How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

Yeezy shoes are generally lightweight despite their bulky look. But all Yeezys are not the same. The design and build material decide the total of the shoes. Yeezy slides are super lightweight. 

The weight of the shoes depends on the upper’s material. For example, Primeknit uppers are super lightweight. So, how much do different Yeezy shoes weigh?

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Yeezys and their weights. I will try to cover as many models as possible. Keep reading to find out.

How Much Does Yeezys Weigh on Average?

Like I said before, each Yeezy shoe is different, and so are their weights. The shoe weight depends on the size as well. A bigger size will be heavier. Most Yeezy shoes weigh between 3-4 pounds with the box and 1.5- 2 pounds without the box.

I would say Yeezys weigh 3.5 pounds on average with the box and about 2 pounds without the box. These are calculations based on my experience. The weight may vary slightly. You will not find exact information on this anywhere. 

How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

How Much Do Yeezy Slides Weigh?

Yeezy slides are lightweight and comfortable. The slides have an EVA foam construction with a clean and minimalist design. Since 2019, Yeezy has released different colorways while keeping the same design. The colorways include Desert Sand, Resin, Bone, Orange and Glow Green. All the colorways weigh the same.

How Much Do Yeezy 350 Weigh?

Yeezy Boost 350 series has two versions- the original 350 (V1) and the 350 V2. Both models come with tons of colorways. Typically, the Yeezy Boost 350s have a pull tab at the back. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2s don’t have them. However, some colors such as the Blue Tint, and Beluga 2.0 have pull tabs at the back.

Both Boost versions are lightweight. The original 350s use a soft Primeknit upper. The upper is a bit thicker on the 350 V2 making them slightly heavier than the 350 V1s. The 350 V1s weigh about 360 grams per piece and the 350 V2s weigh exactly 385 grams per shoe.

How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)
How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

How Much Do Yeezy Foam Runners Weigh?

Yeezy foam runners have a 100% foam construction which makes the shoe super lightweight and comfortable. Most foam shoes have mediocre durability. However, despite being super lightweight, Yeezy foam runners are quite durable. They weigh around 8 oz (227 grams).

How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

How Much Do Yeezy 700 Weigh?

The Yeezy 700 is another popular series. There are 3 generations of the Yeezy 700 shoes from V1 to V3. These models look similar to the eye but are quite different in design and material-wise. 

Yeezy 700 V1 is the lightest of the bunch. It is the roomiest as well. Yeezy 700 V1s weigh around 2.18 pounds with the box and around 1.1 pounds without the box. 

Yeezy 700 V2 has more support and padding. The 700 V2s weigh higher compared to the V1. It weighs around 2.65 pounds with the box and around 1.4 pounds without the box. 

Yeezy 700 V3 is the latest version. The 700 V3s weigh about 3 pounds with the box and about 1.5 pounds without the box. 

How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)
How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)
How Much Do Yeezys Weigh? (Complete Guide)

Please note that weights vary with size. The bigger foot you have, the heavier your shoes will be.

How Much Do Yeezy 500 Weigh?

Adidas Yeezy 500 is one of the older models. You won’t find them anywhere except for some third-party websites. These shoes weigh a bit more than 3 pounds with the box and without the box, they weigh around 1.7 pounds a pair.

How Much Do Yeezy 450 Weigh?

The Yeezy 450 has just launched. Some people absolutely love the design while some hate it for the bizarre design. The shoes weigh around 450 grams per piece. Currently, I don’t have information on its weight with the box.

How Much Do Yeezy 380 Weigh?

Yeezy 380s have a chunky midsole for all-day comfort. The shoes have a sporty look. Despite the superior comfort and padding, the shoes are fairly lightweight. They weigh around 2 pounds.

Can Yeezy Slides get creased?

Read our article on ways to get creases out of Yeezy slides.


I typically wear a Yeezy size 9. The weights are based on my experience and information from some retailers. It’s difficult to provide 100% accurate information on shoe weight. If you wear bigger sizes than me, your shoes will be heavier and vice-versa.

Weight is an important indicator of the authenticity of Yeezys. If your shoes weigh significantly heavier or lighter than the ones mentioned in this article, your pair of Yeezys is probably fake. 

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