What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

What color Birkenstocks should I get?

Have you ever wasted time choosing your Birkenstocks? Or did you ever get a perfect size but not the exact color you wanted? If you can relate to this scenario, you probably know how much time you have to put in for this simple yet challenging task.

Sometimes you might also like a color in the market and later regret not buying the other one. To save you from all these situations, we are going to help you to know-

  • The top best colors of Birkenstocks
  • Which color is preferable for all and especially for you

So, please stick with us till the end to save your future time choosing the perfect color of Birkenstocks.

What Are Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks have been ruling the footwear industry for a very long time. From 1774 until now, people have loved and chosen Birkenstocks for different occasions. The comfortable footbed alongside the long-lasting quality of the footwear makes them wearable by everyone.

Birkenstocks offer the best color range to choose from for fashion. Whether their sandals or shoes, the color range varies from black and white to shiny and bright colors. Thus, many celebrities also find it comfortable styling them with their daily outfits.

Best Colors of Birkenstocks of All Time:

Choosing Birkenstocks only for comfort is an ancient case now. People now droll over the variety of colors that Birkenstocks offer every season. Here are some top picks for you:


Birkenstock black

Black is probably the only color that can go with any outfit of yours. From shining and brighter days to gloomy and dark evenings, black Birks can surely help you to shine out in every season. You can also wear them at meetings or on your date. Therefore, you can have both comfort and style in one single footwear. But believe me, you won’t want your Birkenstocks to turn black like the linked article.


What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

This color is suitable for any bright-colored outfit you pick for yourself. You may also style it with casual outfits that aren’t too eye-catching. However, during the rainy season or any cloudy day, you might need to clean these shoes if you intend to walk home.


What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

From 2019 to 2021 or possibly till now, brown Birkenstocks have caught the eye of fashionistas. The “Habana” or “Tobacco” colored Birks are thought to be the best pick for your daily use to attending parties. This unique color gives you a casual and fashionable look that helps you shine out among others.


What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

The different shades of pink that Birkenstocks offer are eye-catching. From soft to neon pink or from pastel to metallics, every shade of pink Birkenstocks can be a great choice, especially for wearing at parties.


What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

Purple is a rare color the Birkenstocks offer, and to stand out in the crowd; you can try them too. The pastel purple gives a chic vibe that makes people notice you and your fantastic fashion sense.


What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

How many pairs of blue shoes do you have in your closet? Maybe one or two? Or maybe none. This unique color of Birks is currently one of the top picks for attending any beach party. A metallic blue is also an option you can keep in your collection.

Bold Red:

What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

You may not wear bold red Birkenstocks every day. But if you put on those red-colored straps of Birks, it can help you outshine others in the room.


What Color Birkenstocks Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

The amazing thing about Birkenstocks is that they offer a metallic range that is different from all other colors. You can find a rose gold color to be metallic blue too. You can also try out this range if you want to experiment with colors.

Since related to choice of color, if you are interested to know what color looks good for your kitchen cabinet, check this article on mindful gray paint color.

What Color Birkenstock Goes with Everything?

Black is probably the most versatile color of Birkenstocks. Normally Black color Birkenstocks goes with everything. Then there is brown color Birkenstocks which is also versatile. In fact, there is a debate between black vs brown Birkenstocks. So Brown or Black Birkenstocks, which one is the most versatile and popular color of birkenstocks? To me, Balck is the most popular and versatile birkenstock color that goes with everything.

What Color Birkenstocks Should You Get?

So what is the best Birkenstock color? If you have never purchased a single pair of Birkenstocks, you can start with a black or brown one for the experiment. As the black color can go with any outfit and occasion, you will not regret buying it. Moreover, for the time being, wearing them can help you break in Birks until you’re ready to wear another pair.

The brown Birks such as “Habana” ” or “Tobacco” are both excellent choices as they don’t get darker or lighter over time. Many customers buy from this range because they make your look more classy and timeless. Moreover, they can also give off the chic vibe that matches every outfit you wear.

The pastel color range may also help you add a bit of color to your life in summer. If you like bright colors more, you can try the yellow, blue or red Birkenstocks. But for starting, it would be best if you choose black, white or brown. This way, it will mold into your feet quickly, and styling will never cause that issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

i) What Is the Original Color of Birkenstocks?

Answer: The Birkenstock footwear offers a different color range, yet it is original. Original Footbeds on older Birkenstock shoes are yellow, while newer original footbeds are black. The blue imprint of Birkenstock’s soft footbed is also seen in the original Birks.

ii) Which Birkenstock Is the Most Beautiful?

Answer: All the Birkenstocks range is excellent in styling and comfort. However, the Madrid Hex Slide sandals of Birkenstocks are considered one of the cutest and most comfy sandals.

iii) Which one is the best Birkenstock color?

Black is the best Birkenstock color for most of the people because it goes with every outfits that you wear.

Final words

We hope you won’t face any dilemma about picking the best-colored Birkenstocks for yourself if you have read them so far. Make sure before you buy, you go for a color that can go with any outfit. That way, you won’t have to worry about regretting your choice later.

Also, if you are done buying your favorite colored Birks by now, share your pictures with us too.

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