Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Complete Guide)

Nike Air Max shoes have unique designs and lots of cool colorways. But if you consider them for workout purposes, you need to know, Are Nike Air Max good for working out?

This article will discuss different shoe models in the Nike Air Max lineup, including the Air Max 90, Air Max 270, and many more. 

The aim is to tell you how good or bad each shoe will be for working out. The discussion will include the shoes’ features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Stay tuned to find out all this and more.

Are Nike Air Max Shoes Good for Working Out?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The Nike Air Max lineup is huge. It has different designs for different tastes. Each shoe in this lineup is different from the other ones. Some of the shoes are decent for low-impact activities, while some are not suited for workouts at all.

Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Complete Guide)

When we talk about each style of Nike Air Max shoes, you will get a better answer to the question- are Nike Air Max good for working out?

Are Nike Air Max Good for Cross-Training?

Cross-training involves switching between different modes of workouts. It’s difficult to say whether the Air Max shoes are good or not without knowing the type of exercises you will be doing. The answer depends on the exercises you choose.

If you mix different types of low-impact activities in the gym, such as running on treadmills, walking, squatting, and upper body training, some Nike Air Max shoes may be decent for you.

But most Nike Air Max shoes are not good for heavy weight lifting. You need to keep that in mind. We will cover this topic in more detail when we discuss each style.

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Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Air Max 270 good for Working Out? (Quick Facts)

The Nike Air Max 270 is a lifestyle shoe. It has not been designed for high-performance activities. Although Nike states the Air Max 270 has sports performance and is good for all-day wear, the users seem to think otherwise. 

We had a mixed experience with the Air Max 270. You can wear it all day if you refrain from high-impact activities. But it’s not great in terms of sports performance such as running or working out.

The Air Max 270 has a snug sock-like fit. It’s not comfortable for people with wide feet. We don’t recommend this shoe for workouts if you have wide feet. The tight fit is uncomfortable for workouts.

Breathability and midsole cushioning are among the positive sides of the Air Max 270. The midsole of the shoe is comfortable. The shoe also has a standard breathable upper to keep your feet cool.

The foam heel counter is the biggest attraction of the shoe. It’s bouncy and makes the wearing experience fun. But it makes the shoe a bad choice for workouts simultaneously. 

Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270

You will be fine with a bit of running on treadmills and upper-body workouts that don’t put a lot of stress on the heels. If you lift heavy weights or do leg-intensive workouts like squat jumps, the Air unit may pop.

Overall opinion on the Nike Air Max 270: 

You can wear the Air Max 270 to the gym if you are doing low-impact activities or light cross-training. You can run on the treadmills, do pushups, and do other upper body training activities. 

However, the Air Max 270 is not ideal for leg day or any type of weight lifting. If you have wide feet, we will advise you not to take this shoe to the gym.

So are Nike Air Max good for working out? Well, now you know the answer. The answers vary style to style.

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Can You Work Out in Nike Air Max 90?

The Nike Air Max 90 has a vintage design. It was wildly popular back in the 90s. The current Nike Air Max 90 is a tweaked version of the shoe. The real question is- Are Nike Air Max 90 good for working out?

Nike Air Max 90
Nike Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 is not a super comfortable shoe fresh out of the box. But as you break them in, they become really comfortable. The Air Max 90 can be a daily and all-day wearable shoe. But the look may get affected.

But we don’t recommend running and doing heavy workouts wearing this shoe. It’s great for low-impact gym activities, cycling, casual running, and so on.

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Overall opinion on the Nike Air Max 90: 

The Air Max 90 is one of Nike’s greatest creations. The shoes are super comfortable. You can take it to the gym, but if you do that, the shoe will wear down fast. Also, it’s best to stay away from heavy lifting when you are wearing a Nike Air Max 90. 

Are Air Max 97 Good for Working Out? (Quick Answer)

The short answer is yes for low-impact activities, and the answer is no when you attempt high-impact activities at the gym.

The Nike Air Max 97 is a runner. It’s not a running or sports shoe. The design and structure of the shoes are inspired by running shoes. But they are not great for heavy workouts.

The fit is similar to the Air Max 270. It feels tight around the feet, which may feel uncomfortable if you have wide feet.  

The shoe has a comfortable foam midsole. It has an air bubble overlay all around the bottom, side and front. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to the curves. The shoe is sturdy and durable-with proper care; it can last several years.

Nike Air Max 97
Nike Air Max 97

Overall opinion about the Air Max 97: 

The Air Max 97 is not comfortable for running. You can do upper body training with this shoe if you want to take it to the gym. But be sure to wear a sock with it if you wear it for workouts. Overall, the Air Max 97 is a better workout shoe compared to the Air Max 70.

You can work out without equipment such as pushups, pullups, cycling, running on the treadmills, etc. Other than that, we don’t recommend this shoe for weight lifting and other heavy stuff.

I hope you are enjoying our guide on whether Nike Air Max are good for working out or not.

Air Max Plus Good for Working Out

Working out requires huge commitment. Its not like some dares over text. But Nike Air Max Plus is here to make it easy and simple. We can finally recommend a Nike Air Max shoe for working out. In our opinion, the Air Max Plus is the best shoe in the Air Max lineup for working out.

Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air max plus

The shoe is sturdy and breathable. You will love the TPU overlays on the upper of the shoe. It takes a bit of time to break-in, though. The outsole has a standard finish and is great for working out.

I’m assuming you will not do leg workouts every day. Then, you might consider getting a more heavy-duty shoe. But overall, this is a great shoe.

Overall opinion on the Nike Air Max Plus: 

It’s a decent shoe for working out. It is comfortable and can be worn all day. You can definitely take it to the gym but don’t overuse it. 

Are Nike Air Max Excee Really Good for Working Out?

The Air Max Excee has a lot of similarities with the Nike Air Max 90. The medial and lateral part of the shoe reminds us of the classic shoe. The back part and the midsole of the shoe are different.

Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max Excee

The back part of the shoe has air bubbles, and the midsole is comfortable. The upper is breathable and is made with a mix of suede and mesh material. 

The padding and the cushioning of the shoe are not great for working out, especially at the price point. You can get the Air Max Pls which is the best for working out.

Overall opinion on the Nike Air Max Excee: 

The Air Max Excee is similar to the Air Max 90. You can wear it daily and take it to the gym but only for lightweight activities. It’s not ideal for a leg day or other heavy workout days.

Are Nike Air Max Good for Working Out? (Summary)

Most of the Nike Air Max shoes are lifestyle shoes. They are not ideal for working out. The Air Max Plus is the only shoe in the Air Max lineup that can be considered for occasional workouts.

After that, the Air Max 90 and the Air Max Excee are good for low-impact activities. You shouldn’t consider these Air Max shoes for other purposes. If you want to consider the Air Max shoes, the Air Max is the best one for working out. The Air Max 270 is not good for working out at all.

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