Running in Crocs: Are Crocs Good Running Shoes?

Are Crocs Good Running Shoes?

Running is always a fun sport to be fit, active, and feel better. The interest rate of participating in sports like running is getting higher and higher day by day. Especially the millennials and the Gen Zs are showing their interest in it more than ever.

So when it is all decided that you are going to run, the first thing you will need is a fine pair of shoes. There are thousands of brands floating in the market. But have you ever considered the Crocs as your running companion? If not, then let’s dig inside and look at the facilities that the Crocs are offering you.

Are Crocs Good Running Shoes?

Crocs are not a very popular option as running shoes. After discovering the shoe’s anatomy and some test runs, we ended up with the result. We had to because the news of people running half marathons wearing them is flying everywhere.

Features of Good Running Shoes:

We know comfort is the main word here, but there is more to it. When it comes to a running shoe, there’s a lot more to look into it.

●      Shape: 

Most of the time, we ignore this fact while buying a shoe. It doesn’t matter how good the shoe is looking. You need the one that fits your feet perfectly. It needs enough toe space to move and ankles in the perfect position without any irritation. 

●      Weight: 

Even 20 grams of extra weight can affect your running speed and comfort while running. That is why the lighter the shoe is, the better it is. 

●      Heels and cushioning: 

The heels need to provide enough counter force with every stride. Cushioning on the footbed, the softer the cushioning, the better. 

●      Lace bite:  

The front flap must be thick enough to prevent lace bites. 

●      Padding balance: 

The softer, the better analogy doesn’t work for every portion of the shoe. Like the sock line, it has to be a little firm at some places. That is to hold the ankle position and movement perfectly. 

Running in Crocs: Are Crocs Good Running Shoes?

Crocs Have Some Features That Are Good For Running

It is lighter than the Alpha Flys:

It was pretty interesting that the Crocs are lighter than the Nike Alpha Flys (probably the fastest shoe claimed worldwide). Crocs are literally 25 percent lighter than the Alpha Flys.

This definitely gives the shoe an advantage. Cause no matter how long or short distance you are running, it all depends on how quickly and comfortably you can lift your foot off the ground. So when the shoe is lighter, it’s a lot easier. 

Efficiency rate:

The Crocs are squeaky shoes. It will make some squeaky sound while running because this is how the entire thing works. All the spring-like materials get pressed together and bounce back. Surprisingly, this makes the shoe pretty fast. Maybe not the fastest, but it is close enough. The grip is good enough to keep one from tipping off. 

Natural form:

The Crocs are more open anatomically. So they can eventually provide a better form if you are new in learning. They provide more flexibility to your feet. So you can also explore the best angle and position for running. 

Practice shoes:

In case you are willing to be a runner, you will need a pair of practice shoes that will keep you on the running ground in every single weather condition. Crocs are the best option in this case. They will support you no matter how the weather is. 


Crocs are way cheaper than any other famous running shoes. So you can get different colors and types with the same money you were going to invest in a single pair. 

Arch Support:

It has ample amount of arch support. Please go through our article regarding the arch support provided by Crocs.

Are all Crocs Good for Running?

Not all Crocs are made for running. If you are going for the Crocs as your running shoe, you have to keep some features in your head to look for. It has to be soft and lightweight. Breathability has to be on point. Holding your feet in position is really an important feature that you will have to look for.

The best example of Crocs for running is the classic one. Though it may look ridiculous, it is the best of all; if you want to run in it.

Some Popular Crocs That Can Be Used Running Shoes:

Let us give you some idea about the types Crocs for running. We analyzed the basics of anatomy and took the opinions of several runners. So here we go with the list.

The classic clogs:

Running in Crocs: Are Crocs Good Running Shoes?
Crocs Classic Clogs

Whenever you think of Crocs, you will get one image straight- the classic clogs with popping colors and vents. There is a stripe on the back for sports mode and the reverse for the casual mode. It’s soft, bouncy, and super comfy. This can be used for running. In Utah, the father and son duo also ran the half marathon in the classic clogs.

The All-Terrain Clog:

Classic All-Terrain clogs
All-Terrain Clog

This one got a pure rugged sole. You will get to run for really long hours wearing them. Your feet will always be comfortable in it. The looks are quite similar to the classic one.

The Baya Lined Clog:

Running in Crocs: Are Crocs Good Running Shoes?
Baya Lined Clog

If you are running in cold weather, you will definitely need this. This pair is great for keeping your feet warm in every weather condition. The worst possible thing that can happen while running is having a cold foot. So this extra warmth will always be great for you.

Limitations of Crocs as Running Shoes:

Crocs are not made for running. This is basically a casual shoe. It is easy to slip in and wear almost anywhere. But they lack some key features to qualify as a running shoe.

● Support:

Crocs mainly lack the support that a running shoe can provide. They are made for running. Every single anatomy of those shoes is designed considering the running situation. 

● Balance:

Crocs are casual shoes that leave most of your feet open. It is really important to cover your heels up while running. Otherwise, there is a high chance of twisting your ankle while running. You can easily lose balance if you are running at full speed.

● Squeaky:

Running shoes got springs. They are not squeaky which makes the running ten times easier. Moreover, the squeaky sound can also annoy you or your fellow runners. 

● Coverage:

You will barely get to notice any small object on your way while running. But a tiny object is dangerous enough to hurt your foot and throw you off the ground for months even. That is why it is important to cover your feet properly. Crocs won’t offer you that coverage at any condition. 

● Mid-foot Cushion:

A little bit of extra height and cushioning in the middle part of the shoe is really important to keep you out of fatigued. A flat footbed can easily make your feet tired and slow you down. Crocs got a flat footbed which does not help run at all. 

Final Thoughts

Crocs are coming back in fashion nowadays. And the new fashion is all about comfort. You will hardly find anyone who will say Crocs aren’t comfy. So when it comes to running, you can do a little experiment and get out your running shoes and slip your foot into a Crocs. A little bit of experimenting can help you save some money. Maybe you will also find a shoe for running in conditions where you don’t wanna spoil your expensive one.

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