Are Hey Dudes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Are Hey Dudes Good for Running? (Complete Guide)

Hey Dudes are not made for running. These shoes have become popular because of their everyday comfort, stylish design and affordability. But running shoes are built differently.

Hey Dudes are not ideal for running. In this article, I will share why it’s a bad idea to wear Hey Dude shoes for running.

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Assessing Hey Dude Shoes for Running

Running shoes need to have certain attributes to qualify as good. Previously I said Hey Dudes are not good for running. Here are the reasons why you should not consider Hey Dudes for running.


Running shoes should be snug-fitting so your feet don’t move too much while running. Many Hey Dudes are snug-fitting but I found the shoes uncomfortable. Running shoes have snug-fitting but let you run freely.


There may be a bit too much restriction in Hey Dudes, which may contribute to injuries.

Durability (Not good)

Hey Dudes are made from sustainable materials which are respectable. But in terms of durability, the shoes are below par, to be honest. The canvas shoes and slip-ons barely last 4-5 months of regular usage. The sneakers may last a few months longer.

Running is an intensive workout. The shoes need to be made of durable materials to survive against the friction on rough surfaces as you run. If sustainability and ethical sourcing are your biggest concerns, there are plenty of other alternative running shoes.


Running shoes typically have three types of support systems- neutral, stability and motion control. Neural shoes may work for mild pronators but are ideal for neutral runners. Stability shoes are for overpronators and motion stability shoes are for extreme overpronation.

To be honest, Hey Dudes have really poor support. Hey Dudes may pass as neutrally supportive shoes. Let’s say you are an extreme overpronating runner. Wearing a Hey Dude shoe may be catastrophic for you.

It’s very important to find out about your pronation so you don’t get the wrong running shoe. The best suggestion is to visit a podiatrist. Most shoe stores will help you understand your gait cycle and recommend shoes for you.


Hey Dudes are comfortable shoes for walking. I have worn many Hey Dude pairs for everyday usage, notably the Wally canvas shoes and Axel shoes. But these shoes will not feel comfortable as you start to run.

The cushioning is ideal to survive the roughness of the surface. You are very much likely to sustain heel and underfoot injuries.


Except for the Axel lineup, Hey Dudes don’t have breathable mesh uppers like most running shoes. I won’t lie, Hey Dude slip-ons are really comfortable for warm summer days. However, when you are running, the inside of your shoes gets really hot. Hey Dudes don’t have perforation holes to vent the steamy air.


Good running shoes have flex grooves in the midsole. The memory foam midsole on Hey Dudes is not ideal for running. Many running shoes have a rocker pattern so you can adjust through the gait cycle and get the speed boost you like. You will not get any of these options with a Hey Dude.

Heel and Forefoot Cushioning

When we run, our heels contact the ground first. Overpronators rely a great deal on their forefoot as well. So, running shoes need to have decent cushioning in the heel and forefoot region. Hey Dudes have good enough cushioning for walking, but it just isn’t enough for running.

Heel-toe Drop

Running shoes have different types of heel-toe drops, starting from 2mm to 6-7 mm. Some prefer a low heel-toe drop while some prefer a high heel-toe drop. The problem with Hey Dudes is you are mostly stuck with a single option. According to my calculations, Hey Dudes have 2-2.5 mm of heel-toe drop. If you prefer a bigger drop, you are out of luck.

Final Words

I have no hard feelings towards Hey Dudes. They are comfortable, stylish and easy to put on and off. However, it’s just not ideal for running. There are many things you need to consider in a running shoe which are non-existent in Hey Dudes. I hope this has been helpful. Thank you so much for reading.

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