Nike Dunks Are Not Good for Lifting. Here Is Why!

Nike Dunks Are Not Good for Lifting. Here Is Why!

Lifting puts immense pressure on the feet, whether professional weightlifting or gym training. So, you should pick a sturdy, durable, and stable pair of shoes if you don’t want to injure your legs. Weightlifting shoes are heavy and flat-soled with mid straps to stabilize the feet. Nike offers hundreds of shoes meant for different purposes. Nike created special shoes for lifting, but Nike Dunks isn’t the style you should pick for lifting. Nike Dunk’s structure, cushioning, and traction made them perfect for skateboarding, sports, and casual wear- not lifting.

Features of Good Lifting Shoes

Lifting shoes have adjustable straps to prevent tarsal and metatarsal injury (midfoot). Lifting shoes also have elevated heels, a flat outsole, and a padded base.

Are Nike Dunks Suitable for Lifting?

Nike Dunks are great shoes for sports and outdoor activities. But this style doesn’t have adjustable straps, heel elevation, and proper padding required for lifting shoes. So, Nike Dunks are considered inappropriate for lifting.

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Nike Styles That are Appropriate for Lifting

Nike has dedicated a few styles for lifting. Nike Metcon 7, Nike Romaleos 4, and Nike Air Max Bella TR 5 are great shoes from Nike’s lifting gear.

Nike Dunks for Casual Weightlifting

Nike Dunks have a wide design with a lot of cushioning, traction, and support. For casual lifting, you can use Nike Dunks. However, it’s still risky as the heavyweights can damage the feet with a moment of instability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Nike Dunks cause injury during lifts?

Nike Dunks sneakers don’t have a heavy flat outsole, adjustable mid straps, and heel elevation, so they are more prone to cause injury during lifts.

2. Why do Nike Dunks not work as lifting shoes?

Lifting shoes tend to be heavy, flat, and cushioned with a robust midfoot design with adjustable straps. Nike Dunks sneakers provide flexibility during quick movements while lifting shoe roots from the feet to the ground so that the weight can be dispersed equally. Due to the lack of design features meant for lifting, Nike Dunks fails as lifting shoes.

3. Is Nike Dunk’s outsole too flat for lifting?

Lifters need heel elevation during the squat position of the lifts. Nike Dunks have a flat outsole which is considered too flat for lifting positions.

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