Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

Remember the time when Crocs were just a pair of goofy-looking shoes? Well, now they are way more than just a pair of goofy shoes. They are not only a fashionable item in the closet but also a very versatile pair of shoes. Starting from restaurants and healthcare workers to people just casually wearing them, Crocs have become hugely popular among people at this point.

Apart from the sizing, people are also concerned about many other features of any shoe. For Crocs, this one question arises in everyone’s minds: Are Crocs really non slip?

People who rely on Crocs at work need to make sure that they are slip-resistant. Many people have to be walking or standing all day long while they are at work. In this article, you will find out the answer of the queries, are Crocs slip resistant, how to know if your Crocs are non-slip or not and a few easy tips to make them non-slip if they are not.

Are Crocs Slip Resistant?

People who work at places or visit places where the floor can be expected to be slippery are advised to go for the slip-resistant Crocs. Crocs, in general, are safe to wear even if they are not advertised as slip-resistant. You are not going to slip every now and then if you wear regular Crocs. But, you must know that not all Crocs are slip resistant.

If you work at a restaurant or hospital, you would definitely expect slippery floors. This is why it is better to go for non-slip Crocs as regular Crocs are safe but cannot give a 100% guarantee. Crocs with non-slip labels are much more reliable and safer for such cases. You would never want to risk spilling chemicals or something else at work when you can just check the label and buy the non-slip ones.

How Do I Know If My Crocs Are Non Slip?

As mentioned above, slip-resistant Crocs can be a lifesaver if you have to go through harsh conditions like slippery floors or the risk of spillage on a daily basis. It is very common for people like baristas and nurses.

If you already have a pair of Crocs ready for the go, but you are curious if they are non-slip or not, you can observe a few things on them to be sure. Things like checking the label or treads and examining the grooves can come in handy if you want to know more about the slip resistance of your Crocs.

Sometimes manufacturers don’t put the non-slip labels on the Crocs even if they are non-slip. The other methods will be useful in such cases to dig into the truth.

Check The Label

This is one of the easiest ways to determine whether your Crocs are not-slip or not. Most of the non-slip Crocs come with a logo or a label that advertises its anti-slip feature. But, a few brands don’t advertise it with a label even if they are non-slip to avoid legal issues. Use the following tricks to know if your Crocs are non-slip if there is no label.

Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

Check The Tread

The treads of the shoes play the main role in making them slip-resistant. Check the treads of your Crocs and expect a certain pattern. If your Crocs are non-slip, their treads will be much smaller in size but greater in number than regular shoes. They are also supposed to come in circular or hexagonal shapes.

Check The Sole

The sole plays an essential role in making a pair of shoes non-slip. Flat soles are a big no if you are looking for anti-slip Crocs. Flat soles notoriously trap oil and liquid underneath. They can make you slip like you are in the snow. You should definitely look for round-shaped and rough soles as they are excellent for making your Crocs non-slip.

Examine The Grooves

Grooves are another factor that plays a significant role in the slip-resistance of shoes. You have to check them carefully to look for a specific pattern. Non-slip shoes are supposed to have grooves just like tractor tires. This helps them have a good grip on the floor while pushing out any liquid under them instead of trapping the liquid.

Check The Bottom

Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

The bottom of the Crocs also determines if they are slip-resistant or not. Non-slip Crocs are supposed to have bottoms made of very flexible rubbers. Flexible rubbers are great for sticking onto the floors, whereas rigid materials make it very easy to make you slip.

What people from Reddit Say

There are tons of reviews about non-slip Crocs filled in Reddit. People have so much to say about them. Most of them are positive and show how helpful it has been for them to get the right non-slip Crocs for wearing at work or casually.

Someone on Reddit commented, “I used to wear non-slip Crocs when I was a server, best shoes I found for that job.”

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Are All Crocs Slip Resistant?

There are tons of different Crocs out there with different patterns and designs. But, all Crocs are not slip-resistant. The ones with a label of non-slip on them are for sure slip-resistant. This is why it is advised to check for the label if you are looking for non-slip Crocs. If you don’t find a label, just check the treads, grooves, etc., the way it is explained above before buying a pair of Crocs. This should work just fine.

Even if Crocs are not specifically designed to be non-slip, don’t worry. You are not going to slide around while wearing them. Regular Crocs are also very safe to wear, and they are pretty much non-slip as well. People buy non-slip Crocs just to be sure of not slipping at all. But that does not mean that regular Crocs are unsafe.

Many websites of Crocs out there avoid labeling their Crocs as non-slip to avoid legal issues due to lack of accuracy. Their regular Crocs are still good for wearing as slip-resistant shoes.

What Makes Certain Crocs Slip-Resistant?

The difference between regular and slip-resistant Crocs is their patterns. The soles, bottom, treads, and grooves of a non-slip pair of Crocs will be designed differently to push any kind of liquid away instead of trapping it inside, which increases the risk of slipping.

Which Crocs Are Slip Resistant?

If you are specifically looking for slip-resistant Crocs on a website, you just have to do a little research. Since people at work prefer the non-slip Crocs, you might want to go into the category dedicated to working shoes. There you can find a subcategory of slip-resistant Crocs. That section will show you a list of different Crocs that are non-slip.

Crocs like Crocs Bistro Navy, Crocs Bistro Black, Crocs Women’s Slip-resistant Clog, and others are excellent examples of some non-slip Crocs. They have the Crocs-lock system as the treads to have the non-slip feature. Since they are industrially made, they are non-slip without a doubt. The manufacturers understand the workers’ demand and make the Crocs accordingly. One of the non-slip variants includes the ones made with a lightweight material called Croslite.

What Slip-Resistant Styles Of Crocs Are available?

A lot of slip-resistant Crocs are available in different styles that allow you to choose your favorite one. All of these are quite popular and comfortable.


Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

Clogs are one of the most popular types of Crocs that are very much in demand. People who wear them at work love their lightweight and comfortable material.


Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

Crocs that are designed for females are also known as flats. They are comfortable and lightweight like Clogs, but they are thinner and flexible.

Mary Janes

Are Crocs Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

These are other types of Crocs that are designed for women. They are pretty much the same as flats, but they are great for wearing while working as they offer extra support and durability.

What Slip-Resistant Sizes Are available?

Slip-resistant shoes are available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women. The sizes may vary for different styles and brands. But, you may find it difficult to find non-slip Crocs for kids. Non-slip Crocs are designed mainly to wear at work, so it is difficult to find the right size for your kids.

What About The Crocs Not In The Slip-Resistant Section?

It is advised to be a little more careful while buying Crocs from the regular section if you are buying them for working on slippery floors or harsh conditions. They are safe to wear but not as safe as the non-slip ones. It is not mandatory to buy non-slip Crocs for work, but precaution is better than cure.

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How to Make Crocs Non Slip?

If you bought regular Crocs and want them to be non-slip, don’t worry at all. You can use a few very easy tricks to make them non-slip. They are going to work just as fine.

• The soles of your shoes mainly determine if they are non-slip or not. Work on that. You need to scuff the outsoles of your Crocs to make them non-slip. Try walking on rough surfaces like travels or terrains.

If you feel too lazy to walk, you can try a different method. Use sandpaper to rub against the bottom of your Crocs and make tiny scuffs on them. This will help a lot to increase the traction between your Crocs and the floor.

• Ice grips are great to turn regular shoes into non-slip ones during the winter. They are just heavy rubbers that provide a metal grip on surfaces. They are very easy to attach. Slide them on, fasten the strings, and you are good to go.

• Apply a traction goo underneath your Crocs. This is great for having a proper grip on the floor just by applying a thin layer. Puff paints are also just as good.

How Do Slip-Resistant Crocs Fit?

Slip-resistant Crocs fit just the way regular Crocs do. They mainly come in two types of fitting. Roomy fit and relaxed fit. Both of the fits are great for wearing at work or anywhere else.

The roomy fit is a very comfortable fitting where the sides of your feet will not touch the shoe walls, and your toes will wiggle freely. Crocs are good for wide feet.

The relaxed fit is also very comfortable, but they provide a little more support than the roomy fit. The shoe walls will be comfortably hugging the sides of your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Regular Crocs Non Slip?

Not all crocs shoes are slip-resistant. Many are clumsy and slip. As you have already read, there are crocs that have slip resistance feature. So you need to be prudent while choosing crocs shoes.

Why Do Most Chefs Prefer Wearing Crocs?

Chefs spend most of their time working in a kitchen. The floor of a kitchen has a very high chance of being covered in oil and water spillage. Chefs need to have some protection to go through that.

Crocs that offer a non-slip feature can protect chefs from slipping on oil and water when they are in a rush to serve so many hungry tummies.

Are Slip-Resistant Crocs Comfortable?

Although the non-slip Crocs are designed a bit differently, they are just as comfortable as the regular ones. They have a similar fitting, and the lightweight material they are made of keeps your feet protected and keeps them comfortable.

How Much Do Slip-Resistant Crocs Cost?

The non-slip Crocs can cost anything from $30 to $60. The price depends on the brand and style. They come in different colors like black, white and blue with a lot of different and fun patterns.

Are Classic Crocs Non-Slip?

The treads of the classic Crocs offer great friction with the floor, making them pretty much non-slip. But the brand does not guarantee slip resistance. They provide a label of caution advising to be careful while wearing them, just like any other shoes.

Are Fuzzy Crocs Non-Slip?

Fuzzy Crocs have a creative outsole that is great for acting as a non-slip feature, but it does not completely guarantee to be 100% non-slip. So, Fuzzy Crocs are good shoes to wear on a slippery surface.

Are Bistro Crocs Non Slip Shoes?

Bistro Crocs are said to be properly slip-resistant. They have the Crocs-lock treads making them great to be worn at a restaurant or hospital for working.

Are Work Crocs Non-Slip?

Work Crocs are designed to be non-slip for workers at restaurants and hospitals. They have the same Crocs-lock treads as Bistro Crocs.

Are Crocs Non-Slip In Water?

The fact that a pair of Crocs can be non-slip is self-explanatory enough that they are non-slip in water as well. Since non-slip Crocs are waterproof, they prevent themselves from trapping and absorbing water that can cause you to slip. Also, Crocs were originally designed as boat shoes, so they are supposed to be resistant to water from the very beginning.

Can You Wear Crocs In The Shower?

Many people want to protect their feet while using a public shower. You may also want to be safe while using shampoo or conditioner. Wearing Crocs sandals is one of the safest options in such cases. They are non-slip and also protected from being damaged in water.

Can You Wear Crocs In The Rain?

You don’t have to worry about getting them dirty while being in the rain. Crocs made of rubbers can be cleaned very easily. Non-slip Crocs have Crostile that prevents them from being damaged under harsh conditions and rain.

What Should I Wear With Crocs?

Crocs can be great at both protecting your feet and making you look fashionable. You can style them in a bunch of different ways to make them pop into your look.

Styling them casually

You can pair your Crocs with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and you will be on your way to rock the casual look.

Matching them with your outfit

You can try to buy Crocs that match the colors and patterns of your outfit to achieve a very put-together look.

Wearing slim-fit pants

If you really want your Crocs to pop out, avoid baggy pants. They can hide your beautiful Crocs. Wear slim-fit pants to help your Crocs catch all the attention.

Wearing skirts, shorts, or dresses of appropriate length

Wear properly fitting skirts or dresses that are mid-length to accentuate the patterns of your Crocs as well as your fun fashion sense.

Other Shoe Brands That Are Non-Slip

Apart from Crocs, there are tons of other brands of non-slip shoes. Some are even categorized separately for men and women. Some great examples of non-slip shoes are Vans, Converse, etc.

Are Crocs Non Slip? (Conclusion)

Non-slip Crocs are, without a doubt, an excellent choice for wearing at work. You can buy different slip-resistant Crocs according to your preferred fit and patterns. They are great for completing a fashionable look as well.

Make sure you buy branded Crocs and check if they are non-slip. You can make them slip-resistant even if they are not by just following all the useful tricks described above.

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