Are Crocs Good For Walking? | Crocs for Walking!

Are Crocs Good For Walking?

Among the trending hot topics in the fashion world, the comeback of crocs is probably one of the most unexpected and discussed events of all. From casual to long-term daily use, people are going as far as using them as a substitute for walking shoes. And now we are wondering, are Crocs Good For Walking? So, without further ado, let’s get into it.¬†

Are Crocs Good For Walking?

Among the many shoes that have become very popular recently, crocs are one of them. It has taken the footwear market by storm and people are making use of their functionality in all sorts of ways which includes using them as walking shoes. So, let’s know a bit more about them to see if they really fit into the category of walking shoes.

Light and Airy

Because of the rubbery construction, crocs are very lightweight and airy. As a result, they don’t sit heavily on your feet. In fact, you can walk rather comfortably in them.

Good Arch Support

Yes, crocs provide good arch support, which is one of the basic features of walking shoes. On top of that, if you have bad health conditions or have undergone surgery, crocs are a very good substitute for regular walking shoes. They are also proven to give long-term relief from foot pain. 

You can check our article arch support in Crocs for more information.

Flexible and Easy Maintenance

Crocs are mainly made out of rubber materials, so they are generally extremely flexible. Also, they are easy to wash and dry in between walking sessions.

Wide Forefoot and Good Ventilation

Crocs have a big enough forefoot to accommodate the feet properly. They also provide sufficient ventilation that lets your feet breathe while walking.

Are Crocs Good For Walking? | Crocs for Walking!

I hope now you get the answer of your query, Are Crocs Good For Walking?

Drawbacks of Crocs as Walking Shoes

Besides the advantages, Crocs also have quite some drawbacks as walking shoes.

Not Enough Heel Support

Even though Crocs are said to be providing good arch support, they do not provide sufficient heel support to secure the shoe properly on the feet. As a result, the toe tends to grip at the front of the sole to keep it in place. This can potentially lead to toe deformities and nail problems if you continue to wear them regularly.

Not Adjustable

Crocs do not have any option of Velcro or lace. So, they are not really adjustable on the feet. Also, the feet move around a lot while walking, which can lead to bad pain.

Too Much Room

It’s good for walking shoes to be a little roomy so that your feet don’t feel like getting squeezed inside the shoes. However, too much space is never a good option for walking shoes. It causes your feet to slip away at every chance, which can be very uncomfortable while walking and even cause cellulitis.

Features of Walking Shoes

Choosing a pair of good shoes is just as important as selecting any other part of an individual’s attire. They say, “good shoes take you to good places”. And for walking shoes, it is even more important to look out for the essential features as they are directly connected to the welfare of our feet. So, let’s dig deep into it to know a bit more about the characteristics of a good pair of walking shoes. 

Stability and Heel Height

Stability is probably one of the most important factors while surfing for good walking shoes. As you are going to be walking for quite a long time in these shoes, they need to be stable enough for you to walk comfortably in them.

And heel height is closely interconnected with it. Generally, 1 inch is assumed to be the perfect heel height for walking shoes as any higher than this is more likely to make the shoes unstable. A higher heel also leads to frequent sprain and forefoot pain which is one of the most common despair of poor walking shoes. Moreover, the heel cups should be soft and able to support the feet properly. 

Flexibility and Comfort

The next most important thing to look out for is the flexibility of the shoes. It is only natural that the more flexible the shoes are, the more comfortable they will feel. For you to check personally, twist the shoe in your hand. A flexible shoe will not only twist latitudinally but also bend at the ball of the foot. They are also the most comfortable around your feet. 

However, if possible, it’s best to try them on and walk a few steps to see if they are comfortable enough for you.

Are Crocs Good For Walking? | Crocs for Walking!


A shoe that fits well lasts well. After all, getting a pair of shoes that fits well is the most essential of all. So, we tried to list some of the things that you should keep an eye out for while checking the fit


Insoles provide your shoes with arch support and internal stability. So, invest in a good pair of insoles and try to change them when needed. Also, most walking shoes insoles can be removed. Try to take them out to be washed and dried between walking sessions. 


The midsole is the area between the inner and outer sole. This part of the shoe cushions your feet and reduces the impact force while walking. There are a bunch of different materials used for midsoles. The amount of cushioning and support depends on the constructing materials. Generally, foam midsoles are considered to be the best kind as they are lightweight and provide better cushioning.

Outer Sole

It is the outermost part of the sole. Lighter outer soles keep the shoe lightweight, so it’s easier to walk. Also, as it is the part that has direct contact with the ground, grooves and patterns help to provide better traction. They also prevent slip.


Upper is the cloth area at the top of the shoes. This part should allow sufficient ventilation to help your feet breathe. Also, try to avoid synthetic or heavy materials for the upper as they are more likely to make the shoes heavier.

Toe Box

To avoid calluses, a roomy toe box is a must. Usually, a round toe box leaves more rooms than narrow ones. The best solution is to try them out to see which better accommodates your feet.

Heel Collar h3 

Just like the name, it acts as a collar or protective barrier for the heel so that it doesn’t bump into the back of the shoes. This is a very important feature to look out for as shoes with poor heel collar is most likely to bruise and cause blisters at the back of your feet. It also ensures that your feet are snug against the shoes.

Achilles Tendon Protector

This part is right above the heel collar. Its function is also to lock the heel in place and reduce tensions on the named tendon.

Are Crocs Good For Walking? (Conclusion)

So, Are Crocs Good For Walking? If we look at the different features and functions of crocs, it’s clearly visible that they have both the pros and cons of serving as walking shoes. More specifically, it’s okay to use them as walking shoes from time to time. However, long-term use of them as walking may cause more problems than benefits.

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