Heavier for the Fake Ones

One of the signature things on real brooks is the insoles. Brooks is great at making perfect insoles that provide excellent support. They provide genuine gel insoles so that your leg doesn’t hurt even after a long day in them. 

The fake ones can’t really come up with the technology. Most of the time, you will get some paper like insoles in the fake one. At best, you can get a foam insole. The paper insole will feel hard to touch. The foam one will be a little soft, not as much as the gel one. The foam insole will feel warmer as well. 

The insole material of the fake one will indeed feel heavier. The material will also not be breathable. 

6. Heel Joint

This is one of those features which most people overlook. But to spot the fake one, you will have to look at the heel joints a bit closer. Look at the finishing of the heel tab. If you touch them, you will feel that there’s a difference. The heel joint will feel a bit out of place. It will fail to give you that premium feel, which is Brook’s signature. The heel joint on the fake Brooks will feel sloopy.   

7. Front Sole

One big thing to notice in the fake Brooks in the front portion. In order to maximize the comfort, Brooks kept an eye on the flexibility of your feet. You can move your feet freely in any direction while wearing the Brooks. 

This one feature is always missing on the fake ones. To check the flexibility of your shoes, take them in hand and try to fold the front sole. The front sole in genuine Brooks is pretty soft and flexible. You will easily be able to bend that part without leaving any kind of crease mark on it. 

You will feel some rigidity while you will try to bend the front sole of the fake one. There is a chance that you will get to see a crease line just in one go. 

What to do While Buying Them Online?

Now you can think, what if I am buying the shoe online? How to check all the features? 

First, make sure the shoe comes with a replacement warranty. You can check all the features post delivery. You can claim a replacement if all the features don’t check out. 

Secondly, pay attention to the site you are ordering from. It is safer to order from Brook’s original site. But be aware of the imposter sites. Many fraud sites almost look like the Brooks one, but they are not. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning to get a Brooks on resale or the brand new one, it is always better to watch out for the fake ones. Now you know the safety drill. Get your hands on the real ones, real quick! 

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