10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

A professional and wise traveler always prefers comfortable shoes during a trip. Feet need to stay in comfort during walking, running, hiking, or boating during the trip.

You never know what weather, environment, or trail you are going to deal with. That is why a traveler prefers comfort and waterproofing both in his travel shoe. Today, I am going to show you 10 waterproof travel shoes that might help you on your next trip.

Why Do Travellers Need Waterproof Shoes While Travelling?

Last year in summer I went to Sydney along with my travel mate. Both of us were wearing sneakers. They were comfortable but one day while we were roaming around, suddenly rain started and our feet were completely soaked in water.

After that experience, I never went on a trip without a waterproof shoe. Waterproof shoes can also protect your feet from getting wet in the snow as well. I hope, now it is clear to you why you may need a waterproof shoe while traveling.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes

Today, I am going to show you 10 travel shoes that are waterproof. Here they are:

1. Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles

If you like to have both comfort and waterproofing in a single pair of travel shoes, Wool Runner Mizzles from Allbirds is a great option for you. It is good for travel and everyday use also.

This shoe is made from merino wool and has a bio-based water-repellent shield.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Available Colors: Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray.

Materials: ZQ Merino Wool, recycled plastic bottles.

Price: 125$

Fit: Regular

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2. Vessi Weekend Shoes

Every time you wear these shoes, you will feel like you are on a trip on your vacation. They are so soft, comfortable, and of course completely waterproof. That means you can enjoy all the outdoor activities including trekking on wet forest trails with this.

The moisture-wicking micro-air pocket of this shoe can keep your feet cool at high temperatures.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: Dyma-Tex waterproof membrane

Fit: 1 True to size. 1 size up for a relaxed fit, no half size.

Available Colors: Asphalt Black, Oak Brown, Concrete Gray

Price: 125$

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3. Sorel Out N About Plus Classic Sneaker

If you want a stylish sneaker that you can use while traveling and for regular work and use, Sorel Out N About Plus can be a great answer for that. They are 100% waterproof.

This shoe can provide you traction and grip on slippery terrain. The cushioning is good on the footbed which is comfortable and supportive.

While it is waterproof, it is less breathable. So, you may feel a little hot in the summer.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Material: leather and synthetic upper part, the outsole is made of synthetic material.

Fit: true to size, Regular

Available Colors: Dove, Sea Salt

Price: 100$

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4. Skechers GoWalk 4 Travel Shoes

Skechers GoWalk 4 has a smart slim design with a pretty lightweight feature. This loafer is good for fashion, travel, and everyday uses. The most interesting fact is, you can have 8 different versions from this lineup.

The inner sole is bamboo-lined and it can resist odors making it possible to wear them without socks. Even if you wear them, they will never get wet as this shoe is completely waterproof.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: Goga Max insole,

Fit: Regular, true to size.

Available Coors: Black, Navy/Gray, Gray, Charcoal/Orange, Black/Gray

Price: 75$

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5. Vivobarefoot  Gobi 3

When you can have the features of a tennis shoe, dress shoe, and tossing boots in a single travel shoe then why load your bag with different shoes? It has a minimalistic boot-like design.

It has a cork insole that is very comfortable and flexible. This shoe is waterproof and versatile at the same time.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: Leather, renewable natural materials like organic cotton and sugarcane

Fit: Regular, Foot shaped.

Available Colors: Midnight, Bracken, Honey suede, Black Leather

Price: 190$

6. New Balance XC-72

New Balance XC-72 has a GORE-TEX waterproof upper which makes it completely waterproof. This shoe is comfortable and stylish for traveling and everyday use. Though water cannot get inside, this shoe is still breathable.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: GORE-TEX synthetic fabric, rubber

Fit: Regular, True to size

Available Colors: Black

Price: 160$

7. Vessi Weekend Chelsea

Chelsea boots from Vessi are a great choice for your shoe collection. This is fashionable with the sides a little higher and also has pull tabs that are vegan. You can easily go on the trails in the rainy season as they can protect you from rain, water, mud, and slush.

The waterproofing protection is directly knit on this boot. That is why this shoe is not vulnerable to water.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: Dyma-tex technology, vegan leather, rubber

Fit: Whole size, for ½ size, need to order next size up.

Available Colors: Shiitake Brown, Black

Price: 160$

8. Tropical Monsoon Sneaker

This amazing travel shoe is known for its lightweight and all-terrain design. It has a pretty good grip over slippery trails. This shoe is water-resistant and dries quickly. Ultra-thin cushioning provides maximum comfort and traction.

This shoe is breathable and odorless and you can wash them in the washing machine.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: Recycled polyester, EVA, recycled plastic bottles.

Fit: Regular, trues to size

Available Colors: Canyon Chocolate Red, Asphalt Gray, Night Blue, Chip Gray, Coffee Sand, Monsoon Orion Blue.

Price: 117.83$

9. Forsake Range Low Sneakers

This is a specialized traveling and trekking shoe. It is a hybrid version of the shoe and boot. There is waterproof and breathable membrane protection around it which makes it water resistant. There is also a mega-grip outsole that gives you immense grip over slippery trails.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: waterproof breathable membrane, Vibram outsole, nubuck leather

Fit: True to size

Colors: Gunmetal, multi-color

Price: 155$

10. Clarks Ashcombe Bay

From an experience of 200 years, Clarks know what a perfect travel shoe should be. Aschombe Bay is a perfect example of that experience. It has all those features of an ideal travel shoe such as a lightweight, durable sole, strong grip, anti-slipping, and of course waterproofing.

10 Waterproof Travel Shoes (From Allbirds to Clarks)

Materials: Leather

Fit: True to size

Available Colors: Dark Brown

Price: 102.69$


Waterproofing is a must-have feature for a good travel shoe. You never know what situation you are going to face while on the trip.

Here, I have tried to make a list of 10 travel shoes that are waterproof. To make the list, I have taken customer reviews and some personal opinions as references.  I hope you can find a good pair of waterproof shoes for your next travel trip.

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