Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Hey Dude is a line of affordable, comfortable and lightweight shoes. They offer shoes for both men and women. Hey Dudes have a wide variety of shoes that you will surely love.

The best thing about Hey Dudes is that you will be able to sport a business casual look while still wearing comfortable footwear. Now, let’s get deeper into the topic. I will tell you whether or not Hey Dudes are business casual and how you can wear them for the best business casual look.

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✒️What Shoes Are Appropriate for Business Casual?

Shoes play a significant part in your appearance. You cannot and should not wear sandals, slippers or colorful sneakers with your business casual outfit. It does not look professional at all.

The thing about business casual is it gives a bit of a relaxed vibe to professional clothing. However, it does not mean you can wear anything you want including untidy and dirty shoes. So, what shoes are appropriate in a business casual outfit?

Let’s find out.

Loafers: Loafers are the first thing that comes into my mind with a business casual outfit. They are comfortable slip-on shoes that look professional enough. Loafers are easy to put on and off. If you don’t have any loafers yet, you should get one.

Derby shoes: Derby shoes have a formal look. They can be worn in both formal and business casual environments. However, they are not as comfortable as loafers. Derbies are made of leather and need great care.

Chukka boots: Chukka boots are minimalist, professional, comfortable and versatile. The boots have a round design and typically have two or three lacing holes. Chukka boots come in a lot of different colors and designs.

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Monk strap shoes: Monk Strap shoes have a formal design but they are still comfortable. These shoes are worn with both professional and business casual outfits. If you know how to style, monk straps can be a good option.

Chelsea boots: You can easily slip on and off Chelsea boots. They also have a round design with elastic sides. The boots are quite comfortable and have a clean professional look.

Oxford shoes: Oxford shoes are known as strictly formal shoes. But you can repel the boring look of oxford shoes with a great choice of business casual outfits to match it.

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

✒️Are Hey Dudes Business Casual?

You need to know what qualifies as business casual. When you know that, you will know whether or not Hey Dudes are business casual or not. The dressing is important here. You cannot wear shorts, miniskirts, or jeans. No matter which shoe you wear with these, you will still have an unprofessional look.

You need to be careful about the color as well. Hey Dudes have lots of designs. Many of them qualify as business casual shoes but not all of them. For example, you should not wear red, yellow, green, bright blue, pink-colored shoes in a business casual outfit.

I always prefer black, grey, and brown as my shoe colors in a business casual environment. These colors are versatile and safe choices for any outfit. Now, let’s see why I think Hey Dudes are business casual.

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)
Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

Decent colors

Hey Dudes have a collection of decent colors that are suitable with business casual outfits. Some of the colors are not appropriate. You will understand just by looking at them. Apart from that, almost all models have a business casual color choices.

Super comfortable

Almost all of the Hey Dudes have a Flex and Fold technology which makes the shoes super flexible and allows freedom of movement. Many Hey Dude shoes come with a wider size as well. So, if you have wide feet, you can try them.


Hey Dudes are made of lightweight materials. You will sport a business casual look without having to wear heavy shoes that hurt your feet. Many business casual shoes such as Oxford shoes, and derbies are quite heavy and not ideal for all-day wear. So, you can choose Hey Dudes instead.


Hey Dudes have a mesh upper that is water repellent but breathable. The upper ensures the flow of air so your feet don’t get sweaty. It helps you stay dry and free from foot diseases so you can concentrate more on your office work.

✒️Are Hey Dudes Fashionable as Business Casual?

Yes, definitely. Hey Dudes have Wally and Dress Casual lineups for men. They are fashionable and comfortable as both casual and business casual choices. You just need to know how to match the perfect clothing with the shoes to sport a business casual and look fashionable. 

If you are confused or don’t know how to look fashionably business casual, I’m here to help. 

Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Quick Facts)

✒️How to Wear Hey Dudes to Look Professional?

You can look professional wearing Hey Dudes if you know what to wear with them. Let me give you 3 tips on how to look professional with Hey Dudes.

Trouser and shirt

My first tip is to wear a shirt and appropriate trousers to sport a fashionable business casual outlook. Trousers and shirts are a classic and simple combo to wear with a Hey Dude shoe. Let me give you a detailed example.

Wear a full-sleeved sky blue shirt with khaki pants. Now, match a pair of your favorite Hey Dudes Wally with the outfit. You will look effortlessly fashionable and business casual! 

Suit and trouser

You can wear a semi-formal suit/blazer and contrasting trousers with it. Suits give a stylish and professional look. The contrasting trouser worn with a pair of Hey Dudes Wally or Dress Casual shoes will complete your business casual look. You will feel comfortable, confident and stylish.

Chinos and shirts

Chinos and shirts combine to give a neutral look. Hey Dude shoes will work great with this choice. Let me give you some color tips. Wear a khaki-colored chino with a white-colored shirt. Now, match a dark-coloured Hey Dude shoe with this outfit. Let me know how you look!


Hey Dudes are great as a part of your business casual outfit. The shoes have a stylish and professional look. On top of that, Hey Dudes are super comfortable, breathable and easy to wear.

It is not necessary to wear only formal shoes such as Oxfords or Derbies in a business casual look. You can feel relaxed yet look professional with a pair of Hey Dude shoes. Just be careful about the color. Avoid bright and unprofessional colors like red, pink, yellow, and light green.

Never wear jeans; too tight, short or revealing clothes. Trousers and shirts, suits and trousers, chinos and shirts are great choices as a business casual outfit with Hey Dudes. If you follow my tips, I’m sure you will have a great business casual look with a pair of Hey Dude shoes.

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